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FAQs about the Business of Livestock "Taxes" of all Sorts; CITES, Permits, Tariffs...

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Steve Robinson To Be Sentenced- 8/20/11
Ret Talbot
Mmm, when I spoke with Steve a couple months back he denied this case was real. BobF

Payment problem... w/ livestock importation   12/14/06 Dear Bob, <Trung> I have read on your web to know that someone never sent fish to the importer after they have received monies ahead of the shipment. <Ah, yes> It is very bad new for the serious live shipper. So I hope you will be warning every body only to send payment when you see the Cites Permit to export. <Having CITES permits in hand won't assure one of actual shipment...> I have been done same with my buyer when I ship live seahorse H. kuda to the over world. Best Regards, Trung <Best to do wire transfers enroute IMO... even better to work through known/established intermediaries here... as in transshipping. Bob Fenner> Re: Payment problem   12/15/06 Hi Bod, <...?> The info is put on Cites permit to be truly. You can contact the Cites Office in the country to get credit the info. It is be surely the serious company. Thank you, Trung <...? The permitting process of the Convention has naught to do with payment of one party to another... Nothing. BobF>

Importing Marine livestock Dear Mr. Fenner, How do you do? I wrote to you sometime ago regarding starting my own marine ornamental livestock business. I have been very busy but Ah!, what great joy I derive from this project ! <Very glad to hear/read> I would like to know if I need an IMPORT license for livestock from South East Asia or any part of the world for that matter?  <Mmm, possibly a few permits... are you familiar with CITES?> I will be getting a sample of livestock from Indonesia shortly. Do I require special papers for samples as well? <Yes... please contact either myself, Steve, Anthony... or a Customs Broker in the town/airport where you plan on receiving your shipments... there's a bit of paperwork involved... and you want to be familiar with the process in advance. Bob Fenner> Please advise. Best, Mimi Eliza Rogers

Buying wholesale How do I go about buying fish/corals from wholesalers in L.A. do I need a license, permit?? Can you please enlighten me with your infinite wisdom <Mmm, don't agree with the in in infinite, but either you must present proof that you're "in the trade"... as in a business license and maybe a business card, or go with someone who can/does have such proof. A few wholesalers don't sell to service companies (just to LFS, institutions...). Best to "go in" if you're uninitiated with someone who is established. Bob Fenner> Thanks again, and again, and again Joe Grunstad

Opening a fish retail store (livestock importation possibilities) I have been reading a lot on the matter over the past few months, including your wonderful site, but I'm having trouble getting information on permits that I might have to obtain to sell marine and tropical fish.  I tried looking at the US Fish & Wildlife website with no luck, is this something for importers/exporters only? <For the most part, yes. The "economies of scale" (how much livestock your store/systems can hold, how much you can expediently sell... and the costs... per shipment of paperwork, Customs, CITES, freight and possibly forwarding...) of a single store versus a larger distributor are prohibitive. Much more likely you will buy your fish and non-fish from livestock wholesalers. These are listed on our "Links" pages> Also if I do have to buy a permit is there a list of fish that are "ILLEGAL" to have in my store that will be provided.  Thanks for you time, Ryan. <There are some Statewide illegal organisms (per state) that you can read about or get info. from your "Fish and Game" or "Dept. of Natural Resources" civil servants... As far as I'm aware, only the walking catfish, Clarias batrachus is illegal nationwide. Bob Fenner>

Importing livestock into Singapore A person importing freshwater or marine ornamental fish into Singapore is required to be licensed by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). Thereafter, each consignment of fish must be declared and approved by the AVA before importation. However AVA allows each traveler to import not more than 50 pieces of ornamental fish (non-endangered & non-restricted species) in not more than 3 litres of packing water from overseas as part of one's carry-on luggage for personal keeping without applying for an import license or approval. The traveler should declare the fishes brought in to the Customs upon entering Singapore. If you still have any further queries on import of ornamental fish, please do not hesitate to contact me at Tel: 6751 9809. Regards.

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