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FAQs about the Business of Livestock Research

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Discus farm... RMF NOT a directory  9/25/06 Hello, I have a 88000 sq ft. land at a prominent place on National Highway 4 in India. I want to set up a discus farm. I'm an amateur in the field but am looking forward to seek guidance from experienced person like you. I have read a bit about Lo Wing Yat the discus breeder from Hong Kong. I have plans to visit Hong Kong in the coming months as you have been making your purchases from him I would like to visit him. Please provide me with his address and contact number. Also I'm looking for financial partner from any part of the world for the project. I hope to receive your guidance and kind co operation. Thank you, With Best Regards, S. D. Desai < http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=PCTA,PCTA:2006-31,PCTA:en&q=Lo+Wing+Yat+the+discus+breeder+from+Hong+Kong BobF>

Research funds  11/20/06 Do you know any organization which might help fund some ornamental saltwater breeding efforts? <Mmm, I'd start with the most local Sea Grant program near you. Can be searched on the Web. Bob Fenner> Aquarium fish trade Hi Bob, I am trying to find information on the international live fish markets such as trends and fluctuations e.g. seasonality, and if demand has increased or decreased over the last decade. It is information I am desperate to find for an essay which, I am writing on the sustainable development of the trade in the Maldives <Ah was there two years back... at the "Hilton" hotel... big money but worth it> Your resume indicated that you have had vast experience in this field and I would be very grateful if you could take the time to help me. <I will gladly assist you in whatever way I can... I think about the only outfit I know that might have accurate, useful data here is the O.F.I. the Ornamental Fish Institute... will have to wait till I'm home (away now) to locate their address... perhaps try your search engines for now> Thanking you in anticipation, Best Wishes, Seran Davies <Be chatting, and hopefully diving with you soon. Bob Fenner... who will be out for Aquarama in Singapore this May/June... you might give the folks there a hello as well.><<Mmmm, should have "plugged" Elizabeth Wood's unpublished work at/through the WCMC... RMF>>

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