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your (newest) book I just got your book that you sent me.(A fish watchers guide to the salt water aquarium fishes of the world) Dude that is cool. I can not wait to consume the thing tonight. I may not even get to sleep. Thank you so much. If there is any software at all that you need please let me know. You will be supplied for life. My tanks are doing great and today I am looking at a piece of property for the store it is 3500 sqr ft. <You're welcome, and that's a good sized place! Some of our old all-fish stores were 1400 square feet.> The rent is a good deal for the area that it is in. Can not wait. Also....thanks for all the stuff that you have been posting lately on your site about stores,.  <Ah, yes, glad to hear you're finding them> I have been downloading it and putting it in a binder so that I can travel with it and read it all the time. It is like this: One damsel $4.00 dollars, One Queen Trigger $100.00 dollars, Some aragonite and couple PC lights $300.00 dollars, a book and free advice from Fenner, PRICELESS! Thanks Friend, I owe you, just let me know, Sean Warren. <Your friendship and conscientious participation in the trade are reward beyond measure. Bob Fenner>

Re: Do you know this fish? Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate it. Do you have a book available for purchase? I am a relative novice, but I am a voracious reader and would like to learn more. <Oh... on further thought, "The Fishwatcher's Guide..." v.1 has coverage of the tropical West Atlantic... Both are sold by etailers in the interest, Amazon.com... Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Best Regards Ed Montalvo

Fishwatcher's Guide Book Hi Bob, <Hey George> I just received your book (not the ones I ordered from you but one I ordered through amazon.com before you had them available). <Ahh> Well, my most sincere congratulations. At last, this is a book that is meant for hobbyists and not for divers, ichthyologists or biologists. A great book !! I enjoyed every page in it and I plan to have it next to my tanks (that's why I also ordered a paperback version !!). <thank you my friend. Bob Fenner> I thought I should share my opinion with you !! George J. Reclos Ph.D. Pharmacist ? Immunologist Holargos (Athens) - Greece                                                                                 


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