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FAQs on Ropefish Reproduction

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Ropefish Hi, I just recently bought 2 rope fish.  When I paid for them there were 3 in the tank and they were all about 5"/6" long, 2 days later I picked them up. One was about 9" long and its belly is orange and its top is a brown/blackish color.  the other one was still about 6" long and has an orange belly but its top is sort of an olive color.  Does this differentiate sex? <Not as far as I know. More to do with size/age> I tried looking up the sex on fishbase.org, but I don't really know anything about fish so the information didn't help me any :( If you can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks <Six inch specimens are small for this imported species. Bob Fenner>

Reedfish repro. Another quick question, if I may... Have reeds ever been bred in captivity? <Not as far as I'm aware. There are some captive and wild reports of Bichir species spawning> I have one male and two females and I think I may give it a go sometime in the next few years by simulating flooding and moist clay banks. <A worthy experiment. Life to you. Bob Fenner, who has met folks who have businesses wild-collecting the species, had them himself.> ~Ben

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