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FAQs on Triangle Cichlids 

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Uaru Hexamita       4/26/16
Hello. I am Svetlana. I have 3 Uaru 3”. I got them in January from local pet store. They was in the store for 2 month and was eating everything they would give them. I place them in my 55 gl with 2 butterflies and 3 clown loaches ( I will buy a big tank later). I take water to pet store to check, they told me everything is good, pH 6.5,
<What is the water hardness here?>
temperature 82F. They stop eating and got white stringy pop after 2 weeks I had them. I treat whole tank with Seachem Metroplex. They got better and was eating after dosing for 5 times every 2nd day.
<I'd stop... Metronidazole is too nephrotoxic...>

2-3 weeks later same problem ( not eating, white pop). I treat them in hospital tank 10 gl with 7 doses of metro aging. they did get better and were eating, but 2 weeks later same problem. Please l have a couple questions:
1.I think it is Hex and only treatment is metro??
<Is the best>
2. I am dosing them in 10 gl tank for a 5 days now without any improvement yet… they have not being eating for around 10 days now.
<Stop; the problem is something else>
They are in the 10 gal tank and I dose them with Seachem Metroplex 3 times now accordingly instructions. please let me know if I should increase the dose? or any other meds i should be using?
<I'd try an Anthelminthic... Praziquantel... see WWM re>

Please help, Svetlana
<Trying. Bob Fenner>
Juvenile Uarus hex?       4/26/16

On the pictures one fish has long white-clear long string (pop?).
<Appears to be... Need to sample and look under a microscope... for encapsulated eggs, or? BobF>
The other two do not pass any poo last 2 days...
I soaked mini blood worms in metro and garlic and refroze it. I know they should eat veggies but it is only one of them would have interest in. But spit it out and nothing is eaten....I even bought and put plants for them (they was destroying them before), no interest .... Thanks, sorry for long emails.
Re: Juvenile Uarus hex?      4/27/16

Hello Bob, I will try to find somebody to do the test with microscope.
Should I continue with Metro for now??
<See our first email: No; kills fish kidneys w/ too much exposure>
Do you think the salt in small amount would help?
<Perhaps Epsom; as gone over on WWM.>
higher temperature ( 85F now)??
<IF you can keep up dissolved oxygen. B>
Re: Uaru Hexamita        4/30/16

Hello Bob thank you for reply. I did PraziPro for 5 days prior the last treatment of metro and was no change. In the store they told me that I can use PraziPro with metro together.
<Yes; this is so>
I did not remove PraziPro from the water and started metro on april21 daily. Hardness was 9 last time I checked but I will go to pet store again and send you the correct reading of everything. Due to metro treatment I have no chemical filtration and I go 30%water change with bottom clean up daily using 1day aged conditioned water.
<Very good>
I redose the mess for new changed water amount. The tank is not cycled.
<Yikes; bad>
I do have established 55 gl tank with clear water, can I use that?
I live in small town and may be our water is not good?
<Can't say from here>
I can bring water from different city (it is what I did 2 years ago for 5 years) ?? I can even get osmotic water if you think it would help?
<Ask at your "water district"... the contact info. should be on your water/utility bill; for water quality analysis>
Any of your advise would be very helpful to me. Thank you, will send you a picture of them��
<Please do. Bob Fenner>

Uaru cichlid... toxified       1/17/16
I have a Uaru cichlid that I've had for about a year in a tank with 2 angel fish and 4 other cichlids. Well with the last water change, the two angelfish died.
<Yikes! I strongly encourage folks to store new water for a week ahead of use. Do see/read my SOP on WWM re frequent, partial water changes>
Now the Uaru cichlid will not eat and has started kissing the heater in the tank to the point that his lips are burnt and puffy.
<Good gosh>
Can you tell me what causes this and what I can do to help.
<Am guessing the fish was damaged by whatever occurred in the water change that resulted in the Angels loss... only time and your good care can show whether it rallies>

He has not eaten in a couple of weeks is now losing his color and becoming disoriented and just sitting sometimes sideways in the bottom of the tank. But continues to kiss the heater. Help me please, don't want to lose this Fish
<What are the present water tests showing for this system? Is this fish nitrate poisoned? Was it chloramine poisoned? Bob Fenner>
re: Uaru cichlid /Neale      1/18/16
The water conditions are showing fine.
<Need values, not opinions.
What are the actual numbers you got from the test kits you used? To recap: Uaru are extremely sensitive to dissolved metabolites. Ammonia and nitrite must be zero, end of story. Nitrate has to be as low as practical, the 0-10 mg/l being about right, 20 mg/l pushing your luck, and anything above lethal in the long term. Like Discus, Uaru are species for large, understocked tanks with generous filtration (though weak water currents) and frequent (weekly, at least) water changes.>
As far as I know it's not nitrate poisoned.
<Nitrate is a background killer. Levels above 20 mg/l stress cichlids generally, making them more susceptible to diseases such as Hexamita, HITH and HLLE. So while you might get, say, 30 mg/l and say, "well, that's not high enough to be lethal" that is only true in the sense it won't kill the cichlid immediately. What persistent high nitrate levels do is mean something else kills your cichlid within some weeks, months.>
Please give me some options, I really want to save my fish.
<Do read about Discus maintenance, and apply those rules here. Uaru are similar, though closer to wild-caught Discus than the modern tank-bred varieties. In other words, pristine water, gentle currents, high temperatures, soft water, and unlike Discus, a greens-based diet.>
If it was poisoned, how our can I fix it?
<Short term, you can't. Fresh carbon will remove some poisons effectively, but nitrate is managed through water changes, and ammonia and nitrite via water changes.>
Forgot, my husband took out too much water. Could this be a cause?
<Easily, if water chemistry and temperature of the new water were not kept close to that of the old water. Again, read up on Discus. Cheers, Neale.>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/18/16

The water conditions are showing fine. As far as I know it's not nitrate poisoned. Please give me some options, I really want to save my fish.
<Options? Given what data you've provided; I've already stated what the possibilities are. Good care and patience. BobF>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/18/16

If it was poisoned, how our can I fix it?
<Depends on what and how it was poisoned with. B>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/18/16

Forgot, my husband took out to <too> much water. Could this be a cause?
<Already stated; yes. Did you do the reading where I first sent you? B>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/19/16

This morning he now has those little white spots all over him. I think it's called ICK, how do I treat that?
<Try the indices, search tool on WWM. B>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/19/16

Will test again later and send you results. Thanks
<Cool. Cheers, Neale.>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/19/16

Here are the results GH 180KH 180PH 6.5NO2 0
N03 80-160

Use Prime to treat my water
<.... your cichlid WAS Nitrate poisoned. See/READ on WWM re. B>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/19/16

Here are the results
GH 180
<General hardness is "Hard".>
KH 180
<Carbonate hardness is "High".>
pH 6.5
<Fine on paper, but do recall biological filtration is less effective below pH 7, and adjust filtration rates, stocking, and food input accordingly. But acidic conditions are natural for Uaru spp.>
NO2 0
<No nitrite. Excellent.>
N03 80-160
<Very, very high nitrate. Stressful to any/all fish at this level; 20 mg/l or less is the ideal for cichlids, 40 mg/l is the maximum acceptable before a water change.
Use Prime to treat my water
<Good. In short, the zero nitrite but very high nitrate suggests that biological filtration is working well (hence no nitrite) but the tank is overstocked, overfed, or doesn't receive enough water changes (the high nitrate). Review, and act accordingly. Such nitrate levels will trigger all sorts of problems in cichlids, as discussed earlier. Do pick up, read books from the likes of Loiselle and read re: dissolved metabolites. When it comes with Uaru spp., your margin of error is so trivially small you MUST keep on top of water changes, keep the tank lightly stocked, and keep food input as low as practical (in part achieved by minimising protein-rich foods like flake and frozen and increasing the proportion of protein-poor foods such as fresh greens, cooked spinach and peas, non-acidic fruit, etc.
Cheers, Neale.>
re: Uaru cichlid      1/19/16

Thank you will see what happens
<Most welcome. NM.>

Question about food -- 10/22/09
I have 5 Discus and 1 Uaru and am seeking advice on what types of foods I could get for them at the local market.
<Well, Uaru are herbivores, so most any soft green foods are options. Curly lettuce, cooked or tinned peas, spinach, Sushi Nori, etc. Discus are carnivores, albeit on invertebrates for the most part. A bag of mixed from seafood (squid, mussel, prawn, and cockles for example) could be chopped up
and supplemented with fish vitamins (usually sold for marine fish). I would use just the seafood though, because prawns, mussels, and some squid contain high levels of thiaminase, and over time, that can cause severe health problems. Hence the need for the vitamin supplement. But still, this would be very inexpensive.>
The money I am spending on frozen food per month is getting ridiculous, and I am trying to find a cheaper, though equally nutritious, means of feeding my babies.
<Do see a couple of excellent articles on gel foods, here:
Thank you.
<Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Question about food -- 10/22/09
Thank you.
<You are most welcome.>
You guys are the best!
<We really are, aren't we? Cheers, Neale.> 

Sick Uaru (Hexamita, diet, environment)  3/1/09  I have been keeping fish for a few years and have a Uaru in a 80 gallon tank. He developed what i believed to be fin rot about 2 months ago which i treated and he healed. He then developed holes in his head with mucus coming out i had seen hole in the head before and his faeces was not white and stringy he only had at first one small one. he had no appetite loss or did he isolate himself. I spoke to a trusted fish shop person who recommended Pimafix, and to keep an eye on it in case he got worse. well the next day he had puss filled holes on his head around his eyes and also on the line down his body that looks like a sewed line (sorry cant think of another way to describe it). In this case i decide to treat him with eSHa Hexamita. i have now been treating him as per the instructions for at least a month and he has seemed to improve then as soon as i gave the tank a rest after the three days he acquired more holes. He can be very awkward with the Sailfin Plec that i have and when i first had him he got injured by being spiked which caused a swelling and loss of half of his top lip which would ooze white stuff. two day ago he had a swollen cheek and now he has 4-5 holes down the side of this cheek where i am not sure if the cheek is oozing or it is still as a result of the hole in the head he has one hole on his nose on one side all holes have gone on the side with the swollen cheek he has one that is an original hole and a linear ooze on the line on his side as i described before. he has had 5 treatments with breaks and water changes he is eating some days he isolates in his house other days he is fine. I have put some aquarium salts in and now as there seemed to be and improvement but the holes are back. I have heard now that i cant retreat with the Hexamita as it cant mix with the salt Is this true? and i am so upset that i may lose him if i water change can i treat him and can i put more in than it says or put treatment in until it goes, or for four or five days. I need HELP!! Please? Water quality has been tested There are two gold Severums 2 alliminium catfish and a Firemouth in the same tank Monica Monica <Hello Monica. Before anything else, my gut feeling here is we're looking at chronic water quality problems. Let me explain. While 80 gallons sounds a lot on paper, the fish you have are both big (the Aluminium Catfish, Chrysichthys longipinnis) and super-sensitive to water quality, including nitrates (the cichlids, particularly the Uaru). I'm also concerned that you're not tackling the problem head-on. There's no need to use "aquarium salt" in a freshwater tank, and any retailer that recommends either salt or Pimafix as the solutions to your problems isn't doing you a good service. The problem is almost certainly lack of space, lack of water changes, and/or lack of filtration. So let's review. Aluminium Catfish can get to 70 cm (over 25 inches) in the wild. Two of them by themselves would need a much bigger tank than you have, something upwards of 800 litres (175 Imp. gallons). On top of that, you'd need a colossal amount of filtration, not less than 6-8 times the volume of the tank in turnover per hour. On the flip side, Uaru amphiacanthoides is a cichlid species at least as sensitive to water quality as Discus, so keeping such a fish in a cramped tank with poor water quality is going to make its life difficult. Putting aside water chemistry issues for the moment, in terms of water quality you need zero ammonia, zero nitrite, and a nitrate level of less than 20 mg/l. It's also a partially herbivorous cichlid, and unless it's diet is rich in green foods, it suffers from vitamin deficiencies rather easily, and these make fish more vulnerable to Hexamita. And I'm sure you're dealing with some type of Hexamita infection here. The reliable cure for this is Metronidazole 250 mg per 38 litres (8 Imp. gallons/10 US gallons). In the UK, you can get this only from a vet. Whilst I'm aware of the eSHa alternative, I've not used it, so can't comment on its efficacy. I'll also make the point that unless you fix the environment and diet, all the treatment in the world won't help. Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Uaru tank mates (and my poor Oscar), Oscar Is A Bully -- 8/19/07 Thank you for replying so quickly, I think my best option is to invest in a new tank. Can you help me with one last thing (for now)? I have a 300 litre tank with two 4" Oscars, they are the only fish in the tank. One seems maybe half an inch larger and is a lot more aggressive, he attacks the smaller Oscar who now spends most of the time lying under an ornament. It is off its food somewhat and its colour is more a greeny with orange than the lovely black and orange it was a few weeks ago. It doesn't react to me either (which it used to) it seems very sad and lonely, is there any reason other than bullying for this or anything I can do to help? Thanks a million Chuck! < An Oscar is a cichlid and cichlids by nature are very territorial. With only two fish in the tank, they view each other as competition. So one will always be dominant in the tank and pick on the other fish. Way you can do is increase the number of fish and spread the aggression out. These other fish are called dither fish. Good choices would be silver dollars, giant danios or any other large, fast schooling fish.-Chuck>

Uarus In A Community Tank   8/19/07 Can you tell me if Uarus can be kept in my community tank with guppies, kuhlii loaches and glass catfish? I've tried looking on the web for information but its hard to come by. They are about 2 inches in size i have two of them. They had been kept with my Oscars who are getting too aggressive towards them. Any help would be great, thanks < Sorry, Uarus are cichlids from South America that can get up to 10 inches +. They are usually Ok with fish approximately the same size. I'm afraid in your community tank they will pick on the other fish and even eat them if they can. I would not recommend that you place the Uarus in this community set up.-Chuck>

Are my Oscars ok with my other fish? I have a few tanks set up at the minute, I've only been interested in aquariums about 2 years now (so I'm still learning). <Me too, though I've "had" tanks (or is it the other way around?) for decades> I've recently bought two tiger Oscars they are in a 90 litre tank they are only 2 inch's at the minute, I also have 2 Uaru fish in this tank, they too are just under 2 inch's, Are these fish ok together? <Mmm, no... in time the Oscars will work the Triangle Cichlids woe... Might not be as bad, as quickly if this system were much larger... but I would separate these and plan on having even a much larger system for the two species in a half year or so...> The Uaru are extremely timid and the Oscars usually stay in under ornaments when the lights are on. Is this normal? Many thanks Karen <Mmm, not really normal behavior for the Oscars... but they can be shy at times... Grow out of this in time, with training by you, feeding... Bob Fenner>

Uarus With Peacocks -- 4/13/07 Hey guys, I was wondering if I could put a captive bred "Uaru" with mild mannered peacocks?  The article on this fish on your site states that  captive species can tolerate broader ranges of pH and hardness.  My pH is  about 7.9 and not sure what hardness is but I do have aragonite and crushed  coral as substrate.  I know South American and African mixes aren't  recommended but will this fish at least survive in these water conditions? Thanks, Jason < It is true that captive raised fish are more tolerant of a wider range of water conditions. They should survive but the Uaru may not thrive.-Chuck>

Looking for triangle cichlids... in Macedonia! I'm interested to bay UARU AMPHIACANTHOIDES, but it's very difficult to find that kind of fish in my country stores. I'm from MACEDONIA. Can you help me with some addresses or contacts? Thank you for attention!! < In the US there are many cichlids that stores do not carry. They either don't think that they will sell or don't take the time to find them. So here a national cichlid club exists called the American Cichlid Association. Here members can find almost any cichlid that exists. I would recommend that you try and find any aquarium societies in your country. If that doesn't work then there is one guy in Canada I think can help you. He sends fish all over the world. His name is Oliver Lucanus and you can contact him at his web site at Belowwater.com. The South American fish he gets are awesome!!!-Chuck>

Uaru forum Hi, I have seen you post about Uaru and thought I would tell you about a Uaru forum. It would be great if you could join and share your knowledge it is new and free to read, but must (free) register to post. http://www.uaru-forum.com Rgds Dave Symonds <Thank you for this note. Will post on WetWebMedia. Bob F>

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