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FAQs about the Business of Freshwater Fish and Invertebrate Livestock

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Some Dealers/Organizations Mentioned:  OFI, http://www.ornamental-fish-int.org/ Dolphin International, http://www.dolphin-int.com/ http://www.guphy.com Piranti Aquatica, www.pirantiaquatica.com . Aquatic Indonesia, aquatic@indo.net.id  

Exporting Live Tropical Marine & Fresh Water Fish. Sri Lanka     3/13/17
Dear Sir,
We are exporters of Live Tropical Marine and Fresh water fish for more than 20 years, operating in Sri Lanka. Now we extended our business for import and re-export of Red Sea Fish, Maldives fish in view of expanding our international “buyers network”. To achieve our sales targets, we built good stock of Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka tropical marine fish and fresh water fish therefore we will be able to offer you attractive promotional discounts.
At the same time we can guarantee almost “Nil DOA” because our modernized facilities in our aquarium along with our 20 years experience in packing for long destinations, and maintaining healthy sanitary aquarium. Please refer attached stock list with promotional prices, for you to enjoy the special offers such as, 20% discount for marine fish and 30% discount for, fresh water tropical fish.
In order to see the condition of our fish, we propose you to start with a trial shipment. Please feel free inquire any further details of our company, international references as well as flight information to your destination etc.
We are available for your service at any time because we are customer oriented company.
Aquarium Marine Fishes.
197/1, Padiri Pio Mawatha,
Thaladuwa, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tele: - 0094 31 2223512
Mobile: - 0094 77 330 8380
E-mail:- amfishes@eol.lk
<Will post/share your message on WWM. Hope to visit you someday. Bob Fenner>

Exporting Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka fish       9/21/16
Dear Sir,
We are exporters of Marine and Fresh water live tropical fish for more than 20 years, operating in Sri Lanka.
<Ahh! I'd like to come out, visit, and FINALLY dive there... in the many places I've read Rodney Jonklaas, Arthur Clarke, Helmut Debelius.....>
Now we extended our business for import and re-export of Red Sea Fish and Maldives fish in view of expanding our
international "buyers network". To achieve our sales targets, we built good stock of Red Sea Fish, Maldives Fish, with Sri Lanka tropical marine fish and fresh water fish therefore we will be able to offer you attractive promotional discounts.
<I see>
At the same time we can guarantee almost "Nil DOA" because our modernized facilities in our aquarium along with our 20 years experience in packing for long destinations, and maintaining healthy sanitary aquarium. Please refer attached stock list with promotional prices, for you to enjoy the special offers such as, 20% discount for marine fish and 30% discount for, fresh water tropical fish. Also, we offer special net prices for large quantities.
<Good practices>
In order to see the condition of our fish, we propose you to start with a trial shipment. Please feel free inquire any further details of our company, international references as well as flight information to your destination etc.
<Am no longer active in the trade; but will post your letter and contact information for others on our website>
We are available for your service at any time because we are customer oriented company.
Aquarium Marine Fishes.
197/1, Padiri Pio Mawatha,
Thaladuwa, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.
Tele: - 0094 31 2223512
Whatsapp:- 0094 77 4345752
E-mail:- <mailto:amfishes@eol.lk > amfishes@eol.lk
<Good fortune to you, Bob Fenner>

Dear sir,  1/5/11
We've just had new discuss & flower horn with different sizes in store now.
If you have any demand to buy them, please contact me soon. Thanks!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
*Best regards,*
*Ms. Hanh / marketing manager*
*Cell phone: +84909836717*
*www.xanhtuoi.com *
***Address: 121/4 Me Coc St, Ward 15, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet
*Tel: +848 39805093 or +848 39807160 Fax: +848 39807161*

> Dear Sir/ Madam ,
> Our company Friendship Aquatics LTD, a Nigerian based company, specializes in the export of different types of live tropical fish (freshwater fish ) reptiles, aquatic Plants and Africa Snails
> We look forward to hearing from you.
> Regards,
> Thanks.
> Gilead
> Friendship Aquatics LTD
> www.fsaquatics.com
> info@fsaquatics.com
> gilead_fish@yahoo.com
> +23417335459 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +23417335459      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
> +2347055864475 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +2347055864475
Gilead, did I meet you at Interzoo a couple shows back? Cheers, Bob Fenner
Hello Bob,
Am not sure if we met but I was at the fair last May. Please I will list to post on your .page.
waiting for your reply
Will do! BobF

African Cichlid Farms 8/1/09
Hello Bob and Crew,
We are expanding our wholesale business from solely saltwater fish and corals to African cichlids and some other freshwater fish as well.
<Wow! Quite different businesses, but I do think the diversity is warranted... and provides much more interest, arena for self and business development>
As with our saltwater fish and corals, we will strive to import and carry only the highest quality freshwater fish. Can you recommend some high quality, reputable African cichlid suppliers/farms that sell to wholesale distributors?
<Mmm, oh yes! I will cc friend Pablo Tepoot to further direct you here... and send your msg. to our on-board Cichlid expert Chuck Rambo for his input>
Thank you so much and I hope all is well.
Kind regards,
Gregory V. Appleton
AquaTech Imports, Inc.
6344 Winside Dr.
Bethlehem, PA 18017
484-281-3124 phone
484-281-3367 fax
484-554-3273 cell
<Bob Fenner>

Re: African Cichlid Farm Recommendation, ChuckR's very valuable input  8/3/09
Hello Bob and Crew, We are expanding our wholesale business from solely saltwater fish and corals to African cichlids and some other freshwater fish as well. As with our saltwater fish and corals, we will strive to import and carry only the highest quality freshwater fish. Can you recommend some high quality, reputable African cichlid suppliers/farms that sell to wholesale distributors?
Thank you so much and I hope all is well. Kind regards, Gregory
<Laif DeMason is the owner of Old World Exotic Tropical Fish and the owner of Cichlid News Magazine. They supply cichlids to other farms all over Florida and have probably the largest selection of wild and farm raised cichlids.-Chuck>
<<Thanks much Chuck. BobF>>

Aquarium Fish Business Co-operation  06/03/09
Dear Sir or Madam,
<Will you read my book?>
We are from Tung-Hu Aquarium Trading, Singapore. Hope you have a happy visit in our farm during the Aquarama 2009. We are most eager in having business relations with you.
<Glad to have met you this last week in Sing.>
Thus, please reply us if you are interested so as to allow us to send our quotations to you.
We will be sincerely waiting for your request.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Sebrina Tan | Sales & Marketing | Senior Manager
20 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F Singapore 718866
Tel: (65) 6792 2302 | Fax: (65) 6793 7183
Website: www.tunghu.com.sg | Email: tunghu.aq@gmail.com
<Mmm, we're an informational service; but thank you. Bob Fenner>

Find out wholesale prices, Re: selling lvstk. to LFSs   12/30/08 Hi there! I've recently set up a tank of fancy guppies and they roll out a plethora of babies. The pet stores sell the adult fish for $2-3, so I think hmm...maybe I could start selling some to a local pet store every couple weeks to help pay off the cost of this hobby ;). <A good idea and a worthy project for sure... Providing better, local stock, reducing imports> The problem is, I can't view what wholesale prices are at any wholesale supplier websites I can find- evidently I must be a "business" to do this. Is there any way to view the prices local aquariums buy these fish for so I could know a fair price to offer per fish? Thanks, Nick <Mmm, it's likely better here for me to "cut to the chase" and make a statement re the "usual" sort of mark up for small (a dollar, more/less) aquatic livestock... It's generally marked up about 2-3 times... Triple crowning for somethings like guppies... so, If a store had them on offer for $3, they likely paid about $1... That being said, you might well do better to bargain for credit with the store in exchange for your stock... Something more like "half credit" toward what they sell them for. Does this make sense to you? Bob Fenner>

About gold fish and tropical fish', China supplier to the trade  - 3/21/08 Dear Sir/Madam,  We are a large-scale specialized company dealing with all kinds of aquarium fish business in Shanghai, and we have our own breeding farm with an area of 330,000 square meters which is the largest ornamental breeding base all over China.  With the approval of China National Inspection and Guarantee Office, the water quality of our farm is fine and pollution free, therefore, the aquarium fish is extremely beautiful and lovely and has a good reputation from domestic and international customers.  Please find here below link to our website, where you can find our company profile: www.aquariahome.cn  We will be re-contacting soon with some price offers. Meantime, if you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us..  Kind regards,  Business Development Manager:Joanna Ouyang  Shanghai Aquaria Home Development Co., Ltd (China) Shanghai Luminous Trading & Development Co., Ltd  Add: 2F, No.99 Huichuan Road, Modern Universe Business Plaza, Shanghai, China, 200050  Tel:86-21-52732800 *1322 Mob:86-13761562070 Fax: 86-21-52732801 Email: joanna@aquariahome.cn MSN:joanna-oyl@hotmail.com Web: www.aquariahome.cn <Mmm, we don't sell livestock, but will post your contact info. on WetWebMedia.com for others use. Bob Fenner>

A question for Mr. Fenner, FW store... lvstk. sel., sys.   2/1/08 Hi Bob, <Niki> Hope this message finds you well. We are building our freshwater system and are in the process of making 5 or 6 beautiful individual rows. Right now, however, we only have one row up. The issue is that we have several different kinds of fish that require different ph and I'm not sure where to put my chemistry to best suit all of them. <Mmm, from the list provided... there are some brackish water animals... the mollies and dragon goby... that should be put in such... And some broadly more soft, acidic and harder, more alkaline distinctions you could make... Though, if there is insufficient desire/room to have more separated sumps to service them, all others (than the brackish) listed here could be accommodated in near neutral (7 ish pH) and moderately hard water... I would make a few comments... I'd drop the Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus)... both the natural and golden variety, too much bad news with its aggressive nature... Am assuming you're aware of differences in temperaments in some of these fishes, the large size of the Pseudoplatystoma... I'd have larger tanks in the upper rows... and likely no smaller than 15-20 gallons below...> Once we have our separate rows up we can make individual systems, but in the meantime would you take a look at my list of fish and make a recommendation? The koi and goldfish are in another system, so they are not in the equation. Right now the parameters are: Temp-78.5 Ph-7.9 <Mmm, a bit high... I'd blend in some "cleaner" water here. Perhaps an R.O. device above/near the sumps...> Salinity-0 DO-101.2 <Dissolved oxygen? Is this a percent of saturation?> NH4-<.25 <Should be 0.0> NO2-0 NO3-25 <I'd keep this under 20 ppm maximum> Thank you so very much for your consideration. Warm Regards, Niki Englerth <I am going to share your list, note with my friend and colleague Neale Monks for his able input here as well. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: FW Store lvstkg., Neale's input   2/3/08 Hello Niki, Bob,  I did look over the list of livestock. For the most part, I'd simply point out that soft water fish tend to do better in moderately hard water than hard water fish do in soft water. So given you're working with a bunch of species, aim for a pH around 7.5 and a hardness in "moderately hard" range around, say, 10-15 degrees dH. Stockists here in the UK routinely hold Neons and other tetras at up to pH 8 in very hard water (that's what we have in Southern England) but this *doesn't* always work well with Apistogramma, wild-caught South American Loricariids, etc. Rio Xingu stuff especially is sensitive, so watch this with your L-number plecs. You do have a couple of brackish fish on the list -- Sciades seemanni ("Arius jordani") and Gobioides broussonnetii. Both of these get traded as freshwater fish I know, but their longevity under such conditions cannot be guaranteed. In other words, they last a while, and then get sick and die. If you get them out the door in 2-3 months, fine, but otherwise they do need brackish water.  Also worth mentioning are the Colisa lalia; the Singaporean stock is of abominable quality. According to one study by vets, 22% have a viral infection that is contagious and seemingly 100% fatal. So do source these carefully. To be honest, the same thing is probably true about Microgeophagus ramirezi. The quality of these is extremely poor, and because they almost automatically get sick when kept too cold (anything less than 28C) and are super-sensitive to nitrate, the life expectancy of these fish is only a few months by the time the aquarist gets them. There are much better dwarf cichlids out there. Pelvicachromis species are colourful, hardy, and easier to keep, and would be one place to start. Everyone knows the common krib, but it has some nice relatives like Pelvicachromis taeniatus and Pelvicachromis subocellatus worth sourcing. I'm not a big fan of serpae tetras (Hyphessobrycon callistus). These are fin-and-scale eating fish in the wild, and in aquaria attack everything they're kept with. Total waste of time really, unless you're going to tell every purchaser that they cannot mix them with anything. Leporinus fasciatus is a potentially very nasty fish that feeds on scales in the wild, so again, that's a fish for the specialist in my opinion.  As Bob mentioned, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum is a huge fish. Not profitable for you, because the market for a 3' catfish is small and it'll tie up a whole tank to itself. Shouldn't be in the trade really. If you want a predatory catfish, then I'd be looking for something like Chrysichthys ornatus. It gets to about 8-9", and while very predatory (can eat things as big as juvenile blue gouramis) it is fine with fish of its own size like Synodontis, bichirs, largish cichlids, etc. Also happens to look really nice and is utterly indifferent to water chemistry. Scleropages jardini is one of the most aggressive fish in the trade. Be careful what you keep with these fish, and don't expect groups to coexist.  I am not convinced "Opaline gouramis" are Colisa lalia; last I checked they were Trichogaster trichopterus.  Hope this is helpful.  Cheers, Neale <Thank you so much Neale. BobF>>

Goldfish, wholesale, from China...  -- 06/28/07 Dear Sirs or Madams, <Howzit?> We are a private-operated corporation long standing and high reputation, engaged in the import and export of ornamental fish in China. We have a grow-out area of 5000m2, which holds 3000 tons of water. It is especially built to cater for our clients from overseas current and future demands. We stock fishes, feed them with good supply of nutrients and water to further improve their health and colour. We have established a network of good farmers, who adopt good farming management practices, providing quality fishes, advice and support. Meanwhile, we are also equipped with 700 quarantine tanks and good packing facilities for quality assurance. <Nice> We have obtained your company from the internet and understood that you are Importers of ornamental fish. As this item falls within the scope of our business activities, we are glad to send you this introductory letter to express our desire to enter into business relationships with you. To give a general idea of various kinds of ornamental fish we enclose our sample list with prices on FOB Shanghai Airport basis for your kind reference. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely, Joanna Assistant Trade Manager Shanghai Luminous Trading & Development Co., Ltd Tel: 86-21-52730072-202 Fax: 86-21-52732801 E-mail: Ksymm10@163.com guangli_joanna1@yahoo.com Ouyangling518@hotmail.com Website: www.aquariahome.cn <Thank you for writing. We don't deal in livestock, but will post your message for others to find you. Cheers, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

FW Wholesale/import. Colombian species in season List  2/4/07 Dear Friends Please look our web site www.stingrayaquarium.com <http://www.stingrayaquarium.com>, there you will find commercial information for 190 items best regards Yudy Alcantara CI-STINGRAY AQUARIUM COLOMBIA LTDA <Will post, share. Bob Fenner>

Offer of tropical fish Indonesia Hi... My name is Tita (Ms), I am marketing division of Aquatic Indonesia. on 2002 I received your mail about tropical fishes. are you still import live tropical fishes ? We have very large stock of freshwater fish, marine fish, coral and aquatic plant. And we have special offer price for some fishes. Please feel free to contact me for further information, we are ready to send you our stock list available. We are interest to make business with you and hope we have good relations business in near future Thanks and regards TITA Marketing division CV. Aquatic Indonesia aquatic@indo.net.id phone: +62-251-360715 / mobile : +62-813-10-58-58-35 Fax : +62-251-333786 <Thank you for your note. We will place your information on our site, www.WetWebMedia.com in the hopes others will contact you. Bob Fenner>

From Indo. to the U.S.... learning the freshwater livestock biz 30 Jun 2005 Hi Bob, <Nicky> I have got you mail at wetwebmedia.com, and I hope it is OK to email you for questions since you are quite an expert in the fish industry. My name Nicky Ferdyan.  My parents own a freshwater fish farm back home in Indonesia (a pretty big one). <Ah, which part of Indonesia? On Java, about where?> They have quite numbers of species including the rare ones. So far their business is limited to supply only to local exporters. They know what kind quality fish that the exporters want. Since I am in United States, they have been urging me to learn how to sell our fish here. Now since they are farmers they can really compete with the price. Do you have any advise where I should start from? <A Big question... I would start with talking with a friend of mine (who called "out of the blue" last night), Steve Lundblad of Dolphin International, the premier supplier of freshwater livestock in this part of the world. Their site, contact info. here: http://www.dolphin-int.com/> I have no clue at all. I am thinking of getting my import license, and import the fish my self but where do I sell the fish? <There is a huge number of issues to address here. I strongly encourage you NOT to proceed until you've worked with some other businesses here in the States... For one, there are some folks that don't pay their bills... For two, there are numerous laws one must be aware of, documents to file, arrangements with airlines, likely a holding facility (even if you're just transshipping) to build out... I'd "get your feet wet" on other folks time for now> This very risky. Anyway Thank You for reading this email, and looking forward for the reply. Nicky Ferdyan <Do call Steve... ask his opinions on how to proceed, ask where you might work for a few months. Bob Fenner>

Indian FW Livestock Breeder/Supplier  1/4/06   Dear Sir,    <Hi there>   We would like to introduce our self as a breeder or cultivator of different kinds of fresh water fish, based in Kolkata (India). We have our breeding center on various districts of West Bengal depending on climatic conditions for proper breeding and high quality.      We would like to know your requirements so that we can send you our detailed rates and broachers for export from India. Our port of loading is Kolkata (CCU).    Thanking you and aiming our best services always with an anticipation of your prompt reply.      Yours Sincerely,      Ayondeep Ganguly <We don't sell livestock... or anything else for that matter. But will post your company's offers, URL if you'd like to send this along. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Fishes, FW, West African (Nigeria)   12/31/06 Dear Sir, I am Mr. Gilead Uzoma, Assistant Aquarium manager of (CYNDI TROPICALS LIMITED). we are exporters of live tropical fishes from West Africa (Nigeria). I got your e-mail address on the net and I'm sure you deal on ornamental fishes fresh water fish precisely. So I'm writing you to introduce our company to you to know if you will be interested to see our price list with references both in USA and Europe to be sure we are in the business truly. So i can forward you our price list. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. for: CYNDI TROPICALS LIMITED Gilead Uzoma Asst. Aqua. Manager www.cynditropical.com <We don't sell livestock, but will place your listing and email address on our site for others use. Bob Fenner>

Breeding, supplying cichlids for profit Hello, For the past month or so I have been researching everything I can find on breeding and importing Cichlids.  That's when I came across your website which is great, very informative.  I want to start a business supplying the local fish stores and general public with high quality Cichlids as the selection around me is pretty pitiful. <Where are you located?> Eventually I may put up a website but I'm kind of far from an airport so I'm guessing shipping would be difficult. <Yes, possible trouble. How will you get your live product to your customers? Have you looked into FedEx, UPS?> This is my second attempt at breeding Cichlids for profit.  The first time I tried I did everything wrong and ended up getting out of it. This time I want to start out right and I'm hoping you can help.  In your experience is it possible for me to make money supplying local fish stores? <Has been done, yes> I don't need to make a fortune (it would be nice though) I'm just looking to bring home some extra cash. Also Could you supply me with maybe a punch list of things to do to get started.  Also maybe some tips on how to set-up my tanks and centralized filter system to make it as maintenance free as possible without costing me a fortune. <These items are archived on the WWM site. Do read through the Business Index/subweb> I will continue to read the articles on your site as I'm sure most of the information I'm looking for is in there.  But I am eager to start and was hoping you could direct me to the right articles or provide any help you can.  Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks, Steve Bruni <Do study and keep good notes for now... while drawing up plans, looking for used gear (in good shape). Bob Fenner>

Website Link Dear Mr. Bob Fenner & Mr. Jason C. , Let us introduce our company - PIRANTI AQUATICA - as Indonesian Exporter of Ornamental Fish & Aquatic Plant. We are very interested to be listed in your Link section, under Business - Live Stock Sources : Freshwater Fish section. For your further consideration, please review our website : www.pirantiaquatica.com . Hope it can meet your requirement to be listed. Thank you very much & Happy fish business ! Best regards, Elan Patria Piranti Aquatica Jakarta - Indonesia <Thank you for your note. Will post your link tomorrow. Bob Fenner>

Amazon tropical fish and stingrays from Venezuela Dear Sirs.: We are a Venezuelan company established 10 years ago dedicated to the exportation of Amazon Tropical fishes and fresh water stingrays. In the past years our markets involved Germany, Japan and some cities of North-East of the United States of America, with an excellent record. Now, we are in disposition to present to your prestige company our great selection of Amazon fishes and our special stingrays of fresh water (wild caught). We are delivering in our commitment in sending the best quality, healthiest and beautiful fishes in the market and a constant wide range of species. We are dedicated to offer our customers an excellent service and prompt replies. After all, this is a long-term business relationship we are trying to make. Please, send us an e-mail and we will talk how we can do business together. Thank you for your time. Sincerely yours, Rafael E. Cárdenas <We aren't directly involved in the trade (that is commercially), but can/will post your message, URL (if you have a website), or e-address on WetWebMedia.com's aquatics business subweb if you'd like. Please send along the information you want posted. Bob Fenner>

Nigerian fish source  To All -  I was visited by Alfred Olorunlona recently, a Nigerian who brought be a fish price list and is trying to develop a fish exporting station business in Nigeria. He is seeking American markets for large quantities. You may wish to contact him directly to discuss how he works these deals and whether he can get additional species. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from people, perhaps by copying me on your email exchanges. This looks like a nice opportunity to bring in new stocks. Note that imports are notoriously off the mark on species identifications, so what are listed here might in part be previously unknown species. I think this is worth pursuing, and would like to know how you fare.  Please pass this on to other aquarium groups. - Bob Goldstein  <Robert, does Mr. Olaniran have an email address or URL or even physical address he wants to send along for our posting or referral? Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> Thank you!!

East ornamental fish (commercial freshwater producer/supplier) Dear Sir/Madam, Sorry to interrupt you. I'm Jason Gao from Star-Trend & Guphy Fish Farm, Shanghai. We get your information from internet. We are a very nice supplier of goldfish, Koi and tropical fish in Shanghai, China. We will try our utmost to build a very nice cooperation with you. Our farm was established as a Nishikigoi nursery in 1992. We have more than 50 storing ponds in the land of 130,000©O. We are one of the largest fish farm in Shanghai, specialize in breeding freshwater fish such as Nishikigoi, goldfish, tropical fish etc. A large number of fish breeds are re-selected by us and these in inferior are abandoned. We have a great confidence in quality by paying a special attention to the health condition of our fish. We made a large delivery world-wide and domestic market under the perfect condition, live fish delivering system constructed by our experience in the past several years, so we have successfully offered the very reasonable price. We know clearly longtime cooperation must be based on sincerity, frankness and seriousness, and the most important is high quality fish, excellent service and suitable price. These just our best advantages. Maybe you have already had some suppliers in other countries and cities, we still wish you could have a try from us. It is our great pleasure to be of any help for the customers to get freshwater fish directly from China. We sincerely recommend you to have a try from us. We are sure you will be fully satisfied with them. We will be very appreciated if you could send us a response after you receive it and give us your advice. Yours sincerely, Jason Gao Shanghai Star-Trend & Guphy Fish Farm Tel: +86-21-65872583 Fax: +86-21-65872583 Address: Room 2009 No.1 Alley 100,E.Ti Yuhui Rd., Shanghai P.C. 200081 E-mail: jason@guphy.com http://www.guphy.com  <Thank you for your message. Though we aren't in the livestock (or drygoods) business ourselves, I will place your notice on our website (www.WetWebMedia.com) and send it around to friends/associates within the trade to help generate interest for you. Bob Fenner>

Fish stores Hello I was reading your vast array of information, on fish to business ideas. Well I have a couple questions, first how do I contact a whole saler from Brazil? <Mmm, research (on the Net likely, or the OFI perhaps... their link on WWM) to find such a firm/possibility (or maybe write the Brazilian government/business and ask for their help in identifying contacts> I want to get some stingrays and piranhas. Second where or if it's even possible to own a freshwater bull shark. <Mmm, have never seen this done successfully... like their family members, hard to keep> Do you think if I sell fish from my garage, I will make a good amount of money? <Not easy to do... takes a while to get known well enough... how would you advertise, make yourself, your livestock known to perspective customers? How would you ship, do commerce with them? I suggest working at either an e-tailers and/or retail fish store for a few months to gain insights...> So I can open up a store mind that I am only 21yrs.old thanks a lot for your time. <Does not matter how old you are... Only what you are able, willing to try to do. Bob Fenner> Sean Santyos

Malawi Cichlid Exporters Hi I'm a Danish breeder of cichlids from Lake Malawi and I'm looking for addresses from exporters in Malawi. At the moment I only have the address to Mr. Stuart M. Grant, but I know that there are others. I've heard of a company called Malawi Aquatics Ltd and they should be located in Chipoka, but I can't find any info about them. Can You please help me with addresses?| <My best help is to refer you to a friend, associate in the trade, Mr. Pablo Tepoot of New Life Enterprises. In Florida his business numbers: 305-245-1906, fax 305-248-7450. I will cc him on the Net, but he has told me he rarely checks same... no doubt from his many business commitments: Raising African Cichlids on their two farms, make fish foods, writing/publishing/distributing books (including two on Cichlids). Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Best Regards Carsten K. Larsen www.malawicarsten.dk

Fish Wholesalers Hello, I am a new (7 months) pet store owner and was wondering if you would recommend any fish wholesalers for the following: Freshwater Fish - I currently order from local suppliers (oversea imports) who generally supply decent stock but have limited selection. I tried Ekkwill several times but always suffered very high losses due to apparent bacterial infections that did not respond to any treatment, so I am a bit gun shy of Florida farm fish as others in the trade have told me they have had similar experiences. I am looking primarily for community and south American cichlids/catfish as I am very happy with our African cichlid suppliers (Old World and Exotic Tropicals (local)). <Am surprised at your experiences with Ekkwill... we should talk over your acclimation procedures. Have you read those posted on WWM? Here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimat.htm> Saltwater Fish - I currently order exclusively from Quality Marine and have been extremely happy with the quality of their stock but was wondering if their are other suppliers you would recommend. <Sea Dwelling Creatures is a nice alternative to QM: salesmanager@seadwelling.com, Maybe All Seas if you know what to pick/choose from them.> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard <Need to know a bit more about you, your business. Where are you located? What size (volume, turn) is your store? Do you have a specialty, like live plants, reef... that you do or would like to emphasize. Please do read through the Business Index of WetWebMedia.com for others input that is archived. Bob Fenner>

Introduction (Freshwater, Marine Livestock from Brazil) Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:52:58 -0300 <Thanks for this. Will post on our sites for your exposure. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> DISCUS AMAZONAS RIVER- PIRANHAS SPECIAL PRICE, DIRECT FROM RIVER TO YOU UNBELIEVABLE PRICE BRAZILIAN FISHES MARINE ATLANTIC FRESH WATER AMAZON RIVER DISCUS GREEN - FOUR COLORS RED-Piranhas SPOT BLUE ETC IGUABA OCEAN RUA SÃO PEDRO 4O , IGUABA -RIO DE JANEIRO BRASIL FAX-55 21 22648222 EMAIL: iguabaocean@yahoo.com.br iguabaoc@vento.com.br , BRASIL MARINE FISH-promocion salminus maxillosus SEAHORSES YELLOW; BLACK, RED PROMOCION -POMACANTHUS PARU French angel LARGE -30CM ETC dear sirs we are a company established in Rio de Janeiro (BRASIL ) since1993, we are specialized in marine and freshwater fishes > can dispatch to around the world with good freight rate and good connections to make shipment arrival on able time fresh water : Potamotrygon leopoldi, potamotrygon motoro, arapaima gigas, salminus maxillosus, wild discus( Amazon region), plecosL-46 + L-25+ L14+L-15 +L17 saltwater fishes : queen angel ( show size around 30cm), French angel show Cuban hog , gray angel, red sea horse, yellow sea horse, flame back angel ,(better price from brazil), royal Gramma (better price from brazil), Spanish hog, golden ell and much more we are waiting for your

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