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Release Cover Letters

Bob Fenner  

Release Formats:

Most any straightforward, concise explanation of your offering will do. Do print them and your releases themselves on your company stationary.


Editor (name if known)

ABC Newspaper

Any town, their zip this date


Dear Editor,


Please find enclosed a release and photographs for your

perusal and modification.


If you would like further information and/or artwork, please contact me at the address and number below.



Your Name

Title, Division if necessary


Aquarium Article Help  1/25/08 Hey Crew, What's new? (sorry I could not resist) I have seen Bob and Anthony in action at the MACNA events. You are awesome! I own and operate an upper end custom aquarium design, project management and service company. <Ahhh!> We are in our 6th year and we are growing gradually. <This is best> My wife and I have successfully resisted the constant temptation of opening up a cash and carry retail outlet. <Thank goodness... more time, trouble than it is worth. Definitely a "step in the wrong direction" I assure you> We have remained focused and strictly provide our services and sales for our contacted clientèle. <Good... if anything, the "next" direction might be distribution of selected lines, perhaps imported... even perhaps the manufacture of certain tools, materials... We can talk re> Recently I have been asked to write a series of articles 600 to 800 words each for a local magazine. <Very good> The magazine's primary audience is real estate and business professionals. I was wondering if you could help me out with some topics and/or tips concerning writing for this potential "aquarium newbie" audience. <Certainly.> I was considering writing about the behind the scenes meetings and the importance of specialized proper project management along with the preparation needed for a successful large high end aquarium installation. Your time, experience and knowledge are greatly appreciated. <I would start with even more general pieces such as: http://wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/ofcaqrelbiz.htm With pix of some of your installs... NOT too self-serving> -- Jeffrey Shane Sebern, President Aquatic Interiors Unlimited LLC. "South Texas' Source for Fine Custom Aquariums." Custom Aquarium Design, Installation, Maintenance. www.aquatic-interiors.com

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