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FAQs about the Business of Livestock By Countries To/From

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In Hawaii:  Coral Fish Hawaii, 808-488-8801  Island Marine Exports 808-329-1898 www.kaiohi.com Mr. Fish at 808-334-0123 Yankee Divers 808-329-3125

Re: ppt audio track Bruce Carlson high tech high!     9/24/18
And Koko and I are back too. The video just this minute finished uploading to YouTube. Play through it and tell me if you want to make any changes:
There is a “gear” icon at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to set the resolution at 720P or 1080P.
<Just back from Ms. B's and I's long walk Bruce!
Incredible Bruce. Thank you so much. Will post on WWM, FB... w/ credit to you. BobF>

End of an era..
(Deb Smith)
<Mmm; so... no env. impact study, public input coming?
A shame; my usual question: "Who is served"?
See you and Walt next mo. in LV. B>

Hi Walt,
I’ve just received the following. Please go to page 61.
All the best,
John (Dawes)
http://digitalmag.petproductnews.com/petproductnews/august_2018?utm_source=ppn_digital&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PPN_Digital_201808&pg=60#pg60 >

You haven't heard the new part...
We have no words left, as this is such a mess. One road block after another, and they Dept Of Env keep changing the rules.
Now they want an EIA for every area, every year. And we have 5 areas.
Must send out for public review and now charge a bond per area 5k to 500k
Getting pretty dumb, as we can't even export from our coral farms..
<Ah yes... cheers (and no taki time). B>

Sea of Cortez Livestock.     7/11/17
Good Morning Crew,
<Hiya Myk>
I am looking for a good supplier of Sea of Cortez livestock that dives their own stock and was wondering if you would have a suggestions.
<Mmm; not familiar with anyone who is currently doing actually collecting in Baja; but do know where I would check. Call, contact Robert Macias at Quality Marine in Los Angeles and ask him if he knows. If not do the same with Carl Coloian at Sea Dwelling Creatures. You can look up these businesses email, phone numbers on the Net>
Thank you in advance for your time.
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Sea of Cortez Livestock.     7/11/17

Good Morning Bob,
Thank you very much for the contacts.
Have a great day!
<Ah, you as well. BobF>

Cook Islands; collectors in the trade      3/7/17
Hi Bob,
I had a quick question for you. First, I wanted to say that I read and enjoy the info on your website. I was wondering if there is anybody new at this time collecting/exporting on Cook Islands that you're aware of?
<Mmm; just Chip Boyle>
I know Chip Boyle does and has been the mainstay out there, but when I reached out to him back in October via e-mail, he replied and said he's rarely doing it anymore, and only shipping to Quality Marine, and then said he's getting old.
<This is my understanding as well>
That said, I was wondering if anybody else might be taking over the reigns out there?
<Not as far as I'm aware. I'd ask Chip Re>
I haven't seen Cook Islands fish appear anywhere for months, and was really hoping to find a few, and/or even
start up an import/export relationship.
<Well; Roratonga (the principal island) would be the only practical site... w/ ready/speedy international freight service... and there's not "much" in shallow (scuba depths) to collect that can't be gotten cheaper elsewhere...
Thanks for your time.
<Certainly welcome. Bob Fenner>

Good Day
<And you>
I wanted to notify you of a Fraudulent Company that had already made contact with you.
Aquarium Marine Fishes Sri Lanka, Scam run by Samantha Anto.
Please note that he is a Fraudulent seller. He sends pictures and Airport way bills till the money reflects in his account then he disappears. The Sri Lankan Authorities are looking for him.
<Hope gov't authorities catch him>
<Will post/archive on WWM to warn others. Would you mind if we posted your email address for contact?
Bob Fenner>

Exporting Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka fish       9/21/16
Dear Sir,
We are exporters of Marine and Fresh water live tropical fish for more than 20 years, operating in Sri Lanka.
<Ahh! I'd like to come out, visit, and FINALLY dive there... in the many places I've read Rodney Jonklaas, Arthur Clarke, Helmut Debelius.....>
Now we extended our business for import and re-export of Red Sea Fish and Maldives fish in view of expanding our
international "buyers network". To achieve our sales targets, we built good stock of Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka tropical marine fish and fresh water fish therefore we will be able to offer you attractive promotional discounts.
<I see>
At the same time we can guarantee almost "Nil DOA" because our modernized facilities in our aquarium along with our 20 years experience in packing for long destinations, and maintaining healthy sanitary aquarium. Please refer attached stock list with promotional prices, for you to enjoy the special offers such as, 20% discount for marine fish and 30% discount for, fresh water tropical fish. Also, we offer special net prices for large quantities.
<Good practices>
In order to see the condition of our fish, we propose you to start with a trial shipment. Please feel free inquire any further details of our company, international references as well as flight information to your destination etc.
<Am no longer active in the trade; but will post your letter and contact information for others on our website>
We are available for your service at any time because we are customer oriented company.
Aquarium Marine Fishes.
197/1, Padiri Pio Mawatha,
Thaladuwa, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tele: - 0094 31 2223512
Whatsapp:- 0094 77 4345752
E-mail:- <mailto:amfishes@eol.lk > amfishes@eol.lk
<Good fortune to you, Bob Fenner>
Re: Question from Facebook; crooked dealings in Sri Lanka     8/15/17

Dear Mr. Fenner,
<Hey Vik>
Two months ago I found new company for us from Sri Lanka on your site (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqbizsubwebindex/countrieslvstk.htm ). It was "Aquarium Marine Fishes" represented by the owner L A D A Samantha Appuhamy.
We agreed contract we paid for the animals on sum 2000+ dollars.
<In advance? I'd wire a credit... in advance of receiving animals, then authorize payment>
After payment this guy just disappeared. He doesn't answer calls and doesn't respond to e-mail. All documents are signed and approved. I can show all documents if you need.
<Ugh! I would write the department of fisheries and report this incidence, individual as well. I believe you>
Please place this information on your site. Maybe it will help for another customers.
<Will do so. Sorry for your troubles. Bob Fenner>
L A D A Samantha Appuhamy
Aquarium Marine Fishes.,
197/1 Padiri Pio Mawatha, Thaladuwa,
Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Tele:-0094 31 2223512
Mobile:-0094 77 3308380
Thank you.
2017-07-25 10:10 GMT+03:00 Viktoria Kotlyarova <sale@moryak.kiev.ua>:

Export from Costa Rica question   2/18/14
Hello, I want to know if you can help me with exporting live marine animals such as reef fish and inverts such as crabs and snails from Costa Rica to US?  I have a US fish and wild life permit and I am a preferred shipper with a few different airlines.  I can not seem to find the correct information about what paper work or Licenses I need to obtain from the Costa Rican Government.  Can you help point me in the right direction?
Tanner Young
Crystal Clear Aquariums
<Mmm; I'd contact Fisheries, Natural Resources agencies in CR re... or a friendly competitor whom might tell you how they do it. I've been involved in such licensing in Central America... Best to actually "be there", shaking peoples' hands, filling out forms; rather than distally trying to find out who to contact, what to do over the phone, or worse, mail. Bob Fenner>

Brazilian marine livestock supplier    4/3/12
Can you help me find a wholesale Brazilian marine livestock supplier.
Rocky Malloy
King Tropical
<Mmm, I'd go w/ the listings on OFI (or have to, as I've been out of this part of the trade for too long):
Bob Fenner>
Re: Brazilian marine livestock supplier  3/4/12

Thank you for getting back with me. The site you suggested doesn't show any marine suppliers.  My real question is, Does the Brazilian government still allow capture and export of marine fish?
<As far as I'm aware, there is some sort of moratorium going on there presently. BobF>

Reliable suppliers of red sea fish    10/2/11
Does anyone have a quality supplier of red sea fish?
<Mmm, how large a dealer are you?>
I am trying Aquamarine exports in Sri Lanka.
<... really?>
Shipment is to Minneapolis , MN. Fish will be in air 31 hours. I will get these on Oct 2.
A little nervous about mortality. They changed the number and varieties of the requested fish at the last minute of course after payment. Shipping 17 or 18 boxes for a large system.
<... again, who are you? What is your intended purpose in buying this livestock?>
Is the there a reliable supplier in Israel or Saudi Arabia?
Any good vendors from Australia for their reef fish? I tried this from Egypt about 20 years ago and had very high DOA rate.
Thanks for any info.
Lou Cosentino
<Are you a member of the OFI? Would you please send along a bit of info. re your enterprise? Bob Fenner, out helping WSI put up a new collecting station in Fiji>
Re: Reliable suppliers of red sea fish

I am a hobbyist with a 3000 gallon tank.
Have been collecting for 40 years. Started with a guppy Bowl in an apartment when I was 5 years old. System is all fish now. I am a semi retired Ph.D biomedical engineer and do all my own designs. System is mostly automated and computerized .quantities I bring in are large. I use RK2 24 skimmer with a fluidized bed about 10" diameter and both 10' tall.
<Knew Robert, just now Chris Krechter well... their fab. bus. is in N. San Diego... where I reside most of the year>
Sump is 500 gallons , with two Hayward northstar swimming pool pumps<I'd switch these out for Baldor/Sequence series... if you can get someone to order for you through Quality Marine... much quieter, more energy efficient>
recirculating at a max of 160 gpm and a Hayward 4 , 100 sq, ft cartridge filter. I just added two 75 gallon trickle filters. Am working on an 8 foot tall degassing filter tower for anaerobic phosphate removal.
<Would look into a DSB addition. You have way too much driven (forward reactions) nitrification here>
No sand or gravel except in fluidized bed. I currently use lanthanum chloride dosing (20-50 ml) every two weeks to keep Phos down.
<If all you have are non-photosynthates... you should be fine here>
Also use very large medical production 316l ss grade 6 bulb Uv sterilizer rated at 225 gpm in return line. All fish are under citrated copper sulphate at 0,15 ppm.
<Mmm, continuously? Not advised>
I feed mainly Zeigler salmon starter pellets through automatic feeders and supplement with frozen foods until fish are weaned from frozen. I have kept most fish including Moorish Idols, semilavartus etc, on this pellet diet for 8 years. They get really fat and grow like weeds. Tank was made by Reynolds polymer in 1993.
<A good co.>
It is 8' tall and 8' in diameter 1.5 " thick. Rainforest guys found me and based their system on my tank. It is on a separate footing 3' deep from the house and is one story up with one foot thick reinforced concrete walls.
The fish room is above it and has a 400 watt mhalide and dehumidification. We get in with a regulator and weight belt and power wash the fiberglass corals about once every couple of months.
<Have you seen Jim Stime's "Fish Guy" videos? He has a segment trying to do this from above/outside an install>
Phosphates are < .1 ppm, nitrate < 10 ppm. salt is brought into the house garage in pallets. They are dumped down chutes in the garage into 1200 gallon tanks and mixed. Then I can pump over to main system at 60 gpm. One problem I currently have is I suspect an undulated trigger is attacking and eating other residents.
<Might well be>
He will not take a baited hook and I need to remove or kill him. It is impossible to catch fish in this tank wit a net.
<May have to shoot it... with a pole spear... or drain the tank to get to>
They Hide at night. My long term goal is to get a stable population of fish which are parasite free and remove the copper.
<I would too>
Thought I had this after 6 months with no new additions but parasites came back and had some large losses trying hypo salinity . This does not work.
Copper does.
<Am an olde timer in the trade, hobby, sciences... and still a fan of Cu++>
After I get them stable and parasite free for a year I will experiment with live rock. Main problem is getting healthy, strong specimens that will adapt to tank life.
Hope this explains who I am and what I do.
Lou Cosentino, Ph.D.
<Mmm, well... your system is still too small to accommodate an LD 3/container size load/shipment. I'd make a deal w/ a local retailer... to piggy back yours w/ theirs from one of the better wholesalers (not transship, or try to buy direct from a collector outfit)... I mentioned Quality in passing. Also, I'd like to know if you measure RedOx... your UV may be producing considerable Ozone, but I'd do this directly, perhaps feed into your skimmer, maybe even the FB. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Reliable suppliers of red sea fish

Thanks for the reply. Skimmers work on sequence pumps which are a pain.
Seals go every year or two.
<Really? Strange; but thank you for this report>
Jacuzzi and Hayward's last for more than 5 years with no service. Running Large ozone generator in skimmer.
Uv has quartz sleeves & no ozone is produced. If you get to Minneapolis look me up.
Have enjoyed your columns and books for many years.
<Will do Lou. Thanks, BobF>
Re: Reliable suppliers of red sea fish    10/2/11

Forgot, RedOx is held to 405mv in closed loop feedback system with ozone generator.
<Ah, a good value>
<And you, B>

SPS, from "Nam", elsewhere in the area
Hi Crew,
There seems to a lot of new coral coming from Vietnam and I am interested in what type and color of the SPS they have in comparison to Australia, Bali and Indonesia?
<Haven't seen much of this myself... But likely will compare well w/ these other locations in selection, and hopefully quality in time. Vietnam's record on Tridacnids, Seahorses... has not proven good as yet. Bob Fenner>

New fish in store now!! 3/1/11
I am Ms. Hanh - Marketing Manager from Xanh Tuoi Aquarium in Vietnam.
We just have new marine and fresh water fish, coral and marine invertebrates coming today. They are very nice color and good health. I am sending you some pics, please see at the attached files. I hope you like them.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.*
Best regards,
Ms. Hanh / marketing manager
Xanh Tuoi Aquarium
Address: 121/4 Me Coc St, Ward 15, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
Tel: +848 39805093 or +848 39807160 Fax: +848 39807161
emails:* hanh@xanhtuoiaquarium.com
xanhtuoiaqua.hanh@gmail.com <xanhtuoiaqua.hanh@gmail.com>*
cell phone:+84909836717* 

Importer  1/10/11
Hi Crew,
I am looking for a source of marine livestock from Sri Lanka for our store.
<Mmm, I no longer know anyone there well enough... See a bunch of folks (dozens) every other year at Interzoo who collect and ship out of former Ceylon. Fresh, salt and fresh...>
We have used transship in the past, but our transship suppliers no longer get this location.
Do you know of a company in the US offering transship from Sri Lanka or can you recommend some Exporters in Sri Lanka?
Thank You
Mal Smith
Reef and Tails
Wyomissing, Pa
<My advice is to go through OFI's member list for Sri Lank Marine dealers...
Contact them for price lists, affidavits... and query folks in the trade you know/trust re their experiences w/ them. Bob Fenner> 
Re: Importer   1/11/11

Thank you.
<Welcome. BobF>

Indonesian collectors   10/14/10
Hey there, I own a wholesaler in Miami, Florida. Not sure if you remember me I have conversations with you every MACNA. I was planning a trip over to Indonesia to meet new potential suppliers and collectors as well as to see which would be better exporter of quality and ethically caught marine livestock. Do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best area to visit and perhaps point us in the right direction. It would be greatly appreciated. I plan to go for about 2 weeks and multiple places if necessary. Thanks again
Julio Hincapie
<Mmm, well Julio, the "players" change so often... I'd be remiss to list folks I even know/have known first hand. I'd use the OFI as a screening mechanism if you haven't been to the last few Interzoos, Aquaramas and met folks in person. Does this make sense to you?
Bob Fenner>
Global Oceanic Life

Greeting! Aquatic life supplier, Vietnam    1/11/10
Dear sir/ Madam,
<Ms. Binh>
The best wishes to you in new year.
<And you>
We are professional exporter and reputation. We are exporter of tropical fish, clams, soft corals, hard corals, invertebrates, marine, live rock...in Viet Nam.
We have about 1700 products. You can visit our website to collect.
Our product is not only cheapest price but also best quality.
If you have demand, please contact me via e-mail:
xanhtuoiexporter@gmail.com . I will send you our stock list.
I look forward to receiving your reply soon.
Best regards,
Ms Binh
<I don't know of your company, but will post your contact information for others reference. Bob Fenner> 

seahorse. Sourcing, 'Nam   1/8/10
Dear sirs,
<And madams>
First of all this is a fantastic site ! Congratulations of tons of info here.
<Welcome Antonio>
We are a marine ornamental aquaculture station located in Portugal and are currently working with some Hippocampus reidi to supply the market here.
Also we have read about some Vietnam seahorse farming and become interest in acquiring other species there to have a great variety to offer to distributors.
<Mmmm, my little experience with Vietnam suppliers of Seahorses (and Giant Clams) has proven negative. I urge caution here... folks in the trade have reported high rates of incidental mortality and disease issues>
Do you know any companies and contacts that can help us in making the connection with these farms ?
<Unfortunately I do not>
We have all the importers and strict EU requisitions, and understand fully the need of serious e-mails so no worries for us to send to you our credentials if needed.
<Ahh! I understand, and agree>
Also we are looking for Cultured Algae and clams /Tridacna if you know currently places selling these.
Best regards,
<Best to refer you to our scant coverage here:
the fifth tray down... the linked files on "Livestock". Bob Fenner>
Lusoreef, Marine ornamental species Lda

Re: seahorse. Whlse./Distr. sel. 1/9/10
Dear Bob,
Thank you very much for the reply !
I will try to look this link that you mentioned.
Kind regards,
<Please do; and relate your experiences in turn... I do find the Net a valuable tool in matching up "players", as well as a potent dissuader of "poor behavior" in the trade. Cheers, BobF> 

Gem Tangs & Aussie Corals! 11/22/09
Having trouble viewing this email?
Click here
Wholesale Coral & Fish
Aussie Price List To Follow
We are pleased to bring you the finest WHOLESALE aquarium livestock in the industry.
Our family owned and operated company guarantees you the best quality products and exceptional service. We continue to guarantee live arrival no matter what.
Even if the airlines delay or lose the package. This is just one small example of how committed we are to your success.
<We're not livestock or other dealers, but simply a free informational/reference service/archive. Bob Fenner>
Re: Gem Tangs & Aussie Corals!
Got it thanks sorry about that. Not sure how you got added :)
<Ahh, no worries mate! BobF>

Vietnam exporter  1/30/09 Hi, <Marie> I just want to know if you know these guys : xanhtuoi aquarium They are a fishes/corals exporter in Vietnam <Mmm, Xanh Tuoi is one of the older/more established Vietnam suppliers... though I've "heard" of a few "bumps" with aspects of size, quality of organisms from folks dealing with them, there has not been outright fraud... I want to greatly stress my usual warnings re folks getting involved in direct importation... This is NOT an everything-positive means of improving quality, supply at low price... But a trying, variable mix of experiences... requiring capital, knowledge, patience and often large losses and hassles. Best to transship, have others deal with freight, forwarding, customs, CITES...> I just want to know if you had hear things about them... good or bad Thank you very much! Marie <Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Australia corals  10/5/08 Dear Crew or Mr. Fenner, <Hallo> we are looking for a supplier of Australia corals. Do you know a big exporter of Catalaphyllia Blastomussa Plerogyra Euphyllia divisa Acanthastrea Duncanopsammia Lobophyllia???????????????? Many thanks for you reply. mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Bollmann AZB Meerwasser ph: +49 34652 670141 fax: +49 34652 670143 E-Mail: azb-meerwasser@gmx.de Internet: www.azb-meerwasser.de <Mmm, will post for others resp. directly to you, but am given to understand that there is a shortage of supply amongst the few Australian collectors in business... I would look to co-import with another German or close-country from the area to increase your order size, achieve savings in volume for fixed and relative costs here, maybe try searching for a supplier through the OFI (http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/members-directory). Bob Fenner>

Re: Australia corals 10/6/08 Dear Mr. Fenner, thanks for your reply. There should be a few exporters of corals, which supply to Germany, but I can't get any contact. Our import size of corals is between 400 and 700pcs, so I don't need to an co-import. <Agreed> The co-imports directly to the shops is competition enough and with co-import I'm to expensive. I though you could know some exporters. <Unfortunately, the few I'm familiar/friends with have no more inventory... No need for new customers> I already visited different trading boards, but no success. Thanks. <I concur with you. There is more demand than supply here. Bob Fenner> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Bollmann AZB Meerwasser ph: +49 34652 670141 fax: +49 34652 670143 E-Mail: azb-meerwasser@gmx.de Internet: www.azb-meerwasser.de

Re: Australia corals  10/6/08 Thanks for your reply. Maybe you hear something about an exporter of Australian corals and he could supply one more customer, so I hope you remember me and recommend me. <I don't know you to recommend you, but have posted and BCC'd your messages to folks in the trade re> We are a first class importer and don't need promotion for customers, like the exporters of Australia. I have enough customers and they get great animals from me. But I can't supply Australia corals at the moment! That is my problem. Nevertheless thanks for your time. best regards Sebastian <Understanzee. Bob Fenner> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Bollmann AZB Meerwasser ph: +49 34652 670141 fax: +49 34652 670143 E-Mail: azb-meerwasser@gmx.de Internet: www.azb-meerwasser.de

Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Hello, <Hi there> I have been running my Saltwater fish import business for about 1 1/2 years. <Congrats> Right now, I import strictly fish, and some inverts. I am looking for a reliable exporter of Red Sea fish, now that the main ones are shut down. Can you recommend anyone that is still shipping? I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. Michael Stern <I suggest you peruse and perhaps join the OFI: http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ Bob Fenner>

Re: Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Thank you for your reply. I am going to join OFI. However, they don't have any Red Sea countries on their site. I have spent a lot of time searching the web, your site, and OFI. No luck. Any specific recommendations? I would very much appreciate it. Michael Stern <Mmm, unfortunately I am not active in the field... so don't know who is in this area any longer... BUT I do encourage you to attend the CIPS get tog. in China in May and/or Interzoo in May of 08... and you will know much more... Bob Fenner, who will be at these> Re: Red Sea Exporters 9/26/07 Thanks anyway for your reply. If you know anyone who might have this information, and can pass on my contact information, I'd appreciate it. <Ah, good. Will do so here... and post on the Aq. Biz subweb. Cheers, BobF> Michael Stern Michael@NYAquatic.com 914-661-3128

Wholesalers in Miami    5/20/07 Bob, <Elsa> I've had my saltwater fish tank for about 10 years now. Absolutely love this hobby. My husband tells me I pay more attention to my fish and corals than I do to him. He's right!! Everyone that walks into my home goes directly to my tank and tells me how gorgeous it is. Anyway, I've just decided to be a stay at home mother and would love to start buying a selling coral. I'm working on getting my license and creating a name for my new venture. <Okay> I've bought many pieces of beautiful coral from this very nice lady which operates out of her home here in Miami. I know she goes and cherry picks her corals and brings them home. I don't want her to think that I'm trying to steal her business so I've been to shy to ask where she gets her coral from. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can go to buy coral in bulk for wholesale prices. <I would first try All Seas there in Miami... You can look up the address on the Net... Do just walk in, when you have your license... to fill out a resale permit card... Bob Fenner> Thanks Elsa

Looking for importer   5/2/07 CONFIDENCE MARINE AQUATIC AFRICA <confidence_marine@yahoo.com> We are one of  marine fish exporters located in West Africa. Our company established since 2006 with modeling. We specialize in marine fish, invertebrate, crab, shrimp, soft coral, anemone and live rock. We have been shipping to Japan, all part of U.S.A., Italy and China. We also guarantee our lowest price. <Really... are you a member of the OFI?>      Our fishes in our farm come from various sea water through Ghana , such as  Kpone, Nungo, Keta, cape cost that are known to have many kinds of ornamental fish with all kinds of shapes and colors.   customer satisfaction is our aim;      The quality of being certain of our   Abilities <Will post your msg., email addr... But urge caution with anyone dealing with unknown suppliers. Do you have a website? Bob Fenner> Caribbean marine fish supplier & Marshall Island Clam Supplier 04/22/07 Hi All We are a company of consolidators Based in the UK. We have been trying for quite some time to establish a good supplier of Caribbean Marine fish and inverts including Ricordia and Zooanthid's. Also a good supplier of all Species of Tridacna clams from a reputable source from the Marshall Islands. We are asked on a daily Basis by our customers for these supplies, But at this time we have been helpless to get the Specific item's in any great quantity to satisfy our customer's requirements. We do have a source for some of these items, But we are going through another Transhipper in the US and at this time only get small quantities of the Caribbean Fish and inverts. With very small amounts of Ricordia and Zooanthids.  No'where near the amounts that are customers require. Your help on Both these subjects would most certainly be appreciated.  I thank you for your time and are hopeful that you can guide me in the right direction. Regards Barry Swales.    MD. BK. Aquatics. England.

Mexico Fish Exporter    4/23/07 Hi am looking for a Marine fish exporter that is located in Mexico. If you know of any please let me know. I am mainly looking to have fish collocated out of the gulf of California or the Costal Pacific. Thanks Sean <Mmm... for? Where are you located? Are you a legitimate wholesaler? Do you have a holding facility of capacity? About how many cans a month, year are you intending to bring in? What sort of species mix? Do you have references? Don't want to waste your time, mine or friends in the trade by referral if you're not ready/real. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mexico Fish Exporter   4/23/07 Bob, I am mainly a broker that sells fish directly after importation. I do   have holding facilities though that contain somewhere around 10000  gallons. I generally bring in somewhere around 25 boxes of fish per week.  Or around a can and a half. I am located out of Toledo Ohio. Right now I am  dealing with several exporters from different regions of the world. Some of  these exporters are Aquascapes in the Philippines, Fish Packer in  Maldives,  Water Life Exporters Ltd in Fiji, and Issham Aquatics located in  Saudi Arabia. I generally try to  order form each once a month. <Ahh, you are indeed a "legitimate" player> If  interested I can supply you with names of aquarium stores I supply  weekly. <I understand> As fare as the spices diversity I am looking to order would go. Puffers  (Gold & Sapo), Rays (Brown/Yellow), Smooth hound sharks, Squirrel  fish (Short Big eyes), Spade fish, Pork fish, Margarita Snails, Green Sea  Hare, Red Blenny, Cortez angles, Passer angels and more. I already know of 2  exporters in Mexico. (A Zoo) and (Aquatics a.g.m) neither of the 2  I have any references for. What I am looking for is names  of other exporters that you or others have had success with in the past.  Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for you time Sean Stalter <Thank you for this follow-up Sean... I was hoping to simply refer you to someone you might piggy-back a can with... Do you have good relations with the Cohen bro.s of Sea Dwelling Creatures? Leonard Fred Ong/UWW? Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone currently in/out of Mexico period (whether good or not known well enough to promote) that might be able to supply you directly here. Bob Fenner> Saltwater Connection

Re: Mexico Fish Exporter   4/23/07 I do know of both SDC and UWWE. But unfortunately not well enough to order   with them. I will let you know what happens if I order for either A Zoo or   Aquatics a.g.m. <I appreciate this. And will gladly introduce you, your company to EricC, FredO if you would like. They are fine people, good companies to know, be involved with. Bob Fenner> Thanks Again Sean Stalter      Saltwater Connections

Clam, fish, Vietnam?   - 4/7/07 Hello sir, We are exporter marine fish, clam, anemone, coral, fresh water fish... We have been doing business over 15 years, so we have much experience on packing, selecting... If you like our products, pls don't hesitate to contact us Best regards John -- You can contact us: freshblueco@yahoo.com <We don't sell, distribute livestock... but will post your note, email address. Bob Fenner>  

Hawaii Fish   1/19/07 Aloha, We operate a marine fish export company in Hawaii.  It is a family owned business -- our goal is not to be the largest wholesale company but, instead, to offer better quality and variety than is the norm. <Ahh... a worthy goal> With the recent addition of closed circuit rebreathers to our dive locker, <Inspiration... very nice> we have been able to consistently collect some of the deeper water specimens like flame wrasses, crosshatch triggers and banded angels.  In the future we hope to make forays into the real deep water (350+).  We are always looking to expand our customer base.  If you know of any wholesale companies or pet stores that might be interested in another distributor of Hawaiian fish, please let us know. Mahalo, Rufus Kimura www.kaiohi.com <Am surprised our paths have not crossed (or have they?). We no doubt know many of the same folks (the trop. assoc. and not) here in HI, as well as the principal players in the marine livestock whlse. trade... You have contacted the "usual suspects" in LA... TMC and Underworld in the UK? Will post your note and URL on WWM... Please make it known if I may be of other service. Bob Fenner>
Re: Hawaii Fish   1/20/07 Thank you Mr. Fenner for your time. <Just Bob please> You're right, we know the local exporters that you recommend, Island Marine, Coral fish, etc. <Ahh, some fine folks... I do hope/trust Randy Fernley/Furry Slippers is still in "the life"> We also do business with a few of the 104th street guys, a number of larger pet stores and some international.  Our main concern though, it to broaden our customer base as much as possible so that we don't overburden any specific region with too many rare fish thus forcing them to lower their prices. <A good idea>   We do not want to flood the market with deepwater fish as that would counterproductive.   <Agreed> In the near future we plan on doing deepwater collecting expeditions to the South Pacific and possibly Japan. <Did you catch any of the reports of Forrest Young's group (Dynasty) doing mixed gas collecting off of Manado... in Bunaken... Shades of Richard Pyle's early efforts!> If we come across anything extra cool I'll be sure to e-mail you a picture. <Ahh! Thank you. This will serve to keep potential buyers at all levels interested... and aware of your presence>   I've attached a picture of what we think is a Crosshatch/Bluethroat Hybrid.  I don't think it is a crosshatch female undergoing a sex change to a male as those usually look different.  Please let me know what you think. Aloha, Rufus Kimura www.kaiohi.com <Interesting indeed... Have you shown this to Dr. Randall (at the Bishop Museum?)... I have many fond memories of Xanthichthys (mostly mento) in and about the Islas Revillagigedos decades back, collecting in Mexican waters when this was allowed. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Red Sea salt water fish   1/11/07 Dear Sir , Madam please allow me to introduce us , we are Red Sea Marine Life we are from the major suppliers here in Egypt for salt water fish like ( imperator, asfur, fridmani and semilarvatus ) we can supply you any quantity in good prices too and any kind of fish in Red Sea . we also deal in sea food products ( sea cucumber and octopus ) we can also supply any quantity in good prices . we are looking forward to long term business relation , so if you are interested in our offer and want to co-operate with us please replay us : Email : a7md_sa3d80@hotmail.com         : redseamarinelife@alibaba.com         : asaesag@yahoo.com mobli number : 0020127898327 fax number    : 002035051767 thank you best regards . Ahmed Saad Marketing Manager <We'll post your message on our business subweb. Bob Fenner>

Hi From Fiji (and link to ad) Dear Mr. Fenner, We have a company in Fiji that has been exporting Live rock , Coral ,and Fish, sometimes all, or individually, for the last 10 years, we are quite small, and often go unnoticed, and our competitors are quite visible!. <Hee hee! Good way of putting this... some are indeed very large in size and ego!> I have seen your Wet Web Media and find it quite interesting, and I have seen and heard your name quite often, so I decided to write to you, I am not sure if you would like to know about us, just in case our website is, www.waterlifefiji.com, ( if you click on it I think it will take you there, I hope), if there is anything I can contribute to, please let me know, hope to hear from you Thanks Peter Savona Waterlife Exporters (Fiji) Limited PH(679)9930001 <Will gladly post your note and add your URL to the marine/reef links pages. In turn, do make it known if we may be of assistance... mainly in the realms of social introductions to individuals, business in the trade, content... And I hope to "run into" you, perhaps write up an article on you, your endeavors on a trip out to Fiji (I make it out there once, twice a year). Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Hi From Fiji Dear Mr. Fenner, Thank you for your kind words and support, and for such a prompt reply, sometimes I get the feeling of an orphan!. I am originally from Malta, in the Mediterranean, I have been keeping freshies since I was 10, and when I migrated to Australia I got seriously into marines, it was actually a spearfishing accident, I shot a small bottom dwelling shark and when I started to clean it up, 10 pups with egg sacs popped out, so I quickly tired to setup a tank, of course not knowing anything about nitrifiers etc, LOL, from there, to trickle filters coral and so on. <Ahhh, a quintessential experience> Somehow some years later, by which time I was a telephone linesman by trade, I landed a job as an aquarist at the Underwaterworld at Manly's in Sydney, I was lucky to have a Boss that was a walking encyclopedia, Chris Warner, and I learnt so much stuff from him, about a year later I also worked under him again at the Mooloolaba Underwaterworld in Queensland for another 6 months, an even more interesting setup. <Another fortunate series of incidents> Since 1990 I got involved with Waterlife Exporters (Fiji) Ltd, becoming the second eldest company in our industry in Fiji, the first is Tony Nahacky of Aquarium Fish, another extremely knowledgeable man, with incredible diving and collecting ability, I then resided in Fiji permanently since 1992, and now am the principal owner of Waterlife. <Tony is indeed an amazing individual, and a tremendous asset to the trade> I'll be honest I came here to catch fish, but since Ocean 2000/SDC and WSI, it became necessary to export Live rock and Coral or simply not survive, there was also the Segrest's for some time with Tropical Fish (Fiji) Ltd which went out of business, their Phillipino divers did terrible damage to our fishing area, fortunately the reef has incredible ability to recover. <Am familiar with these folks, troubles... am surprised you and I have yet to meet> For some time I depended solely on live rock and dealt with a Mike Phalen, of Aqua Direct, he is what I think they call a "jobber", ( i don't know if that is  a good or bad term in the USA, so forgive my ignorance), i.e. he has no facility etc. Unfortunately he still owes us US$34,000.00, this nearly wiped me out, but somehow we survived. <I... will make inquiries re this... It is my desire that the trade be rigorous in its dealings... and I do not condone thievery> We have a 7000 sq foot building with three separate systems, fish coral and live rock, and we used to ship 4.5 tonnes of live rock into LA for 4 or 5 years, and not to boast were told it was the best rock around, now unfortunately the price war with my big competitors is so ferocious, and they have counterpart facility's in LA that support them, I don't, and still have to freelance for buyers, and after being bitten three times in the US, I now require pre payment, and I can't get a foot into LA!!. <I am a huge fan of Fiji rock (and Fijians)... as you will find from my writings. And I can see from your website that you employ similar excellent practices in your dealings with local people, techniques of cleaning, curing. The LR product from Fiji is largely responsible for the growth, size of the hobby worldwide...> I'm sure you must also know how complicated life has become for us with CITES, and the new quota system, between you and I, it is really arbitrary, and it is really hurting. <I agree... had a short conversation with Dieter Brockmann vis a vis Kirby's involvement in a writing project and the "evolution" of this bit of "law"... unserving to anyone> The only consolation I have is that I brought in a consultant from Australia 3 weeks ago, his name is Paul Hough, I think he has Dr in front, he was responsible for the Great barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville, and he also agrees that CITES is being rather heavy handed . <We might start a club...> We are kind of struggling a bit, I have been trying to sent up an ocean based coral farm, we have already spent around US$15,000.00 on it, but somebody tried sabotage it, ( you guessed it, a competitor), it is a pity really because it is for better sustainability, and a good education tool, specially since we are located in Suva, the capital. we will try to get it going again once finances permit. Although I know that propagation is a buzz word, but I really am interested in it. I am actively looking around for funding, and yes if you happen to know anybody or organization to apply to please let me know, I do need the help, and would be thankful for any advice. <Kudos to you and your company for seeing into the future> If you do happen to come to Fiji, please do let me know, it would be wonderful to meet you, Thanks again Peter www.waterlifefiji.com <Will do indeed. Thank you for sharing your insights, experiences. I look forward to our meeting and chatting further. Bob Fenner>

Re: Japanese Distributor cheers Victor/Bob I/we do know of a fab fish seller in Japan: Koji Wada at: http:// www.blueharbor.co.jp he sells the big $ fishies too... Kingii and boylei angels, etc. lately has been doing a lot of retail though. FWIW :) Anthony

HI livestock sources Thanks Bob <Welcome> I once had a male Bellus with a similar problem, but after 3 weeks it disappeared ( the illness, not the fish)   Wasn't too worried as I get them locally at 3 bucks each. <Cha-heep! Sometimes these encysted worms do just dissolve> BTW   I used to get great service from Yankee Divers, but Ken has sold up now.   I am now looking for a really high quality supplier who can provide 50 box shipments at least once a month.  My shipments are not just for Yellows and Flames, I always need Griffiths, Goldflake, Tinkers, Declivis, Black Tangs, Bandits etc <You might try Randy Fernley at Coral Fish Hawaii on O'ahu. Bob Fenner> regards JD

HI sources Hi Bob <JD> Did the search, but didn't come up with the number. Came up with 3 other numbers, one is Yankee Divers with whom I had great shipments every 2 weeks until he sold up recently.  Steve/Mr. Fish phone keeps going to answer phone....am waiting for some details from Island Marine. <Keep trying him... great fish> Would still like to get hold of Randy, as he is mentioned so often on your site. <Sorry re... I was out for biz this AM and did look up his/CFH number in an O'ahu directory: 808-488-4401> Will you be at Aquarama in Singapore at the end of next month?? <Yes... we're planning on just the two non-public days to attend, the 26, 27... and I think staying out on Sentosa Island. Hope to see you there. BobF>

Hawaii fish exporter   4/10/06 Greetings, <And salutations> I am writing to ask if you could possibly recommend a reliable exporter of marine fishes from Hawaii. We would be very grateful for your help. <I would contact Randy Fernley of Coral Fish Hawai'i here... I know him to be honest and competent. There are others: http://wetwebmedia.com/hifwgfaqs.htm> Thank you and Best wishes, Myra Ohara Marine reef sea creatures jpn. 0262955567 <Bob Fenner>

Wholesaler seeking info. re Sri Lanka supplier/s  5/11/06 Hello Crew, I am a new owner/partner of an aquarium store and was wondering if any of you august personages have done business with or heard about a wholesaler based in Sri Lanka named Wet Pet International?  The name of the contact person is Shan J. Meemanage.  Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Eric Fishy Inc Bay Shore, NY <Mmm, they "come and they go"... am sending this msg. off to Anthony Calfo, who is on his way thereabouts for a consultancy job in the trade, in the hope/s that he will know more of this outfit currently. BobF>

New Marine Supplier/Aquaculture from Ecuador hello Bob. my name is Jaime Saavedra from Salinas/ Ecuador in the middle of sud America and I been working in shrimp hatcheries for more than 10 years. the shrimp business here are very bad. and now I also working with salt and fresh water fish. now I finish my very first catalog of reef fishes in Ecuadorian coast. a few years ago I been in Omaha aquarium in a intershipment. and I think I have a lot of interesting species a of fishes. mollusks and crustaceans. if you want more information please mail me. thank for your time a sorry for my ingles Jaime E Saavedra <Please do send along a listing of what you have. I will in turn distribute it among my friends, associates in the trade. Nos vemos, Bob Fenner>

New York (by way of Johannesburg) Bobster... I've been chatting with some nice folks starting a coral farm in South Africa. <Interesting... have met quite a few good people from this part of the world... and seems like, given their location, the make-up (socio-economic) of the populace, interests, location to resources... that this is soon to be a booming part of the trade there. You should chat with Pete (will cc him here), as he lived in Swaziland for fifteen years> They are looking to send livestock to the US but are having difficulties of course with transit time. <Yes.> They have already shipped to ERI and are doing fine I hear with fishes but not as well with coral. <... we can help them... by offering information on shipping techniques... perhaps sourcing some of the gear for same if they don't have such... Will cc some other people in the trade asking that they contact them if you'll send along their e-address/es> The goal is to find somebody closer like New York perhaps. He has made contact with a transhipper in NY but my advice to him is to find a large wholesaler that will tank the product of course for at least a few days before resending. By his estimate it takes an average of 31 hours to get his product to New York. Redox (maybe :p) from a transhipper and a push just would be bad. Can you recommend any big wholesalers in NY that we can pass along to him (his name is Adi from Coral Farm LTD). <Not at this time... unfortunately I just don't know anyone there well enough to make this connection> I guess I have only know NY for mostly freshwater fishes (SA transshipped goods... some marine Red Sea product, not much else marine save for a trickle of East Africa eh?) Thoughts bud? <Will broadcast to the trade... ask for their input. Bob F> Anthony

Looking for collectors located on Kona, also Costa Rica Hi Bob, I've got a small marine fish importing company here in Vancouver. I'm looking for collectors both on Kona, and a source of net-caught fish in Costa Rica. Can you help me? Thanks in Advance <Mmm, yes... May I ask for something in the way of trade references? Some sort of Nimzo-Indian Handshake to make it known you're who you say you are? Do you know anyone in the trop. association in HI? If not, I encourage you to deal through Randy Fernley of Coral Fish Hawai'i in O'ahu... he moves the boxes around for many outbound shipments... Can you, your biz make sense out of whole can (LD3) shipments? Any way, I will try to assist you if I can. Bob Fenner> Doug

Re: Looking for collectors located on Kona, also Costa Rica Attending Aquarama hadn't crossed my mind. I've been too busy with starting up that I haven't even considered it.  <... how to put this... the building of person to person relationships in our trade is as crucial as having a good holding system... If you're not an "A" player, receiving good livestock, service, aiding the ends of your collectors/suppliers, there's no sense being in business period... Put negatively: You know there are non "A" players in the supply side... and if you're getting junk from them, you won't survive... Go out and meet, engage the folks you are absolutely dependent on.> I will probably give it consideration a little bit down the road but for now I've got to concentrate on what's at hand. I'm sure the visit would pay for itself no problem, but it's like you said - will it be feasible. I'll touch bases with you when I've got things figured out. Hopefully then I'll be able to catch up with you. <Looking forward to it. Bob Fenner> Thanks again Doug

Re: Looking for collectors located on Kona, also Costa Rica Hi Robert, that sure was quick. <Am sort of like Vaudeville...> That's a legit request. I've been out of the biz for 4 or 5 years now. We used to buy small quantities (around 20 boxes a shot) from Alice when she used to own Kamlibase (we used to do business under the name Ocean Blue Aquatics). My father wants to import into Toronto so filling a can should be feasible. Used to purchase only net-caught fish in the Philippines from Ramonet at Brem, Guia at H.D. Aquapets and am now in the process of setting up with Marivi at Aquarium Habitat. We used to be the largest marine fish importer west of Toronto (we didn't approach eastern Canada due to a lack of space), we were still very small potatoes if you compare us to the majority of U.S. companies. <Yes... and a concern (of mine and yours)... will it do to co-op/piggyback cans with somebody there in the meanwhile? Can you make it on partial cans?> If you want to hear from some of my customers let me know, I'll have to get some e-mail addresses from them first. I think if you e-mail Steve Robinson he will attest to us conversing via e-mail for the last month or so regarding what he's up to next, that's the best I can do for now. Other than that I won't be able to give you recent references until a month or so, after I've done a few shipments out of the Philippines or Cuba. <Not necessary... you are in the trade... Am guarded re helping folks "get into trouble"... and the trade has changed (not much for the better) in the intervening years you've been out... margins are smaller, gov't and freight costs higher...> Let me know, <Do you have some idea of volume, the types of organisms you'd like to distribute? Current wholesale pricing thereabouts? I would like to discuss the very real possibility of your easing back into the trade as a "jobber"... maybe selling livestock sent up just from Los Angeles... that hails from most everywhere... Is this something we should chat-up? Bob F> Thanks Doug McConkey Quality Handcaughts, Vancouver

Re: Looking for collectors located on Kona, also Costa Rica How can you tell I'm sending e-mails in the middle of the night.  <The "tag line" contains this info.> My competitor is not doing a container at a time since international flights into Vancouver don't do containers. I've got to do 50 boxes (1000kg) to be competitive on Indonesian coral and rock.  <Yes> Any suggestions as to who I could do business with out of Indo? lots to chose from and the one suggested to me a few years bag isn't taking anymore customers. <Again, I wish I knew you better, your tolerance for dealing with... troubles, inconsistency... have you been to Indo.? DO you have time to come along with us before/after and during Aquarama (in May, Singapore)? Most everyone will be there whom you want to make acquaintance... and maybe side-visit... to see first-hand what they have to offer. Bob F> thanks again Doug

Re: Looking for collectors located on Kona, also Costa Rica Thanks again for the quick response. Jobbing isn't really an option for me. I'll be able to import directly from country of origin in most cases with the exception of Indonesia. We're doing our best to import net-caught only, and frankly if I dealt through a company in L.A. would I be sent net-caught stuff only?  <Mmm, you're right here... really impossible to tell... some folks it would likely be close/better than 90%... don't know if you've followed the MAC tax-the-trade scheme (still in regress)...> Highly doubt it with all the mixing of shipments and the fact that the big guys can hardly be bothered with the poor selection coming from the small net-catching companies in the Philippines. <Bingo> I can be competitive in most cases here in Canada for 2 reasons, the first being there is only 2 guys in Canada doing enough volume to fill a can (one does cans out of Hawaii, the other guy from Indo). Also, like I said before my father will be setting up in Toronto where we can take advantage of our size. The way it has been working here in Canada is the wholesalers in Western Canada sell to Western Canada, and in Eastern Canada the same thing. I could very well only order 100kg amounts from Australia, Hawaii, Philippines, and the Caribbean and still be competitive in both Toronto and Vancouver. Realistically I think we'd be doing 250kg to 500kg of Philippines every 2-3 weeks, Caribbean 250-500 a month, Hawaii 20 boxes to a can a month, Australia as well but down the road when I've been established a bit. I'd love to do both rock and cites stuff out of Indonesia but I've got to make sure I'm able to do a can. <Well-stated> Can you give me a ballpark on some yellows if I'm filling a can? I'll check into the freight end of things here. Even at 100kg I only pay 60 cents a pound (Canadian). Out of Hawaii it's the fish that make up the bulk of my cost. <Hope you're sitting down... no longer 1-1.25 in 500 lots (U.S.)... more like 2.75-3.00 FOB per...! Landed? A buck and more each plus!> Any word on a Costa Rican exporter? <I have emailed associates in the trade (with your notes) asking for their response... am sure you have a sense of the appropriateness of this protocol. If they want to engage you, they will likely respond directly. Bob Fenner> By the way, thanks for the help <Glad to be of assistance... I will keep thinking about you> Doug Quality Handcaughts, Vancouver

Chip Boyle- Cook Islands Dear Bob, <Hello>    My name is Kerrie Jefferson of Aquatic Fish Imports in Australia.  We are Importers/wholesalers and I am trying establish a contact in the Cook Islands.  I have been reading about Chip Boyle and I believe you may know how to contact him.  I understand that you cannot pass on his contact details, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on mine to him and hopefully he may contact myself. <I don't mind, and will send your info. to Chip... up to him to respond. Their facility is nice, but the operation is of the size that they rarely have "excess stock".>   We have our own quarantine facilities and are approved by AQIS.   Company Details: Aquatic Fish Imports 109 Salamander Way SALAMANDER BAY   NSW  2317 PH  61249820032 FAX   61249846193 e-mail:   kerriej@nelsonbay.com Any assistance you may be able to provide would be great. Thank you in advance Kerrie Jefferson Aquatic Fish Imports <Happy to do my part. Do you have specific needs, requests? Do you mind if I send your msg. around? Bob Fenner>

Contact (marine livestock supplier in the Philippines) Dear Mr. Fenner, <Hello Thomas> I called you up a few weeks ago when you were in Indonesia. <Ahh, and now just back in from another trip... but home for awhile> My name is Thomas Heeger and I work for FaunaMarin, a recently established export company for marine ornamentals in the Philippines. Our specialization is on Invertebrates (unfortunately no corals, because export is banned in the Philippines!) and we now seek contact to an importer of marine ornamentals. Attached is a cover letter and our pricelist for the retailer. An importer discount may still be negotiated. Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to hear from you. Best fishes, Thomas Heeger <Is it okay to post your email and address in our business subweb? Bob Fenner>
Re: contact Hi Robert, thanks for fast response. You seem to travel a lot, do you? <Yes. 3-4 months out of the year... Have been to Cebu (Lapu Lapu City down to Bohol)...> Yes, its certainly ok to place the email in your subweb. Actually, we seek contact to an wholesale importer of marine ornamentals. Can you please help? <Yes. Have placed in our Dailies: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/daily_faqs.htm and will move later today to the "business subweb" on our site under "livestock"> Next time you stop by the Philippines, give me a call please. Tom
FaunaMarin Cebu, Philippines Nov. 8, 2002 Dear Client, We are a newly established export facility located in Cebu Island, Philippines, certified according to the Standards of the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC). The supervisor staff are marine biologists with extensive experience in handling and transporting of organisms. Our facility is just right at the sea and operates an open system, where fish and invertebrates have natural sea water quality to maintain best possible health. We do not keep stock of organisms. All fish and invertebrates are only caught by our trained collectors following the orders from clients. We pick up the organisms with a 20m boat that is fully equipped with a flow through system. Only organisms that pass our strict requirements are prepared for shipment. According to the order the organisms are screened, packed with medical grade oxygen and transported to the client with responsible airlines on the shortest possible flight connections. We are specialized on invertebrates to complement your healthy reef tank system. Please find enclosed our recent price list of available organisms and feel free to contact us through email or phone for further details. Sincerely, Dr. Thomas Heeger FaunaMarin Email: happy_fishes_inverts@yahoo.com Phone: 0063 916 3673221 Enclosure: Organism list FaunaMarin
Referral Dear Bob, Any referral would be nice. Preferably somebody at the US West Coast (cuts down flight time!) and with your experience and abilities. Should be an importer who handles quantities and not a retailer. Thank you very much for your kind offer to help. Best fishes, Thomas <Very well. Am broadcasting your mail to friends in this capacity in the trade here. Hopefully they will contact you directly. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

DULIMENT  TROPICAL  FISH  FARM Live Edible and Ornamental Fish Tel               +94 77 7950079                                                273/1, Pitipana South, Fax               +94 31 35041                                                   Negombo, Email            wsdvf@hotmail.com                                        Sri Lanka. Dear Sir, I'm happy to introduced you by through the internet. I'm exporting live ornamental fish some other country. I would like to do business with you also. I can supply you ornamental, aquarium marine (sea water) fish. And sea foods also. (prawns, crabs and frozen fish.) I hope to visit trade fare for aquarium fish in Canada in future. I wish to offer you further short period time you will make action. I sincerely hope that your good reply as soon as possible. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, S. J. R. Mirando <Thank you for your email. I will post your company name and email on our business subweb. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

Referrals (Planning on new LFS in Singapore) Hi guys I am looking at setting up a marine fish shop in Singapore, SE Asia.  I am currently looking into the logistics and such, meaning  I am looking for suppliers of livestock and some dry goods and am hoping that you may be able to refer me to some good fellas in the trade, preferably located near my place.  Much as I wish to, $$$ say I cannot ship everything, especially common Indo-Pac. livestock, from US.   Here are what I need: 1.  Suppliers of marine fish, invertebrates and soft corals common to indo-pacific regions, meaning they need to be sited in the SE Asia themselves.  I am concerned with the use of cyanide, and understand that its use is still wide-spread in Indonesia.  Some exporters in Philippines, to my understanding are claiming net caught, cyn-free fishes, but I thought it will be nice if you know someone close ...... <We do> 2.  Suppliers of marine salt mix in bulk.  I understand that coral life and Kent marine already have local "sole" distributors. 3.  Suppliers of SeaLife from Atlantic, such as emerald crabs, peppermint shrimps.  Hopefully someone from Hawaii so that I can order these occasionally along with Hawaii net caught fishes. If it is not convenient for you to furnish their details, I will appreciate it if you can give them mine: Email: lamcy@i2r.a-star.edu.sg contact number: +65-98582018 Many thanks in advance, Edwin <Will circulate your list around... I suggest you work out all the other aspects of this planned venture (location, finance, personnel, set-up... and let the stock aspects take a back-seat to your plans for now... And do plan on attending Aquarama (.com) in early May in SG. We will be there (as visitors) and most all suppliers you want too! Bob Fenner> Re: Referrals <Will circulate your list around... I suggest you work out all the other aspects of this planned venture (location, finance, personnel, set-up... > Have done these, in fact I am negotiating the rental deal on a particular place right now.  $$$ are raised, though as usual there are never enough of them LOL.  I also have talked with the guys from WS.  Am also starting to clear a path through all the government bureaucracy to get licenses and stuff.  Once things are more firmed up, which will be only around late Feb, I will probably draw up the setup plans to seek your opinion/advice. <and let the stock aspects take a back-seat to your plans for now... And do plan on attending Aquarama (.com) in early May in SG. We will be there (as visitors) and most all suppliers you want too! Bob Fenner>                      Aquarama is in late May, dear :) <Yikes I sit corrected... the 29 till the first of June!>   I will definitely be there, was there for the last few times......  and if I can have to honor to meet you and your guys (esp. Anthony, he taught me a lot), and maybe show you around, I will be most glad to. <We'll be there. Please make it known if not enough people respond to you for your desires. Will cast my net further. Bob Fenner> Best Regards and a million thanks, Edwin

New Retail outlet in SG Hi everyone <Edwin, meet Perry, Perry, Edwin. You both live in SG> I have a friend working for an exporter in Singapore. I think they bring in stuff from Indonesia and if I am not wrong from Brazil as well. <Ah yes> I was supposed to visit this set up long time ago and I guess I might as well bring Edwin along. just came back from a dive trip to Bali and Manado so I won't get an off day until sometime next week. Call me on my mobile 9636 9650. Perry <Be chatting, seeing you Per. Where do you want to go diving ahead, after Aquarama this time? Bob Fenner>

Sri Lanka Fishes Hi Bob n gang, I am a new fish trader in Malaysia.  I am buying some marine fishes for my company and I was wondering what is the quality of Sri Lankan fishes like, compared to Philippines and Indonesia?  The Sri Lankan fishes seem to be priced slightly higher than Indo-Philippines, and I was hoping that they are better conditioned. <The most experience I have with marine livestock from Sri Lanka is second hand and from visiting with folks in the trade from there at the Interzoo shows. IMO there are good to not so good businesses in both countries. I would judge that more good companies are in Sri Lanka however> Also, any idea of cyanide usage in harvesting fishes in Sri Lanka? <Not as far as I've ever heard.> I hope that you are able to lend me some of your experience. Thanks John <Do share your experiences when you've bought in a few shipments. Bob Fenner>

Import of Ornamental fish Dear Bob,   It was great joy reading yr forum and I realized that I need to write to you regarding about importing of ornamental fishes.  I hope that with your contacts in this industry, you can help me with the following; I need contacts for reliable exporters from Hawaii and brazil, also any exporters that export corals with cites to Singapore? I tried to contact Wayne Ocean World from Hawaii recently but to no avail. There phone no and fax seems to be terminated and there was no reply from the email.  Hope you could help me out on this one. With appreciation, Yeow. <Might I ask a bit about your business? Are you a retailer? A jobber of sorts, or a wholesale distributor of marine livestock? About how much volume do you do, enough to warrant an LD3? Can/do you co-opt shipments with anyone in Sing currently? Bob Fenner who will be there on Tuesday>

From selling fish to selling a lifestyle by Alexis Hooi  AS THE world's top exporter of ornamental fish, it takes just one day for Singapore dealers to deliver their products to any one of 80 countries. But Singapore's exporters, who have a 24 per cent share of the world market worth $300 million annually, are not taking it easy. They aim to increase this share and a new business group has been formed, bringing together exporters, government agencies and university researchers. Initiated by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), the Ornamental Fish Business Cluster Group is chaired by Mr. Kenny Yap, 38, managing director of a major player, Qian Hu Corporation. Its 15 other members include International Enterprise Singapore, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Spring Singapore. Speaking at the opening of the four-day ornamental fish and aquarium accessories show, or Aquarama 2003, at the Singapore Expo yesterday, Minister of State for National Development and Trade and Industry Vivian Balakrishnan said businesses need to be proactive and not leave things to market forces alone. 'The industry must do more than just sell the fish, plants, tanks and accessories. It must sell a lifestyle.' That is exactly what the group proposes to do. It is currently looking into all aspects of the industry, said vice-chairman Ling Kai Huat, 50. Apart from technologies to improve the harvesting and packaging of fish, breeding, fish-health management and water-quality control will also be studied. There are also plans to develop more extensive certification programmes to train those in the business. Dr Ling, who is also head of AVA's Aquaculture Services Centre, said: 'Our main role is to reinforce Singapore as the top ornamental fish exporter of the world. We want to build the Singapore brand in this area.' Mr. Yap added: 'The ideal situation is to bring people to an environment where they can experience the activity and learn from there. Hopefully we can have an academy of ornamental fish, or something close to that.'  IP Address: message was forwarded to you from Straits Times Interactive (http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg

Making Connections in South Africa Hi Bob,  <Shaun>  Well greetings from Sunny South Africa!!  <Salutations from Hawai'i>  Bob I am looking for your assistance, I am an importer of marine livestock in SA, I am based in Durban.  <We have a good friend who has lived with us a dozen years who lived for fifteen in Swaziland>  I import from most countries, but find it hard to get from the countries that you guys in the states are able to get stock from like Fiji, Tonga and  a lot of the South pacific islands.  <Perhaps the airlines are a factor...?>  Countries we have good connections with are the Asia countries like Singapore and Indonesia, Philippines and therefore have suppliers there.  <I see>  Matt Silvester, suggested that you would be able to assist with some additional suppliers details in countries like Vietnam, Thailand etc.  <Okay>  If you know of any suppliers please can you drop me a line  Regards  Shaun Grant  www.duraquatics.co.za  <As is my habit, I will BCC friends, associates in the trade here and ask that they contact you if interested. Have you checked with the OFI? Their list of members? Bob Fenner>

Coral frag Business, looking for commercial importer Dear Mr. Robert Fenner, <Gunawan> Allow me to introduce our company, PT Pura Baruna Lestari, We are the commercially - operated coral transplantation farm in Indonesia. Here we grow corals on our ocean-based farm We are located in island of Sambangan, it's part of Karimunjawa  islands - northwest of Jepara, Central-Java, Indonesia. Sambangan island is a solitary, ± 10 hectare-island along with the two other island, Genting and Seruni forming a wide lagoon. Sambangan waters is still pure, clear and unpolluted, make it an ideal place for marine life cultivation. Currently we're cultivating various species  of coral, among them are Acropora sp., Montipora sp. and Pocillopora sp. in more than 30 subspecies in various colors. We're also cultivating various types of giant clams (Tridacna and Hippopus), which would be available by early 2005. <Sounds good> Now, we have coral frag ready for sale. Can you help me to look for USA importer. For more information can visit our website : www.aquamarinefarm.com <Will gladly introduce you to potential business associates here. I am bcc'ing a few here in the hopes they will contact you> Thank you for your help and best regard Gunawan PT Pura Baruna Lestari <Hope to visit your operation in future. Bob Fenner>\

Hawaiian Fish Exporters <Perry, Dave, I chatted with the three principal collecting companies owner/operators on the Big Island and two of the three sounded like they might like to do business with you.  Do contact Jeff at Island Marine Exports 808-329-1898 or Steve/Mr. Fish at 808-334-0123 and maybe the folks at Yankee Divers 808-329-3125 Of these folks I know Steve the best to be honest and have consistently good quality... he has a very nice self-made holding system, catches and processes his own livestock. Hope this helps. Bob Fenner>

Marine Livestock source information.  Dear Sirs,  As we told you when we phoned you, we would like to receive prices lists of marine fishes, invertebrates, live rock and so on.  Please, send them to this address:  MARINE POND GARDEN  C/AVD. DE LA FAMA,13,BL.5º,BAJO DRCHA.  30006 (MURCIA)  ESPAÑA  FAX : 0034 968 245173  E-MAIL : mangel@cajamurcia.es  Yours faithfully.  <Hmm, we're actually not a livestock supplier (or dried-goods either for that matter)... but a non-commercial info/inspirational site in the interest. However will forward your message to others so they might help you, and encourage you to read over the areas marked Marine Livestock  Collection, and under the Business Index, "Livestock" and FAQs from time to time as I'll post said collector's, transhippers input there. Bob Fenner>  

Livestock Sources Bob, How are you? Remember me? This is Hong Tanks-A-Million).  <Fine, yes my friend> I had a question for you... A customer has a mini-reef set-up and now everything is slowly but surely dying off due to a thermometer happening to explode in the tank. They believe it is due to mercury or another form of element used in the thermometer that is now poisoning everything. Is there a solution here or is it a futile attempt to do anything at all.  <There is always hope... to thoroughly vacuum the substrate, replace the water a few times, use activated carbon in the filter flow path.> Also, I did ask you if it was ok for you to furnish me with contacts that only you would endorse for future imports. The main focus is in Belize, Red Sea, East Africa, S. Pacific specifically Fiji/Tonga) and a good Hawaiian source. By the way, what is a good phone number I can reach you at Bob? I also need the # to your friend from Terre Haute, Indiana. I need to get a lot of Caulerpa and fast for my mud filtration. <For Terre Haute, contact Morgan Lidster of Inland Aquatics... there website can be found on our www.WetWebMedia.com website... for the other contact countries I will have to do some looking... My friend Harry Reeves is hopefully still in business in Belize, the Red Sea you can check on the "suppliers" of livestock sources on the "Business Index" on the WWM site... East Africa... I don't know anyone there... Fiji/Tonga has got to be my friend Walt Smith (their sites on the WWM site)... Good to visit these places, people if you will be doing much business with them... let's talk further as I/we visit these places most years. Bob Fenner> Humbly yours, Hong

Request for marine fish suppliers Dear Sir, We are one of the companies whose was a wholesaler of the marine fish in Malaysia. As we are currently looking for supplies of items such as aquarium marine fishes and live corals and also sea water fishes as for the live coral in your place there Can u please fax to me or reply me in email of your product range and details as what we want to looking for as soon as possible along with the prices... Our Fax Number: 606 -6318646 Name of company: Allied Aquatic Address : 652 Happy Garden , 70300 , Jalan Rasah , Seremban , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia. Email Add : alliedaq@hotmail.com <Well, we don't sell livestock, but I do have many friends, associates in the trade that do. I will send your message to them, and post your request on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com with your email addr.> Hope to hear you soon. Thank You :-) Best Regards, Henry Koo <Bob Fenner, who was in Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Redang, and Johor Bahru a week and a half ago>

Re: Request  for marine fish supplier Thanks for your help. I would like to get supplier with who supplier the RED SEA fishes. Please can tell your friend. And reply me ok Thank you very much Henry <Will do so my industry/industrious friend. Bob Fenner>

Caribbean Fish... (wholesaler in Colombia wanted) Hi Mr. Robert... I live in Turkey and want to import Caribbean fish, but could not find any exporter from Colombia. Can you help me? <Yes. Please look through the OFI's site, membership... and contact the suppliers listed there: Link toward the middle bottom on our Links Page: http://wetwebmedia.com/links.htm BTW for the most part, the same organisms are found throughout the tropical West Atlantic... so don't close your mind to ordering from other source countries in the range.  Bob Fenner> Best Regards, Yildirim Okte yildirimok@garanti.com.tr

Fish stores Hello I was reading your vast array of information, on fish to business ideas. Well I have a couple questions, first how do I contact a whole saler from Brazil? <Mmm, research (on the Net likely, or the OFI perhaps... their link on WWM) to find such a firm/possibility (or maybe write the Brazilian government/business and ask for their help in identifying contacts> I want to get some stingrays and piranhas. Second where or if it's even possible to own a freshwater bull shark. <Mmm, have never seen this done successfully... like their family members, hard to keep> Do you think if I sell fish from my garage, I will make a good amount of money? <Not easy to do... takes a while to get known well enough... how would you advertise, make yourself, your livestock known to perspective customers? How would you ship, do commerce with them? I suggest working at either an e-tailers and/or retail fish store for a few months to gain insights...> So I can open up a store mind that I am only 21yrs.old thanks a lot for your time. <Does not matter how old you are... Only what you are able, willing to try to do. Bob Fenner> Sean Santyos

Korean seeking advice... sources of marine livestock Bob, The following e-mail is pretty self-explanatory... A Korean importer looking for good Hawaiian, Fiji/Tonga distributors. I though you might be inclined to recommend some good folks with experience selling to the Asian marketplace. <Okay> Of course, now I have a craving for Kim Chi. I wonder how that will sit on the tummy for breakfast... hmmmm? Of course, if it is spicy enough... perhaps it isn't the stomach that I should be worrying about... hehe. <Never acquired the taste for such preserved fare> Happy Holidays... I hope you find yourself at peace and well fed after the New Year. Please share the well wish with Di <smile>. <Will. And thou. Bob F> Kindly, Anthony Dear Sirs, I am pleased to inquire about the source for exporters. Just, I am importing ornamental fishes from worldwide in Korea. But, I have no quality information for the suppliers of Fiji, Tonga Liverock and Hawaiian marine fishes. So, I wish to get helps from managers in the same kind business and wish this not impolite to you. If you introduce some reliable suppliers to me, it would be so helpful to Korean hobbyists and encourage my business. Hoping your good news. Thanks & Best Rgds. Sincerely. Journey G. http://www.aquaplaza.com <Thank you for your query. I will send this about to friends in the trade with the hope they will contact you re their livestock. Other sources are listed on our site WetWebMedia.com's Links Pages. Bob Fenner> Little ocean in my mind . . . SANNAE TRADING Co., 002/1F #56 SOONAE-DONG BOONDANG-GU SEONGNAM-SI GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA FAX : 82 - 31 - 717 -7050 FAX : 82 - 31 - 717 -7050 ICQ : 115925037 / MSN MESSENGER : aquagallery@hotmail.com

Introduction (Freshwater, Marine Livestock from Brazil) Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:52:58 -0300 <Thanks for this. Will post on our sites for your exposure. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> DISCUS AMAZONAS RIVER- PIRANHAS SPECIAL PRICE, DIRECT FROM RIVER TO YOU UNBELIEVABLE PRICE BRAZILIAN FISHES MARINE ATLANTIC FRESH WATER AMAZON RIVER DISCUS GREEN - FOUR COLORS RED-Piranhas SPOT BLUE ETC IGUABA OCEAN RUA SÃO PEDRO 4O , IGUABA -RIO DE JANEIRO BRASIL FAX-55 21 22648222 EMAIL: iguabaocean@yahoo.com.br iguabaoc@vento.com.br , BRASIL MARINE FISH-promocion salminus maxillosus SEAHORSES YELLOW; BLACK, RED PROMOCION -POMACANTHUS PARU French angel LARGE -30CM ETC dear sirs we are a company established in Rio de Janeiro (BRASIL ) since1993, we are specialized in marine and freshwater fishes > can dispatch to around the world with good freight rate and good connections to make shipment arrival on able time fresh water : Potamotrygon leopoldi, potamotrygon motoro, arapaima gigas, salminus maxillosus, wild discus( Amazon region), plecosL-46 + L-25+ L14+L-15 +L17 saltwater fishes : queen angel ( show size around 30cm), French angel show Cuban hog , gray angel, red sea horse, yellow sea horse, flame back angel ,(better price from brazil), royal Gramma (better price from brazil), Spanish hog, golden ell and much more we are waiting for your

Marine collectors in Costa Rica I would like to know if you have collecting contacts in Costa Rica?  (If so can i have your contact info for them?     i would highly appreciate it!           thanks in advance. <Don't know anyone who collects in Costa Rica currently. You might contact the OFI re their list of collectors. Try reading here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/bizlvstkfaqs.htm and the next/linked file on livestocking a business. Bob Fenner, who's headed back to CR in a few months.>

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