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FAQs on Brackish Algae Issues

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brackish algae problem    2/3/13
Hi, I have a 30 gallon brackish tank with 3 small flounders. The salinity is around 1.004. I have a tank with fine substrate and a lot of bulbs starting to spring up.
I have a problem with algae. Its spreading out of control. I could use chemicals but I would like an invertebrates or fish that could clean it.
Let me know what is best.
<Nerite snails and Amano Shrimps will both do fine at this salinity. So they're an option. I would lower the salinity to SG 1.003 at 25 C/77 F though, for better plant growth, and once settled, the plants should suppress the algae nicely. In the meantime, a clump of floating Indian Fern would be very useful.>
Thanks, Aaron
P.S how common are halfbeaks in the fish market, I have difficulty finding one
<They seem to be seasonal. In a fish shop yesterday (Maidenhead Aquatics @ St Albans) and came across two Nomorhamphus species, but yes, you can often go months without seeing any. They are a bit delicate which may be why "mom and pop" stores don't like to carry them -- such places often go for the sturdier species they can't kill, so there's less risk to their finances.
If halfbeaks are too tricky to get, have a look for Micropoecilia species.
There are several species, some very colourful, and because they are easy to breed (especially in brackish water) they are fairly widely traded at fish club auctions, possibly even online. They ship better than halfbeaks, so I'd be more willing to have a flutter on mail ordering them. They'd work great with Flounders and would eat some of the algae, too. Cheers, Neale.>

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