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FAQs about Aquarium Chillers: Current/Prime 

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Current USA chiller, plumbing, overflows  -- 11/03/09
Hello Crew,
Need some of your expert advise. <advice> You have gotten me so far with many great ideas and answers and i am getting to the end of my work with great results thanks to you guys. Anyhow, I just purchased a 1/3 HP Current USA dual stage inline tower chiller for my 125 gal saltwater tank. I have a 30 gallon sump below fed by a 1-1/2 drain. I want to say i am draining about 1100 plus GPH
<Mmm, doubtful with a single 1.5" ID line:
that drains through a filter sock with heater below then to a Aqua-C EV 180 skimmer powered by a submersible Mag 9 pump. The return is a very quiet Velocity Poseidon PS4 pump that has only 3 ft of vertical and 1 ft of horizontal head pressure with inline check valve
<I would not rely on this>
and 1 90 degree elbow. It is pumping great and keeping up with overflow. My plan is to throw in a Sen 700 GA submersible pump near the return intake where my Poseidon intake is and attach the outflow of the Sen to the intake of the chiller via 3/4" hose and run another hose at the out of the chiller back into that same spot. What do you think?
<Mmm, a shame to "waste" the added circulation here... to not run it back to the main display>
I would rather not run the out of my chiller back into the tank because i am afraid my overflow will not be able to handle it.
<And I am concerned that I will fail to adequately express my misgiving re there being only a single overflow. I would have at least two. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/thrhullsiz5f.htm
and the linked files above until you understand the gist of what we're talking about here. Too much to potentially (and easily) lose by not having redundancy built-in here. Bob Fenner>

Current USA Prime Tower Chiller model 2646 with Matsushita Low back pressure compressor DG73C12 05/19/08 Hi guys, I was searching for help fixing a compressor problem on my aquarium chiller and seemingly this has been a useless task as everyone keeps telling me to just buy a new one. Well that's great, but if It can be fixed it, then It should, its cheaper and its more eco friendly to do so in my opinion. <We are in agreement> So my question is this, I have a Current USA Prime Tower chiller model 2646 1/3HP. The controller and temp is working great and sending the start signal to the compressor but then nothing. I did get it to work for a minute and then turned it off as I was testing the unit and then nothing afterwards. The compressor is a Matushita R134A low back pressure model DG73C12RAU6 and there are 2 electrical components that attach to the compressor (and provide power to it) (Part # 6R8MD3 @1667 and Part # BT170-120A61D31186) and no one even Panasonic / Matushita / HVAC compressor parts warehouses have been knowledgeable on where to get these replacement parts. <Matsushita and its subsidiaries are a HUGE enterprise... parts should be available... I would have a refrigerator outfit check to see what part/s may be deficient here... might be just the capacitor> I'm not an HVAC tech so the inner workings of a compressor are a mystery to me but I CAN SAY ITS GETTING POWER TO the wires in front of the compressor but CANT tell if its getting to the compressor (through the aforementioned electrical components) or if it is then the compressor is bad or damaged or I'm not sure. <You'll be able to feel the compressor working (vibrating) inside the casing if it's working...> I was hoping that someone in the aquarium world was savvy on this and could advise me in resolving this matter. Thanks in advance, Chris Edwards <Again... it's worth the time/trouble/expense to haul the compressor et related parts to a refrigeration outfit in your town... see the "Yellow Pages" or Net equivalent. Oh, and please do write us back with your findings, observations, experiential account. Bob Fenner>
Web Listing  1/9/12

How do I list a compressor for the Current USA Prime Tower chillier model 2646 on your web site?  This compressor is hard to find.
Matsushita Compressor : DG73C12...
As per your web site "hard to find" compressor Aquarium Chillers  < http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ChilrCurr.htm>
200 Wyse Road Dartmouth NS B3A 1M9
Ph 902-466-7800 Fax 902-466-78888 Email sales@businessreach.ca
<Will post next to Chiller repairs. Bob Fenner>

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