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FAQs on Freshwater (and Terrestrial) Crustaceans, Foods/Feeding/Nutrition 

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Calcium in Crab & Shrimp Tanks     6/2/16
I keep a few crustaceans (Panther crabs, Rainbows crabs, Geosesarma crabs, Crayfish and Cherry Shrimp). I know that calcium is important for the proper development of their shells. I have looked all over the net and can't find any definitive information on how much calcium and how often it's needed, so I'm hoping you can help.
I bought some small calcium tablets (1" long by .5" wide), but I haven't put them in the tanks yet. I need to know how often I should be giving my crustaceans calcium and how much. So far they've been doing good but I want to make sure they have the best care possible.
Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
<As with humans, it's the "bio-available" Ca that is important; and for freshwater organisms this takes the form of both dissolved and macro-sources. Unless you have a Calcium concentration test assay, I'd rely on "hardness" as a measure here; and aim for "medium hardness" (measured in various ways: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_water
AND I would use the small calcium tablets you mention (or softer sea shells, cuttle bone) as an exogenous source these animals can/may pick on.
Bob Fenner>

Ghost Shrimp Hi! Can you tell me what ghost shrimp eat? <Just about anything you offer them meat based.> <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

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