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Frogspawn, Grape, Anchor, Bubble... and Elegance Corals, Family Euphylliidae (formerly of the Caryophylliidae), Pt. 5

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Genus Physogyra Quelch 1884, Pearl Coral. One species. /WA Corals: meandroid • septa very exsert • corallite walls blistered • bubble-like vesicles cover septa • long tentacles can cover vesicles
Some authorities debate the family placement of this genus.

Physogyra lichtensteini Milne Edwards & Haime 1851. Massive or large plate colonies that are made up of solid plates. Tentacles open at night. During day, grape-like vesicles evident, able to be retracted quickly, unlike Plerogyra. At right, aquarium specimen and partly open vesicles in the wild. Below, completely open vesicles, closed colony and massive one showing skeleton Bunaken/Indo. images.

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