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FAQs on Freshwater Biological Filter Media

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Bio Balls or ceramic rings, 3/14/11
Good morning team
Hope all had a great weekend.
<Yes thanks.>
I am considering adding additional material such as Bio balls or ceramic rings to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in my tanks.
Firstly is this a good idea?
<It has it's pluses and minuses. Are you having an issue with ammonia/nitrite now? If not the addition of bioballs is not going to change much as the bacterial growth is limited to it's food supply. See here for more.
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_3/cav3i6/trickle_filters.htm .>
What would you recommend Bio Balls or ceramic rings?
Many thanks in advance.
Re: Bio Balls or ceramic rings, FW  3/14/11

Hi Chris
Many thanks for your reply.
One of my tanks (AquaTropic 80 (110L) planted tank ) with 3 neon tetras and 2 male Colisa labiosa, 4 of the male guppies and 5 male Pseudomugil furcatus has a nitrate spike since yesterday(even thought it is nearly 12 months old) 0.3 have been doing 2/3 water changes a day to keep it below 0.1.
<Nitrate? This is generally the end product of the nitrogen cycle in FW tanks, and anything below 20 ppm is generally considered ok, and that is from the marine side, freshwater fish are generally even more forgiving.
Nitrates are removed by water changes, no bacterial process will reduce it further with a few exceptions like a deep sand bed or commercial denitrator. Now if we are talking nitrite, then you have a problem and may benefit from more filter media for the desired bacteria to colonize.>
Thought adding additional ceramic or bio ball in a bag at the back of the tank might help to keep it stable.
<Will if nitrite is an issue, but not for nitrate.>
Many thanks again.
Re: Bio Balls or ceramic rings, 3/14/11
Hi Chris
I meant Nitrite not Nitrate.
Thanks for your help.
<Then I would go with some added filter material, can't hurt.>

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