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Freshwater Livestock Articles & FAQs 1
Livestocking, Biotopes, Less-Advanced Fishes


To: Livestock 2: Gouramis, Bettas, Cichlids, Fresh to Brackish Water Fishes, Invertebrates (Hydra, Worms, Snails, Insects, Crustaceans...),
To: Amphibians, Turtles:

All Fishes



A Diversity of Fishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Fishes, Fishes 2,
FAQs on Marine: Fish Identification, Fish ID,
Fish ID, Fish ID, Fish ID, Fish ID,  & Fish Behavior (Including Fish Longevity Survey), Fish Compatibility, Fish Stocking/Selection, Fish Systems, Fish Feeding, Fish Disease,

Ornamental Marine Fish Livestock Culture by Bob Fenner
Breeding Marine Aquarium Fishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Marine Fish Aquaculture, Ornamental Marine Fish Culture, Fish Reproduction,

About Freshwater Livestocking  


Freshwater Livestock by Neale Monks,
Freshwater Livestock Selection by Bob Fenner,
Stocking 5, 10 & 20 Gallon Freshwater Aquariums by Neale Monks,
Purchasing, Transporting and Settling New  FW/Brackish Water Livestock by Neale Monks,
They Ain't Got No Alibi; Ugly Fishes for the Home Aquarium by Craig Sernotti,
The Ethical Aquarist; Freshwater Fishes to Avoid by Judy Helfrich,
Not In My Tank! Things To Keep Out of Your Freshwater Aquarium by Neale Monks,
Subtropical Tanks, Kind of a Cool Thing by Neale Monks.
Hard Water Community Tank Options by Neale Monks,
Small Tank Options; A selection of species for freshwater nano aquaria by Neale Monks,

FAQs on
Freshwater Livestock Selection
FAQs on: FW Stocking 1FW Stocking 2FW Stocking 3, FW Stocking 4, FW Livestocking 5, FW Livestocking 6, FW Livestocking 7, FW Livestocking 8, FW Livestocking 9, FW Livestocking 10, FW Livestocking 11, FW Livestocking 12, FW Livestocking 13, FW Livestocking 14, FW Livestocking 15, FW Livestocking , FW Livestocking , Mis-stocking issues (incompatibility behaviorally and/or environmentally),
FAQs on: Community Tank Livestocking,


Small Tank Options; A selection of species for freshwater nano aquaria by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Stocking Small Systems 1, Stocking Sm. Sys. 2, Stocking Sm. Sys. 3, Stocking Sm. Sys. 4, Stocking Sm. Sys. , & BiOrb, BiUbe Tanks,

FAQs on: Stocking Large Systems (>200 gal.),

FAQs on: Dyed Freshwater Livestock,

Acclimation of New Freshwater Livestock (Including Commercial Acclimation of FW Livestock) by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on:
FW Acclimation,

Quarantine of New Freshwater Livestock by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: FW Quarantine,








Link to: Aquarium Plants Articles and FAQ's

Biotopes & Groups of Freshwater Fishes

Biotopic Set-Ups, Biotopes - Part 1 by Alesia Benedict
FAQs on: Freshwater Biotopes
FAQs on: Freshwater Community, African Biotopes, Asian Biotopes, N. American Natives, South American/Amazon Biotopes, Australian Biotopes, U.K. Natives Livestocking, & Planted River Biotopes, Small System Biotopes

     Subtropical Tanks, Kind of a Cool Thing by Neale Monks     
Pocket-sized Pikes; There's something about these miniature killers that fascinates us. But can they be kept without mayhem and mass murder?  by  Neale Monks

      Take it from the top; Often ignored by aquarists, the top of the tank is a great place for interesting, community-friendly fish by Neale Monks

     Forgotten Fish; Old-timers with plenty to offer by Neale Monks   

    Five Almost Perfect Fishes; Great fish for the community aquarium, except for one little thing by Neale Monks   



Cartilaginous Fishes


  Freshwater Stingrays by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Stingrays
FAQs on: FW Stingray Identification, FW Stingray Behavior, FW Stingray Compatibility, FW Stingray Stocking/Selection, FW Stingray Systems, FW Stingray Feeding,
FAQs on FW Stingray Disease: FW Stingray Disease 1, FW Stingray Disease 2, FW Stingray Disease 3, FW Stingray Disease 4,  

FAQs on FW Stingray Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environment, Nutrition, Trauma, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic, Social, Treatments


& FW Stingray Reproduction,

Inadvanced Bony Fishes

Old Four Legs, the Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Coelacanths

  Lungfishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Lungfishes

  Bichirs & Reed- Ropefish, Family Polypteridae by Bob Fenner (FAQs Split up for Bichirs and Ropes )
FAQs on: Bichirs 1
FAQs on: Bichir Identification, Bichir Behavior, Bichir Compatibility, Bichir Stocking/Selection, Bichir Systems, Bichir Feeding, Bichir Disease, Bichir Reproduction,
FAQs on: Ropefish 1, Ropefish 2,
FAQs on: Ropefish ID, Ropefish Behavior, Ropefish Compatibility, Ropefish Stocking/Selection, Ropefish Systems, Ropefish Feeding, Ropefish Health, Ropefish Reproduction,

  Sturgeons and Sterlets, Pondfish Profile by Neale Monks,
Sterlets, Sturgeons, Family Acipenseridae for Ponds and Huge Tanks
FAQs on: Sturgeons

  Gars, Family Lepisosteidae in VERY large home aquariums
FAQs on: True Gars

  The Bowfin, Amiidae
FAQs on: Bowfins

  Bony Tongue Fishes (Osteoglossiforms), Arowanas, Arapaima, African Butterflyfish, Featherback Knifes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Bony Tongue Fishes

     The African Butterflyfish, Pantodon buchholzi
FAQs on: African Butterflyfish,

     Arapaimas, Arapaima gigas and Heterotis niloticus
FAQs on: Arapaimas,

     Arowanas, Aruanas, genera Osteoglossum and Scleropages
FAQs on: Arowanas 1, Arowanas 2,
FAQs on: Arowanas Identification, Arowanas Behavior, Arowanas Compatibility, Arowanas Stocking/Selection, Arowanas Systems, Arowanas Feeding, Arowanas Disease, Arowanas Reproduction

     Clown and other Feather Fin, Featherback Knifefishes (Clowns, Xenomystus...), Family Notopteridae
FAQs on: Feather Fin Knives 1, Feather Fin Knives 2,
FAQs on: Feather Fin Knife Identification, Feather Fin Knife Behavior, Feather Fin Knife Compatibility, Feather Fin Knife Stocking/Selection, Feather Fin Knife Systems, Feather Fin Knife Feeding, Feather Fin Knife Disease, Feather Fin Knife Reproduction,

          & by Species: African, Brown Featherfin Knife, Xenomystus nigri, Clown Knife, Chitala chitala, C. ornata,

        Aba Aba Knife, Family Gymnarchidae
FAQs on: Aba Aba Knives

     Mormyrids... Elephantnoses, Baby Whales and Much More! by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Mormyrids,
FAQs on: Mormyrid Identification, Mormyrid Behavior, Mormyrid Compatibility, Mormyrid Stocking/Selection, Mormyrid Systems, Mormyrid Feeding, Mormyrid Disease, Mormyrid Reproduction,


New World (South American) Knifefishes


     Knifefishes of the New World (South, C. American) (Black Ghost, Chocolate...) of All Sorts by Bob Fenner
FAQs on
: S. Am. Knifefishes 1S. Am. Knifefishes 2,
FAQs on
: S. Am. Knifefish Identification, S. Am. Knifefish Behavior, S. Am. Knifefish Compatibility, S. Am. Knifefish Stocking/Selection, S. Am. Knifefish Systems, S. Am. Knifefish Feeding, S. Am. Knifefish Disease, S. Am Knifefish Reproduction,


          Apteronotids by Species: The Black Ghost Knifefish, Apteronotus (Sternarchus) albifrons Black Ghost Knifes 1, BGKs 2,
FAQs on:
BGK ID, BGK Behavior, BGK Compatibility, BGK Stocking/Selection, BGK Systems, BGK Feeding, BGK Disease 1, BGK Disease 2, BGK Disease 3, BGK Disease 4, BGK Disease , BGK Reproduction,

FAQs on: Chocolate/Brown Knifefishes,

         They're Revolting! The Electric Eel (actually a knifefish), Electrophorus electricus, &
FAQs on: Electric Eels (Knives),  


         Naked-Back Knifefishes, Family Gymnotidae &
FAQs on: Gymnotus carapo,


         Glass Knifefishes, Family Sternopygidae &
FAQs on:
Glass Knifefishes, (Eigenmannia),  

      True Pikes, Family Esocidae





Eels and Eel-Like Fishes


Freshwater Eels of All Sorts by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Eels,

    Freshwater Eels of the family Anguillidae
FAQs on: Anguillid Eels

    Freshwater Moray Eels by Marco Lichtenberger,
"Freshwater" Moray Eels, Family Muraenidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Morays 1FW Morays 2,
FAQs on: FW Moray ID, FW Moray Behavior, FW Moray Compatibility, FW Moray Stocking/Selection, FW Moray Systems, FW Moray Feeding, FW Moray Disease, FW Moray Reproduction,

    Synbranchids, Swamp Eels, & FAQs on: Synbranchids,  

    They're Revolting! The Electric Eel (actually a knifefish), Electrophorus electricus, 
FAQs on: Electric Eels (Knives),  

    The Spiny Eels, Family Mastacembelidae (Fire, Tire Track, Peacock...) by Bob Fenner,
The truth about spiny eels; A closer look at these popular but problematic oddballs by Neale Monks,
Husbandry of the Barred Spiny Eel,
Macrognathus panacalus by Marco Lichtenberger
FAQs on: Spiny Eels
FAQs on: Spiny Eel Identification, Spiny Eel Behavior, Spiny Eel Compatibility, Spiny Eel Stocking/Selection, Spiny Eel Systems, Spiny Eel Feeding, Spiny Eel Disease, Spiny Eel Reproduction,
FAQs by Species: Fire Eels, Peacock Eels, Tire Track Eels,
Aethiomastacembelus elipsifer Tanganyika eel Yellow Tail Spiny Eel (Mastacembelus panculus), Macrognathus aral, Zig Zag Eels (Mastacembelus armatus et al.),






Characiforms/Tetras & Their Relatives

  Characiforms/Tetras and Their Relatives by Bob Fenner & Characin/Tetra

FAQs on: Characoids/Tetras,
FAQs on: Characoid Identification, Characoid Behavior, Characoid Compatibility, Characoid Stocking/Selection, Characoid Systems, Characoid Feeding,

FAQs on Characoid Disease: Characoid Disease 1, Characoid Disease 2, Characoid Disease 3, Tetra Disease 4, Tetra Disease 5, Tetra Disease 6, Tetra Disease ,
FAQs on Characoid Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Infectious, Parasitic, Social, Treatments

FAQs on: Characoid Reproduction,

 By Topics:

     Extreme Characins Part 1: Hatchets, pikes, and other lethal weapons by Neale Monks,      Extreme Characins Part 2: Wolves, vampires, and other horrors by Neale Monks

 By Systematic Groups:

     The Larger Pencilfishes (e.g. Leporinus), Family Anostomidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Large Pencilfish Species

     The Characid/Tetra Fishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Characid/Tetra Fishes

          The Alestiine Characid Fishes (Congos, Alestes spp...)
FAQs on: Alestiines

          The Characinine/Tetra Fishes (Includes the genera: Acestrorhynchus (Pike Characins), Charax, Cynodo, Exodon, Hydrolycus, Priocharax, Rhaphiodon, Roeboides.)
FAQs on: Characinines

            Chalceus Tetras by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Chalceus

           Sailfin Tetras, Subfamily Crenuchinae
FAQs on: Sailfin Tetras

Piranhas and Kin, Pacus, Silver Dollars...


  Piranhas and Relatives, subfamily Serrasalminae (Silver Dollars, Pacus...) by Bob Fenner
Piranhas! by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Serrasalmine Fishes
FAQs on: Piranhas 1, Piranhas 2,
FAQs on: Piranha Identification, Piranha Behavior, Piranha Compatibility, Piranha Stocking/Selection, Piranha Systems, Piranha Feeding, Piranha Health, Piranha Reproduction,

Silver Dollars, Red Hooks and More, Metynnis, Mylossoma, Myleus... (to be written)
FAQs on:
Silver Dollars (Metynnis, Mylossoma, Myleus...spp.) 1, Silver Dollars 2,
FAQs on: Silver Dollar Identification, Silver Dollar Behaviour, Silver Dollar Compatibility, Silver Dollar Stocking/Selection, Silver Dollar Systems, Silver Dollar Feeding, Silver Dollar Health, Silver Dollar Reproduction,


FAQs on: Pacus (Colossoma, Piaractus Species),


Tetragonopterines/Tetra Fishes


         The Tetragonopterine/Tetra Fishes (Small characin fishes of southern U.S., Central and South America by Bob Fenner.
Example genera: Astyanax ( Blind Cave, Mexican Tetras), Byconamericus, Bryconops, Cheirodon, Gymnocorymbus (Black Skirt/Widow Tetras)
, Hasemania (Silver Tip Tetras), Hemibrycon, Hemigrammus (Glowlight Tetras, Gold, Head & Tail Lights, Rummynose Tetras,), Hyphessobrycon (Black Neons, Bleeding Heart Tetras, Ember Tetras, Flame Tetras, Lemon Tetras, Rosy Tetras, Serpae Tetras,),Inpaichthys/Nematobrycon (Emperor Tetras), Megalamphodus (Black Phantom Tetras), Moenkhausia (Red Eye (Moenkhausia) Tetras), Oligosarcus, Paracheirodon, Pristella, Rachoviscus, Tetragonopterus, Thayeria, Tyttobrycon. ) &
FAQs on: Tetragonopterines, & Alphabetical By Species/Common Names: Black Neons, Black Phantom Tetras, Black Skirt/Widow Tetras, Bleeding Heart Tetras, Blind Cave/Mexican Tetras, Buenos Aires Tetras, Cardinals (see below), Diamond Tetras, Emperor Tetras, Flame/Von Rio Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Gold Tetras, Head & Tail Lights, Lemon Tetras, Neons (see below), Penguin Tetras, Red Eye (Moenkhausia) Tetras, Rosy Tetras, Rummynose Tetras, Serpae Tetras, Silver Tip Tetras,

              Cardinal Tetras; A School of Beauty Part 1, Part II,  by Alesia Benedict,

Cardinals & Their Kin; Selection, Maintenance & Healthcare by Neale Monks
FAQs on:
Cardinal Tetras,  

            Neons, Cardinals & Their Kin; Selection, Maintenance & Healthcare by Neale Monks

FAQs on: Neon Tetras 1, Neon Tetras 2,
FAQs on: Neon Tetras Identification, Neon Tetras Behavior, Neon Tetras Compatibility, Neon Tetras Stocking/Selection, Neon Tetras Systems, Neon Tetras Feeding, Neon Tetras Disease, Neon Tetras Reproduction/Breeding,

     Distichodus and More, Family Citharinidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Distichodus

     The Pike-Characoids, Family Ctenoluciidae
FAQs on: Pike Characoids

     Headstanders, Family Curimatidae
FAQs on: Headstanders,


     Trahiras, Family Erythrinidae
FAQs on: Trahiras

     Hatchetfishes, Family Gasteropelecidae
FAQs on: Hatchetfishes

     Hemiodus "Sharks" and More, Family Hemiodontidae
FAQs on: Hemiodus Sharks

     The Pike-Like Hepsetid, Family Hepsetidae
FAQs on: Hepsetid Pikes

     Smaller Pencilfishes, Splashing Tetras & More, Family Lebiasinidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Small Pencilfish Species


FAQs on: Prochilodontids,   















































































Cyprinodontiforms: Killifishes, Pupfishes & Livebearing Freshwater Fishes


Cyprinodontiforms (Microcyprini)    

     Killifishes: Part 1 by Dr. Robert J. Goldstein,
Killifishes, Part II- The Nothobranchius Family  by Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D, 
Aphanius: European Killifish for Ambitious Aquarists by Matt Ford,
FAQs on: Killifishes


     Aplocheilids, Rivulinids
FAQs on: Aplocheilid Fishes,

    Cyprinodontids, Flagfish, Pupfishes, Killies
FAQs on: Cyprinodontids,

Livebearing Toothed Carps:  Mollies, Platies, Guppies, Swordtails and so much more!


     Livebearing Fishes For Aquariums and Not by Bob Fenner,
So you think livebearers are boring? There's more to livebearers than guppies, Neale Monks looks at some of the interesting and unusual livebearers available to aquarists by Neale Monks

FAQs on: Livebearers in General, Poeciliids, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, MolliesGoodeidsAnablepids
FAQs on: Livebearer Identification, Livebearer Behavior, Livebearer Compatibility, Livebearer Stocking/Selection, Livebearer Systems, Livebearer Feeding, Livebearer Disease, Livebearer Reproduction,  

      Four-Eyes, Family Anablepidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Four-Eyes,  

   Poeciliids: Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Mollies by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Livebearers in General 1, Poeciliids 2,
FAQs on: Livebearer Identification, Livebearer Behavior, Livebearer Compatibility, Livebearer Stocking/Selection, Livebearer Systems, Livebearer Feeding, Livebearer Disease, Livebearer Reproduction,

      Guppies For Aquariums by Neale Monks
FAQs on:
Guppies 2,
FAQs on: Guppy Identification, Guppy Behavior, Guppy Compatibility, Guppy Stocking/Selection, Guppy Systems, Guppy Feeding,
FAQs on Guppy Disease: Guppy Disease 1, Guppy Disease 2, Guppy Disease 3, Guppy Disease 4, Guppy Disease 5, Guppy Disease 6, Guppy Disease 7, Guppy Disease ,
FAQs on Guppy Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on Guppy Disease by Biological/Pathogenic Cause: Columnaris, Mycobacteria, Hexamita, Ich, Camallanus, Lernaea,

FAQs on Guppy Reproduction/Breeding: Guppy Reproduction, Guppy Reproduction 2,


      Platies by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Platies, Platies 2,
FAQs on: Platy Identification, Platy Behavior, Platy Compatibility, Platy Stocking/Selection, Platy Systems, Platy Feeding,

FAQs on Platy Disease: Platy Disease 1, Platy Disease 2, Platy Disease 3, Platy Disease 4, Platy Disease 5, Platy Health 6, Platy Health 7, Platy Health 8, Platy Health 9, Platy Health 10, Platy Health 11, Platy Health ,
FAQs on Platy Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on Platy Reproduction/Breeding: Platy Reproduction, Platy Reproduction 2, Platy Reproduction 3, Platy Reproduction 4, Platy Reproduction 5, Platy Reproduction ,


      The truth about Mollies; Among the most popular aquarium fish, they're also among the most misunderstood by Neale Monks
FAQs on: MolliesMollies 2, Mollies 3,
FAQs on:
Molly Identification, Molly Behavior, Molly Compatibility, Molly Stocking/Selection, Molly Systems, Molly Feeding,


FAQs on Molly Disease: Molly Disease 1, Molly Disease 2, Molly Disease 3, Molly Disease 4, Molly Disease 5, Molly Health 6, Molly Health 7, Molly Health 8, Molly Health 9, Molly Health 10, Molly Health 11, Molly Health ,
FAQs on Molly Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on Molly Reproduction/BreedingMolly Reproduction 1, Molly Reproduction 2, Molly Reproduction 3, Molly Reproduction 4, Molly Reproduction 5, Molly Reproduction ,

FAQs on:
Swordtails, Swordtails 2,
FAQs on: Swordtail Identification, Swordtail Behavior, Swordtail Compatibility, Swordtail Stocking/Selection, Swordtail Systems, Swordtail Feeding, Swordtail Disease, Swordtail Reproduction,

     Endler's Game by Rick Novy
FAQs on:
Endler's Livebearer,


     Gambusia, Heterandria, Mosquitofish & FAQs on: Gambusia, Heterandria /Mosquitofish,

     Goodeids, Family Goodeidae
FAQs on: Goodeid Fishes,  

     Halfbeaks Species, Husbandry, and Breeding by Neale Monks, Halfbeaks, Family Hemiramphidae
FAQs on: Halfbeaks,    










































Catfishes, Order Siluriformes by Bob Fenner 

FAQs on: Catfish in General, Catfish Identification, Catfish Behavior, Catfish Compatibility, Catfish Stocking/Selection, Catfish Systems, Catfish Feeding, Catfish Disease, Catfish Reproduction

    Marine, Brackish & Temporarily Freshwater Catfishes (e.g. Columbian, Black Tip/Fin, Iridescent "Sharks") of the Family Ariidae by Bob Fenner,
Columbian Shark Catfishes and other Ariidae by Neale Monks,

FAQs on: Ariid Catfishes 1, Ariid Cats 2,
FAQs on: Ariid ID, Ariid Behavior, Ariid Compatibility, Ariid Selection, Ariid Systems, Ariid Feeding, Ariid Disease, Ariid Reproduction,

    The Banjo Catfishes, Family Aspredinidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Banjo Cats,

    The Driftwood and Jaguar Catfishes, Family Auchenipteridae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Driftwood Cats,

    Giraffes, Lancers, Asian Bumblebees & Just Bagrid Catfishes, Family Bagridae (Yes, the Auchenipterids need to be separated) by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Giraffe Catfishes,

Corydoras, Diadema, Callichthys... Armored Cats

Armored Catfishes of the Family Callichthyidae (Corydoras, Brochis, Dianema...) by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Callichthyid Catfishes 1Callichthyids 2,
FAQs on:
Callichthyid Identification, Callichthyid Behavior, Callichthyid Compatibility, Callichthyid Stocking/Selection, Callichthyid Systems, Callichthyid Feeding,

FAQs on Callichthyid Cat Disease (Also: See Corydoras below): Callichthyid Disease 1, Callichthyid Cat Disease 2, Callichthyid Cat Disease 3, Callichthyid Cat Disease 4, Callichthyid Cat Disease 5, Callichthyid Cat Disease ,
FAQs on Callichthyid Cat Disease by Category: <See Below for Corydoras spp.> Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Infectious, Parasitic, Trauma, Treatments 

Callichthyid Reproduction: Summer loving: cats in the garden, kittens in the kitchen by Neale Monks
FAQs on:
Callichthyid Reproduction,

FAQs on: Brochis Cats,


FAQs on: Callichthys Cats,


FAQs on: Corydoras Catfish 1,
FAQs on: Corydoras Catfish Identification, Corydoras Catfish Behavior, Corydoras Catfish Compatibility, Corydoras Catfish Stocking/Selection, Corydoras Catfish Systems, Corydoras Catfish Feeding,
Corydoras Catfish Health 1, Cory Disease 2, Cory Disease 3, Cory Disease 4, Cory Disease ,
FAQs on Corydoras Catfish Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,
FAQs on Corydoras Reproduction/Breeding: Corydoras Catfish Reproduction,
FAQs on Corydoras by Species: Panda Corydoras, Pygmy Corydoras spp.,


FAQs on: Dianema (Porthole) Cats,  

    The Squarehead, Angler, Frog-Mouth or Chatty Chaca Catfishes,  Family Chacidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Chaca Catfishes,

    The Labyrinth Catfishes, Family Clariidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Clariid Catfishes,

    The Thorny, Talking, Raphael Catfishes of the Family Doradidae Family Doradidae by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Doradid (incl. Raphael) Catfishes

    Ictalurid (Ameiurid) Catfishes (Channel, Bullhead...) by Bob Fenner, Coldwater Catfishes, Pondfish Profile by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Ictalurid Cats

Plecos, Otos, Whiptails and So Much More, Loricariids

   Plecos and More! The South/Central American Suckermouth Catfishes, Family Loricariidae by Bob Fenner
 The Giant Plecos of the Genera Glyptoperichthys, Hypostomus, Liposarcus & Pterygoplichthys by Bob Fenner
 Otocinclus Catfishes, family Loricariidae, Use in  Aquariums by Bob Fenner
 From Pan-ack-ay to Pan-ack-zee, A Detailed Look at the Bizarre But Beautiful Panaque Catfishes by Neale Monks

FAQs on: Loricariids 1, Loricariids 2,
FAQs on: Loricariid Identification, Loricariid Behavior, Loricariid Compatibility, Loricariid Stocking/Selection, Loricariid Systems, Loricariid Feeding,
FAQs on "Pleco" Disease: Loricariid Disease 1, Loricariid Disease 2, Loricariid Disease 3, Loricariid Disease 4,
FAQs on "Pleco" Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Trauma, Treatments,
FAQs on "Pleco" Reproduction/Breeding: Loricariid Reproduction,       

FAQs on Large Plecos by Genera: Glyptoperichthys, Liposarcus, Pterygoplichthys, Sailfin Giants among the Loricariids 1, Large Plecos 2,
FAQs on
: Large Plecos Identification, Large Plecos Behavior, Large Plecos Compatibility, Large Plecos Stocking/Selection, Large Plecos Systems, Large Plecos Feeding, Large Plecos Health, Large Plecos Reproduction,


      Otocinclus Catfishes, family Loricariidae, Use in  Aquariums by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Otocinclus 1, Otocinclus 2,
FAQs on:
Otocinclus Identification, Otocinclus Behavior, Otocinclus Compatibility, Otocinclus Stocking/Selection, Otocinclus Systems, Otocinclus Feeding, Otocinclus Health, Otocinclus Reproduction,

      From Pan-ack-ay to Pan-ack-zee, A Detailed Look at the Bizarre But Beautiful Panaque Catfishes by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Panaque,

Other Loricariid Genera:
FAQs by Genus & Species:
Ancistrus (Bristlenose Plecs), Baryancistrus, Chaetostoma (Rubberlipped Plecos), Farlowella, Loricaria, Sturisoma, Rhineloricaria: Twig Plecostomus, Glyptoperichthys, Liposarcus, Pterygoplichthys, Sailfin Giants among the Loricariids, Hypancistrus, The Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus zebra, Hypostomus, Peckoltia: Clown Plecostomus, Lasiancistrus, Pseudacanthicus, Scobanancistrus,
 L-number catfish,  

    The Electric Catfishes, Family Malapteruridae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Electric Catfish, Electrogenic Fishes,  

    Squeakers, Feather Fins, Synodontis (incl. Upside Down Catfishes), Family Mochokidae (Synodontis...) by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Mochokid (Synodontis...) Catfishes 1, Mochokid Cats 2,
FAQs on: Mochokid Cats Identification, Mochokid Cats Behavior, Mochokid Cats Compatibility, Mochokid Cats Stocking/Selection, Mochokid Cats Systems, Mochokid Cats Feeding, Mochokid Cats Disease, Mochokid Cats Reproduction,

    The (Iridescent) Shark or Eat-em Up Catfishes of the Family Pangasiidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Pangasiid Catfishes 1Pangasiid Catfishes 2,
FAQs on: Pangasiid Catfishes Identification, Pangasiid Catfishes Behavior, Pangasiid Catfishes Compatibility, Pangasiid Catfishes Stocking/Selection, Pangasiid Catfishes Systems, Pangasiid Catfishes Feeding, Pangasiid Catfishes Disease/Health, Pangasiid Catfishes Reproduction,

    The Antennae Catfishes, Family Pimelodidae (Pictus, Red-Tail...) by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Pimelodid Catfishes 1, Pimelodid Cats 2,
FAQs on:
Pimelodid Identification, Pimelodid Behavior, Pimelodid Compatibility, Pimelodid Selection, Pimelodid Systems, Pimelodid Feeding, Pimelodid Disease, Pimelodid Reproduction,

FAQs on: by species Pictus Cats, Red Tail Cats (Phractocephalus), Shovelnose Catfishes (Pseudoplatystoma, Sorubim, Sorubimichthys...),

     The South American Bumblebee Catfish Family Pseudopimelodidae 
FAQs on: South American Bumblebee Catfish,

    Ghost, Glass Cats, Family Siluridae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Ghost, Glass Catfishes,

    Candiru Catfishes, Families Trichomycteridae and Cetopsidae, The Vampire Catfish - Candiru, ppt presentation, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
FAQs on: Candiru Cats,   








































































Cypriniiforms: Minnows & Relatives: Goldfish, Barbs, Danios, Rasboras FW "Sharks", Loaches & Relatives

Cypriniiform/Minnow-Like Fishes

FAQs on: Cypriniiform/Minnow Fishes,
FAQs on various Cypriniiform species of aq. use: Darters/Etheostomids, White Clouds, Shiners & Rosies, Hi-Fin/Banded/Chinese Sharks,

   Chinese (not) Algae (neither) Eaters, Gyrinocheilus aymonieri. Bad Boyz (& Girls)

FAQs on: Chinese Algae Eaters (CAEs), Gyrinocheilus aymonieri 1, CAEs 2,
FAQs on: CAE Identification, CAE Behavior, CAE Compatibility, CAE Selection/Stkg., CAE Systems, CAE Feeding, CAE Disease, CAE Reproduction,


Crossocheilus siamensis, the Real SAE, Siamese Algae Eater,
FAQs on: Siamese Algae Eaters,


FAQs on the Related: Flying Foxes, Hillstream Fishes,

Barbs, Danios, Rasboras

  Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Family Cyprinidae by Bob Fenner,
A Barbed Response; Wrongly maligned for being fin-nippers, barbs are in fact some of the best fish for the home aquarium by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Barbs, Danios, RasborasBarbs, Danios, Rasboras 2,
FAQs on: B,D,R Identification, B,D,R Behavior, B,D,R Compatibility, B,D,R Stocking/Selection, B,D,R Systems, B,D,R Feeding, B,D,R Disease 1, B,D,R Disease 2, B,D,R Disease 3, B,D,R Disease 4, B,D,R Reproduction,

Barb Species

Tiger Barbs
FAQs on: Tiger Barbs 1, Tiger Barbs 2,
FAQs on: Tiger Barbs Identification, Tiger Barbs Behavior, Tiger Barbs Compatibility, Tiger Barbs Stocking/Selection, Tiger Barbs Systems, Tiger Barbs Feeding, Tiger Barbs Health, Tiger Barbs Reproduction,

     Denison's Barb: & FAQs on: Puntius denisoni
     Odessa Barbs: & FAQs on: Odessa Barbs,
     Tinfoil Barbs & FAQs on: Tinfoil Barbs,

     Rosy Barbs & FAQs on: Rosy Barbs,

     Smaller, "Dwarf" Barb Species; Gold, Checker, Cherries, &
FAQs on: Smaller Barbs, Gold, Checker, Cherries,  

Danio Species

Zebra Danios, including "Glo-Fish"
FAQs on: Zebra Danios 1, Zebra Danios 2,
FAQs on: Zebra Danios Identification, Zebra Danios Behavior, Zebra Danios Compatibility, Zebra Danios Stocking/Selection, Zebra Danios Systems, Zebra Danios Feeding, Zebra Danios Health, Zebra Danios Reproduction,

     Pearl Danios of various species:
FAQs on: Pearl Danios,

     Giant Danios of various species:
FAQs on: Giant Danios,  

Rasbora Species

    The Harlequin Rasbora, Rasbora heteromorpha,
FAQs on: Harlequin Rasboras,

     Scissortail Rasboras
FAQs on: Scissortail Rasboras,

      Smaller Rasbora species
FAQs on: Smaller Rasbora species,  

















Sharks! Freshwater Minnow Ones...


 The Minnows We Call Sharks by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Minnow "Sharks"Minnow Sharks 2,
FAQs on: FW Shark Identification, FW Shark Behavior, FW Shark Compatibility, FW Shark Stocking/Selection, FW Shark Systems, FW Shark Feeding, FW Shark Disease, FW Shark Reproduction,

FAQs by Species: Hi-Fin/Banded/Chinese Sharks,

     Bala or Tri-Colored Sharks, Balantiocheilus melanopterus by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Bala Sharks, Bala Shark Identification, Bala Shark Behavior, Bala Shark Compatibility, Bala Shark Selection, Bala Shark Systems, Bala Shark Feeding, Bala Shark Disease, Bala Shark Reproduction,

     The Red Tail Black Shark, Epalzeorhynchos bicolor, the Redtail Sharkminnow to science was Labeo bicolor by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Redtail Sharks,  

     The Rainbow or Red-Finned & Albino Shark/minnow, Epalzeorhynchos munense and E. frenatum by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Rainbow/Redfin Sharks,  

     Black Sharks... How Big!? Labeo chrysophekadion
FAQs on: Black Shark Minnows,

     The Iridescent/ID "Shark" (actually a Catfish), Family Pangasiidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Pangasiid Catfishes

     Columbian, Silver-Tipped... "Sharks":  Marine, Brackish & Freshwater Catfishes of the Family Ariidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Ariid Brackish and Marine Catfishes, Ariid Cats 2,
FAQs on: Ariid ID, Ariid Behavior, Ariid Compatibility, Ariid Selection, Ariid Systems, Ariid Feeding, Ariid Disease, Ariid Reproduction,





Loaches, Family Cobitidae

  Loaches, Family Cobitidae by Bob Fenner, A New Look At Loaches By Neale Monks, & FAQs on: Loaches 1, Loaches 2,
FAQs on: Loach Identification, Loach Behavior, Loach Compatibility, Loach Stocking/Selection, Loach Systems, Loach Feeding, Loach Disease, Loach Reproduction,

     Clown Loaches, Botia macracantha
FAQs on: Clown Loaches, Clown Loach Identification, Clown Loach Behavior, Clown Loach Compatibility, Clown Loach Stocking/Selection, Clown Loach Systems, Clown Loach Feeding, Clown Loach Disease, Clown Loach Reproduction,

     Dojos, Weatherfishes, Misgurnis... On the Use of Dojos/Weatherfishes in Ornamental Ponds by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Dojo/Weatherfishes 1, Dojos/Weatherfishes 2,
FAQs on: Dojos/Weatherfishes Identification, Dojos/Weatherfishes Behavior, Dojos/Weatherfishes Compatibility, Dojos/Weatherfishes Stocking/Selection, Dojos/Weatherfishes Systems, Dojos/Weatherfishes Feeding, Dojos/Weatherfishes Health 1, Dojo Health 2, Dojo Health 3, Dojo Health 4, Dojo Health 5, Dojo Health ,  Dojos/Weatherfishes Reproduction,

     Kuhlii Loaches &
FAQs on:
Kuhli Loaches,
Other Loach species FAQs: Yo Yo Loaches, Kubotai, Skunk Loaches...

     Hillstream Fishes (not true loaches): Chinese Hillstream Loach by Adam Jackson,
FAQs on:
Hillstream Fishes,  






New Print and eBook on Amazon

Goldfish Success

What it takes to keep goldfish healthy long-term

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Goldfish 101: The Top Ten Goldfish Questions by Tiffany Bromfield and Bob Fenner
Betta & Goldfish (Keeping) by Judy Helfrich (in the CA Accidental Aquarist series), Goldfish 101: Goldfish May Be Popular, And They May Be Cheap, But That Doesn't Make Them Easy Aquarium Fish by Neale Monks,
Goldfish Very Basic/Emergency Care Sheet by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Goldfish 1Goldfish 2,

Goldfish Identification/Varieties, The Bubble Eye Goldfish  by Spencer Glass
Goldfish Varieties
FAQs on:
Goldfish Varieties,         


Goldfish Behavior,
FAQs on: Goldfish Behavior 1, Goldfish Behavior 2, Goldfish Behavior 3,

Goldfish Compatibility,
FAQs on: Goldfish Compatibility,

Goldfish Selection,
FAQs on: Goldfish Stocking/Selection,

Goldfish Foods/Feeding/Nutrition,
FAQs on: Goldfish Feeding,     

Goldfish Systems, Components & Maintenance by Bob Fenner
Goldfish 101: Goldfish May Be Popular, And They May Be Cheap, But That Doesn't Make Them Easy Aquarium Fish by Neale Monks,
Should small tanks be sold with warning labels? Editorial by Neale Monks

FAQs on Goldfish Systems:
Goldfish Systems 1, Goldfish Systems 2, Goldfish Systems 3, Goldfish Systems 4, Goldfish Systems 5, Goldfish Systems 6, Goldfish Systems 7, Goldfish Systems 8, Goldfish Systems 9,
FAQs on Goldfish System by Component: Tanks (Size, Shape...), Lighting/Tops, Decor, Gravel, Plantings, Heating/Temperature, Aeration/Circulation, Filtration, Water Quality (pH, Hardness, Algae, Smell, Cloudiness... Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Nitrogen Cycling), Maintenance, Trouble/Fixing,

Goldfish Diseases

Goldfish Health/Disease by Bob Fenner <To do: write flow chart... steps to healthy goldfish... Diag. sheet for ills>

FAQs on: Goldfish Disease 1, Goldfish Disease 2, Goldfish Disease 3, Goldfish Disease 4, Goldfish Disease 5, Goldfish Disease 6,
Goldfish Disease 7, Goldfish Disease 8, Goldfish Disease 9, Goldfish Disease 10, Goldfish Disease 11, Goldfish Disease 12, Goldfish Disease 13, Goldfish Disease 14, Goldfish Disease 16, Goldfish Disease 17, Goldfish Disease 18, Goldfish Disease 19, Goldfish Disease 20, Goldfish Disease 21, Goldfish Disease 22, Goldfish Health 23, Goldfish Disease 24 Goldfish Health 25, Goldfish Disease 26, Goldfish Disease 27, Goldfish Disease 28, Goldfish Disease 29, Goldfish Disease 30, Goldfish Disease 31, Goldfish Disease 32, Goldfish Disease 33, Goldfish Disease 34, Goldfish Disease 35  Goldfish Health 36, Goldfish Health 37, Goldfish Health 38, Goldfish Disease 39, Goldfish Disease 40, Goldfish Disease 41, Goldfish Disease 42, Goldfish Disease 43, Goldfish Disease 44, Goldfish Disease 45, Goldfish Disease 46, Goldfish Disease 47, Goldfish Disease 48, Goldfish Disease 49, Goldfish Disease 50, Goldfish Disease 51, Goldfish Disease 52, Goldfish Disease 53, Goldfish Disease 54, Goldfish Disease 55, Goldfish Disease , & Koi/Pondfish Disease

Write re checking water quality, basics...
FAQs on Goldfish Disease Diagnosis: Diagnosis 1, Diagnosis ,
<Note: make up chart with pix to click on... showing symptoms, bringing up causes, solutions>

Goldfish Disease by "Types", Causes: (Absolutely the Biggest Category)
Environmental 1, Environmental 2, Environmental 3, Environmental 4Environmental 5Environmental 6Environmental 7Environmental 8Environmental 9Environmental 10Environmental 11Environmental 12, Environmental , Environmental , 

Floaty Bloaty Goldfish (article by Sabrina Sharp; Also see FAQs linked below)
FAQs on Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish: Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish, Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish 2, Bloaty, Floaty Goldfish 3, Bloaty, Floaty Goldfish 4,

FAQs on Goldfish Disease by Category
: Nutritional (Second Largest), Genetic/Developmental, Eye Troubles, Lumps/Bumps/Growths 1, Growths 2, Growths 3, Growths 4 Growths 5Growths 6, Growths 7,  Growths,  (including idiopathic tumors) Behavioral/Social Viral and Bacterial, Fungal Infectious (Finrot et al.)
Parasitic: (Ich, Protozoans, Flukes, Worms, Crustacean/ Anchorworms/Lernaeids, ) Fish Lice (Argulus), Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems Anomalous (Misc., Injuries, etc.)

Goldfish Medicines, Real and Not:
FAQs on Goldfish Medicines:
Anti-Fungals (Sulfa Drugs, Maroxy), Antibiotics/Antimicrobials (e.g. Maracyn, Tetracycline),  Antiprotozoals (e.g. eSHa, Metronidazole (Flagyl),) Copper Compounds, Formalin, Malachite Green, Metronidazole (Flagyl), Anthelminthics (de-wormers), (e.g. Fluke Tabs, Dylox),  Mela- & Pima(not)Fix, All Others (mixes, proprietary, Acriflavine, Permanganate...)

Goldfish Mal-Nutrition, Avoiding Floaty Bloaty Goldfish by Sabrina Fullhart

FAQs on: Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish 1 Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish 2, Bloaty, Floaty Goldfish 3, Bloaty, Floaty Goldfish 4, Bloaty/Floaty Goldfish 5,


Goldfish Reproduction/Breeding
FAQs on Goldfish Reproduction: Goldfish Reproduction 1,  

FAQs on: Koi in Aquariums,


































  Miscellaneous Freshwater Fish Groups

  Leaffishes, Families Badidae, Polycentridae & Nandidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Leaffishes,  

Beloniforms: Needlefishes

Needlefish and halfbeaks: fishes that go straight to the point An introduction to the Beloniformes by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Needlefishes  

      Ricefish, family Adrianichthyidae by Neale Monks,  

     Halfbeaks Species, Husbandry, and Breeding by Neale Monks,

Halfbeaks, Family Hemiramphidae by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Halfbeaks,  

 Snooks, Giant Perches of the Family Centropomidae
FAQs on: Snooks, Nile Perch, the Centropomids 

   Siamese Tiger Fishes, Used to Be Known as Datnoides by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Siamese Tiger Fishes (Were Datnoides, Now Coius) 

   Sunfishes ("Basses", Bluegills, Pumpkinseed, Crappy...), Family Centrarchidae
FAQs on: Sunfishes 


Atheriniforms: Rainbow & Silverside Fishes



 Fishes at the Rainbow's End: An Introduction to the Atheriniformes, the Rainbowfish and Silversides by Neale Monks,
Rainbowfishes by Bob Fenner

FAQs on:
Rainbowfishes 1, Rainbowfishes 2,
FAQs on: Rainbow Identification, Rainbow Behavior, Rainbow Compatibility, Rainbow Stocking/Selection, Rainbow Systems, Rainbow Feeding, Rainbow Disease 1, Rainbow Disease 2Rainbow Disease 3Rainbow Disease 4, & Rainbow Reproduction,

     Silverside Fishes, family Atherinidae
FAQs on: Silversides,  











To Freshwater Livestock 2: Gouramis, Bettas, Cichlids, Fresh to Brackish Water Fishes, Invertebrates (Hydra, Worms, Snails, Insects, Crustaceans...),
To: Amphibians, Turtles:

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