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FAQs about Light and Lighting for Marine Systems, By Manufacturer, Models: AquaticLife

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HID Lighting   6/13/09
Dear Crew,
The last time I was in one of my better LFS, I saw the AquaticLife HID/T5 fixture, which employs two directional 150W "High Intensity Discharge 700+" (700 nm) lamps (that come in the 10000K, 14000K and 20000K varieties), 2 actinic HO T5s and directional LED moonlights, a built in timer system that controls all lights, and a single cord. It does not appear that this fixture requires any external ballasts. A 48" fixture runs about $800 and is carried by all the usual suspects (Marine Depot, That Fish Place, etc.).
<Mmm, I thought they were much more than this>
From what I can find on the net, the use of this technology in the marine hobby is relatively recent, and this particular fixture is fairly new as well.
I searched WWM but didn't find anything substantial on these HID lamps.
Does anyone have any experience with this technology/fixture or otherwise know much about them?
<I do not>
If so, thoughts?
<Have looked these over and they appear to be "the real thing"... Nice controllers, single plug, built-in timers...>
It looks like a pretty cool, simple fixture if it works well. The bulbs and reflectors are pretty small, so one concern I would have is the coverage. And, the only available wattage is 150W so I am curious about
how these light would perform on a deeper tank.
<I think the wattage is fine... and have been of the opinion that higher wattage MH's are too much for "hobby depth" systems for ever... Bob Fenner>

Re: HID Lighting 6/13/09
Thanks Bob. I have seen this fixture in person and it looks very good (both from a quality standpoint and an aesthetics standpoint). No fans so it's silent (although one would probably want to run a fan to dissipate heat/aid in evaporative cooling) and clean and kind of futuristic looking. They make 36" (one lamp), 48" (two lamps) and 60" (three lamps) models at $550, $800, and $1,130, respectively. The replacement bulbs run $50, which is cheaper than any "name brand" MH bulb. Don't know about the bulb life.
<Should be about the same...>
All of the negative hobbyist feedback I have read relates to the bulb choice being limited to 10000K, but the company clearly listens because they now also offer 6000K, 14000K and 20000K.
The company makes available a lab study of the 10000K bulb (see aquaticlife.com/lamps/410053_Test.pdf). The bulb had a CCT of 9,659K with a CRI of 88.
<Good enough in my estimation>
If/when my cheap (but modified/upgraded) 2x250W HQI fixture goes up,
<Mmm, maybe sell on Craig'sList?>
I will give this fixture serious consideration. Again, my only concern is the light spread, as the reflectors are relatively deep with a small diameter.
<I like such non-uniform intensity myself...>
Looks like something to follow.
Thanks for the response.
Andy B
<And you for your input. BobF>
Re: HID Lighting
Sorry, my email contained an error--the fixture sizes are 36", 48" and 72",
not 60".
<Ahh. B>

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