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Put An Aquarium In Your Office

Bob Fenner  

Release: Put An Aquarium In Your Office

Bob Fenner

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A growing trend in office design is the use of "living" materials. Atriums with plants and water, live plants, and aquatic environments: ponds, falls, fountains & all shapes & sizes of aquaria are the all the rage.

Why not? Living art for your work environment. More soothing than paintings or photos. More intelligible than piped-in music.

A tropical saltwater, freshwater or goldfish tank can calm nerves and lend a natural creative edge to the workplace. How can you enjoy the use of the same?

The small and large of it: 

As an interested party, you can become a hobbyist or extend your hobby into the workplace. Wouldn't a nice tank on it's own stand look great in the lobby or your office? Some small hexagonal aquaria, complete with hidden equipment, can be placed right on the corner of your desk.

You don't have the expertise or the desire to design, install and keep-up a nice display yourself? No problem. Just like interiorscaping businesses that arrange for living plants, there are water feature enterprises that will produce and maintain a work of living art for you.

New Materials and Techniques:


Almost all modern aquaria are composed of acrylic plastic; these are clearer, lighter, easier to keep clean & modify and leak-free. Acrylic aquaria can be made in almost any shape or size and heat-bent or solvented instead of glued at the joints.


Have come a long way. Today they're quiet, efficient, easy concealed and cleaned. Due to improvements you can accommodate a system that supports live corals and other reef inhabitants.

Other Goodies: 

Lighting that duplicates the tropical sun, healthier livestock and automatic feeders are just some of the improving technology of aquatic life keeping.

Where to find help: 

Your local specialty fish store, interior designers and aquatic service companies are a good start. Check the yellow pages under Aquarium or Tropical Fish.

Discover the reduced tension and habitat-enhancing effects of living art in your work environment; put an aquarium in your office.

Our companies, Aquatic Environments, Aquatic Life Services and Wet Pets are involved in the design, construction, maintenance and resale of aquatics in southern California. Please give us a call if we can be of help.


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