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FAQs on Algal Filtration: Installation

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Time, need for gear upgrade? Hi Bob, I have 45 Gal tank with 30lbs. of live rock, (1) starfish and (1) hermit crab. For Biological filtration I have SeaStorm 60, for chemical and regular filtration I have Aqua/ carbon and a sponge filter) running at 240 GPM and a heater. For a protein skimmer I have a Red Sea fish pHarm protein skimmer which takes only an airstone to run it. I am thinking about purchasing an Eco System for my tank to replace what I have now. Do you think I should replace what I have now or just upgrade some of the equipment? 10% water changes are being done every week to keep up with the good water quality. <Good question... in that it's tough to respond in a thorough, meaningful way... The Eco System (algae, mud, sump, light) filtration is sound, advisable, but what you have now is fine as well... I would likely "just" add the new refugium onto what you have now... and maybe pull some of it off as other places for it to be arose. Bob Fenner>

Re: Time, need for gear upgrade? Hey Bob I am guessing the new refugium you are referring to is a type of protein skimmer. Thanks for the quick response. <Hmm, no, refugium in reference to the sump used for the Eco System filtration itself... sorry for the confusion. Bob Fenner>

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