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Frogspawn, Grape, Anchor, Bubble... and Elegance Corals, Family Euphylliidae (formerly of the Caryophylliidae), Pt. 6

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Genus Plerogyra Mile Edwards and Haime 1848, Bubble, Bladder, Grape Coral. Characterized by their colonies being covered by oblong bubble-like vesicles by day, tentacles by night. /WA Corals:  colonies flabello-meadroid with small gaps between septa exsert • polyps have long tentacles extended day and night
Some authorities debate the family placement of this genus.

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Plerogyra sinuosa (Dana 1846). Flabello-meandroid skeleton as shown, with grape-like variable vesicles that are slow to retract (but still can/do sting). Typically found in turbid water.  Aquarium and two wild images (Indonesia) below showing vesicles open, a large colony and close up of skeleton at night. Below, second row: Skeleton close-up a small and large colony in the Red Sea. 
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Plerogyra simplex Rehberg 1892. Similar vesicles as P. sinuosa but colonies with branched skeletons of phaceloid colonies. Specimens off of Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Genus Phyllangia: Similar to Rhizangiids; but azooxanthellate. Most deep water, a few shallow.

Phyllangia sp.  Bali 2014



    Amongst the most popular aquarium corals, Euphyllids have much to recommend their captive use. They're certainly beautiful, interesting behaviorally, and conditionally hardy. Most need space around them, clean water, low lighting and water movement, and occasional feeding... outside of picking out initially healthy specimens.  They're larger losses are mainly a matter of a lack of care in collection and handling beyond. Don't let this short introduction decide for you however whether members of this newly-made family are for you. Investigate further before buying.    

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