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AquaC EV-180


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AquaC, Inc. began business in 1998 as a small one-man shop in San Diego, California. Jason Kim, its founder, was its only employee.  The company has since grown to become the leading skimmer manufacturer in the USA, selling thousands of units worldwide each year. To keep up with the demand, Jason employs six full time fabricators.

The EV- 180 was one of three EV models that began life in 1998.  In 2002, the EV line was further improved and remains the same today, a testament to its reliable and efficient performance. 


All AquaC skimmers use a patented spray injection system to create the foaming action, much like that of spraying water into a soapy pail from a garden hose. There are no needle wheel pumps or venturis used in this process.


The patented spray nozzle


The AquaC EV-180 is boxed completely assembled with the exception of the hose barb for the waste cup and the one inch drain valve.  A pump of the proper size (700-800gph) and a drain hose must be provided by the user.  The Supreme Mag 7 is the recommended pump for this skimmer.  Using a larger pump like the Mag 9 or Eheim 1262 will overdrive the skimmer resulting in maximum performance. However, be aware that you will need to install a valve between the pump and the skimmer to fine-tune the water flow.  In my evaluation of the skimmer, I feel that a larger pump isn’t necessary.   The Mag 7 will allow you to run the system full bore with no adjusting or tweaking needed.


The AquaC EV-180 can be operated both in sump and externally. If running the skimmer externally, it is imperative that the skimmers drain be above the highest water level to be encountered in the sump. Failure to do this could result in flooding in the event of a power outage. I chose to mount my skimmer externally to free up sump space for a future reactor. I also glued on four rubber feet to the bottom of the skimmer to minimize the possibility of any noise due to vibration and this proved to be unnecessary.


A simple stand can be made of wood to support the skimmer if installing externally.


Initial Start Up

If an in-sump installation is desired, you will need to remove the collection cup and fill the skimmer chamber with tank water to prevent it from floating around while you are plumbing the pump.  It is recommended that the distance between pump and the water input of the skimmer be kept to a minimum for maximum efficiency of the skimmer.  Looking at the top of the skimmer reveals three ports, water inlet, John Guest fitting (optional), and a gate valve for air control.  For an additional $10.00, the AquaC EV-180 can be ordered with a John Guest fitting to facilitate the use of ozone or add a calcium reactors effluent directly back to the skimmer.  The later can be advantageous as the carbon dioxide in the effluent drip will be blown off into the atmosphere which can help prevent pH depression.


From left to right; water inlet, JG fitting, and air control valve

For external installation you will need to attach a one inch hose or PVC pipe to the gate valve and it is best to direct the output away from the intake of the skimmer pump.

Once the skimmer is situated and the plumbing in place, you can turn the pump on and begin the break-in process.  During this period, keep the gate valve and air valve open 100%.  I found that with my set-up, and after two weeks use, leaving both the gate valve and air control valve at 100% provided the best skimming action.  The bottom chamber is translucent and you will be able to see the violent foaming action taking place, I was impressed. The manual states not to expect any skimmate for 48 hours.  This proved to be false in my case as I had nearly ½” of skimmate in the cup after 48 hours of operation.  The collection cup and lid are bayonet mounts and both have rubber EPDM seals to prevent any seepage.  Removing the collection cup requires only 1/2” of space above the cup.  This design is very useful for those with shorter cabinet heights.  After three weeks of operation the EV-180 continued to produce dark skimmate, though not quite as much as the first two weeks and most likely due to the system water having fewer dissolved nutrients present.  On the initial startup of the EV-180, I removed my chemical media (Chemipure) from the system. After four weeks of operation I saw no need to put it back into the system in regards to water clarity, the water remains crystal clear with a blue/white tint to it.



No dedicated pump required.  Any quality pump capable of producing 700-800gph can be used.

A true set and forget skimmer

Quiet operation (relative to pump used)

Processes a large amount of water per hour

Can be used in-sump or externally




I wish the foam tower was removable to make cleaning a little easier.



The beauty of this skimmer is that there is no venturi to tweak and/or clog and no dedicated needle wheel impeller pump that must be used. I have had many skimmers in the last 20 years but none as efficient and as quiet as the AquaC EV-180.  Kudos to AquaC.


                     After 24 hours of operation                                                                             After 48 hours of operation         

Side note

Ever wonder what the owner of a skimmer manufacturer’s tank would look like?  Below is Jason Kim’s 350 gallon reef tank skimmed by an AquaC EV-1000 Protein Skimmer.  Total water volume of his system is 500 gallons.


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