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FAQs on Aquatic Experts Listserv

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Food for Thought Hey crew, Just some food for thought.  Keep up the great work. Jeremy - Pineville, LA <Thank you for sending. Bob Fenner>

Aquaristic Education/Schools  Hi gang, now that I'm entering my senior year in college after a year and a half of reef keeping and a life long drive to save the environment-I'm an envi. policy and political science double major- I'm interested in combining the two fields. <sounds delightful... just don't turn into a radical, tree-hugging eco-nazi. Stay with us in the real/practical world, please <G>> I'm just curious if you-anyone, specifically Anthony or Bob Fenner-got "official" training? <its really depends on what you ultimately intend to find work in my friend. Aquaristics and Oceanography and Zoology, etc in many ways are very (!) distinct and different disciplines. DO check out Bob's bio from the "crew" link on the home page for WetWebMedia.com... he has invested extensively in his education in the hard sciences (11 years and a few degrees). Has taught college level science, etc. I, on the other hand, have a degree in English Literature. I was already participating in a pioneer coral farming greenhouse I built while in college. Graduated (10 years ago)... and dove right into the entrepreneurial endeavor. Never looked back <G>> I'm starting to look at grad schools and  I'm thinking I want to do marine ecosystems- but I'm also looking to take a year off and get some field stuff in too- like a reef rebuilding project off Florida or Caribbean- any ideas for schools or reputable reef colony programs out there? don't worry, I know not to trust my entire education and future only on what I read on an aquarium site- Mike <Mike, the are many great coastal schools for aquatic science. I'm sure, however, you need to do some more career research and narrow the field of possible and specific vocations that interest you to better help you find a school with a program that suits you. FWIW... one of the finest programs/schools, if you can get in, is the Scripps Oceanographic Institute (California). Best regards, Anthony>

Dr. Rofen surfaces Bob Fenner.  Came upon your web site and this reminded me that I had not been in contact with you for some time. How is your life going?  Can you pass on your address and phone number so we can keep in better touch.  Best regards. /.R3 Robert Rofen, PhD, Novalek, Inc., U.S.A. Kordon, AquaVet, Oasis, and TeraRep divisions 2242 Davis Ct., Hayward, CA 94545-1114 tel (510) 782-4058, fax (510) 784-9045 Novalek website www.novalek.com <Ah, Dr. Bob, good to hear from you. I guess our pet-fish paths have not crossed. All is fine my friend. I hope/trust the same is the case for you. Our address: 8586 Menkar Rd. San Diego, CA 92126. Number: 858-549-XXXX. A pleasure. Bob Fenner>

Dr. Rofen speaks, a dream unfolds >Bob Fenner.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and to enlighten me >on what is going on in your life. <A pleasure> What about pursuing an e-mail "forum" for aquatic experts such as yourself to exchange current ideas and issues.  Perhaps there already is such a group, but I do not know about it.  Your ideas on this are welcome.  If you have e-mail addresses of experts you think would be interested in this, I would appreciate receiving them.  What do you think? <A good idea. Will cc folks I think might be interested in such participation here> regarding Dr. Dallas Weaver his address is: Scientific Hatcheries, 5542 Engineer Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 tel 714 890-0138  e-mail dweaver@gte.net He is a person you ought to know.  His background is in aquaculture engineering (UC Davis, I believe), and he has an extensive fish raising facility at his facility in Huntington Beach for ornamental fish, particularly tropicals, and zebra fish raised for the genetic research laboratories in the west.  He is intelligent, articulate, and usually outspoken, and a gold mine of information in aquatics.  He is also one of my colleagues on the Aquaculture Disease Committee of the Calif. Dept. Fish & Game, so is knowledgeable in fish diseases. <Glad to make his acquaintance> Keep me posted on the book in progress on ornamental aquaculture.  I am very much interested in this subject. <Will do. Dieter Brockmann is heading up this book project for BSV in Germany> As you may know, we farm 400 acres in brine shrimp in Central California. <Yes>   We had the first day of the harvest season today for this year and brought in a ton of shrimp, a relatively low number due to the adverse effects of El Nino weather conditions.   We are the only large scale aquaculture facility in brine shrimp in America (all others are in solar salt ponds that cannot be fertilized).  Also, we are working with associates in developing in northern China near Bohai Bay an even larger aquaculture operation in brine shrimp, using the California subspecies Artemia franciscana franciscana. Best regards.  /.R3 <I will also add your email addr. to our dive/travel adventure lists. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Aquatic experts listserv Bob, I assume that the email to Dr. Rofen pertains to a group of aquatic experts with interests in the aquarium trade/hobby rather than simply aquatic sciences (e.g. fisheries/aquaculture)? There obviously already are email groups pertaining to fisheries/aquaculture (e.g.. AFS). I would be interested in participating in a discussion group with aquatic scientists interested in aquarium sciences. Peter Rubec <Do think this is what Dr. Bob has in mind as well. You might take a look at Kordon (Novalek) as in .com's site. Bob Fenner>

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