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FAQs on True Pikes

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Esox masquinongy *Esox *masquinongy *does not *live in Eurasia, at least not naturally. The only way it can be found there is if it had been stocked there which wouldn't happen often nowadays. Muskie are strictly native to the northern portions of North America. You must be confused with its close relative *Esox lucius,* or Northern Pike. Northern Pike are the most naturally distributed fresh and cold water fish in the world, and  are distributed circumpolarly, not Muskellunge. I just wanted to point out the mistake that you made on *www.wetwebmedia.com/ FWSubWebIndex/esocidae.htm*< http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/esocidae.htm>. Thank you. <Thank you for this. Will add, correct. Bob Fenner> <Perhaps (?, but doubtful) introduced to Eurasia: http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/speciesSummary.php?ID=2711&genusname=Esox&speciesname=masquinongy>

A Gamefish Tank? Hello there, My name is Charles<Mine's Mike D> and I have a couple quick questions. I want to set up a tank similar to lakes we fish at. I've seen dwarf size pike (which I've heard aren't real pikes but do they still act like pikes?)<Two immediately come to mind, Pike Cichlids, and Pike Killifish, with several other tropicals having similar appearance available as well. The smallest true "pikes" are Chain Pickerel which may only grow to 12"-18" and are cold water> and dwarf perches. My question is, do they have large or small mouth bass. Something that won't grow over 4 or 5 inches< A true bass, no, but there are many Cichlid species similar in color and appearance to a true bass, and of course, the member of the Bluegill family commonly referred to as a "Rock Bass">. While looking through your site somebody asked about keeping a tank similar to what I want ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwfishfaqs.htm "New tank :Freshwater Game Fish"). Like I said I've seen fish such as the pikes real small so I was wondering about bass. Thanks you very much for your time and a very informative website.<You're more than welcome. If you decide to go with actual gamefish, don't forget to check with your local Fish&Game Dept. for legality in your state.> Much Thanks, Charles

Northern pike Hi <Hello there> I recently came across a northern pike in a pet store.  Now the story I got from the sales people was that they were holding the fish for some one and that it had been brought down from northern Alberta.  Now they also said that it was not legal to have theses fish.  So my question is, is that true?    And if it is not is there any where that I would be able to find them?  I do not want to take one out of the wild. If you could get back to me that would be great. Thank you Lukas Prajzner <You might check with your local (State) Fish and Game... some states do prohibit the keeping of native (and non-native) game fishes. Check your phone directory under "Government" (in the front likely). Bob Fenner>

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