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FAQs about Beckett Protein Skimmers

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Beckett Skimmer Pumps 2/19/09
HI, my name is Manny, first of all I must say I love your forum, it is really helpful.
<Hello Manny, thank you.>
I've a quick question? I have a 5' tall dual Beckett skimmer I'm using a Resun 70 md pump it's not doing too good of a job. I was told to go with a Iwaki 100 pump $ 630.00 or do you think a PCX 150 or 100 pump would do the
job? And what do you think of these pumps? PLEASE HELP!!
<Well, you are not really gaining any flow with either of the PCX pumps, but you certainly are with the Iwaki 100 (though shop around, $630 is steep for this pump).
Do also consider something like the Reeflo Uno for this application, these are much more energy efficient, keeps your power bill down! But, before you buy anything, I would chat with the skimmer manufacturer first, see what they recommend, what may be going on here.>
Thanks Manny
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Beckett Skimmer Pumps 2/19/09
I got this skimmer from a local LFS for 250.00 here are a few pic I believe it is a homemade.
<It does look like a home jobber.>
Thank you Scott for the info. Manny
<Well, looking at similarly manufactured models, you want a pump putting out 1500 gph or so.
The Iwaki you mention does more, you can always throttle the pump back a bit. Otherwise do
consider the Reeflo pump line, like the Uno or Hammerhead...these are very nice pumps.>


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