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FAQs about Aquarium Chillers: Tradewind

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Chiller recommendation 7/30/05 Just wondering if you guys could help with a chiller recommendation.  We've had a reef tank for 7 years its approximately 160 gal ,metal halides (2) and lots of pumps Our 2stage  inline chiller is not working properly anymore, and we need to make a decision soon....... <I strongly favor inline (never drop-in) for efficiency, and am very happy with the construct and performance of my Tradewind: http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=597821&highlight=chiller Also what temperature would you consider optimum for a reef tank with some fish as well?   <I like 78-80F for tropicals Best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Re: TradeWind Chillers Thanks for the fast reply Bob.  We actually met at the Western Marine Conference in Sacramento (can't remember the year). <Ah yes... it's all a blur to me>   Anyways, we would be happy to send one of the crew at WWM a chiller, or Steven, whoever might have the time to try one out.  Please let us know the address and we can ship one out. Thanks again, Ted <Will cc Steven Pro and Anthony Calfo here. I firmly believe both/either would render you a worthwhile review. Bob Fenner> Ted Robinson Sales Manager www.tradewindchillers.com Phone 760-233-8888 Fax     760-233-8889

Re Chiller Selection 3/3/09 Hello Mark, I received a response from my contact at Premium Aquatics as to his input on chillers. I've pasted below for you to read. James (Salty Dog) Hi James, Both Teco and JBJ are good, middle of the pack choices when it comes to chillers. JBJ's history of subpar products does not carry over to their chiller line. Their units are some of the quietest on the market, and the compressor / internals seems to be built really well. The same can be said for Teco as well. If you are wanting a higher end unit, that is completely built here in the US with an excellent warranty, then take a look at the Tradewind line. They use the famous Copeland compressor in them, high grade titanium exchanger, and up to a 5yr warranty on some of the models. You also have the luxury of having the manufacturer right here in the US for support, as well as stock on replacement parts if that need were ever to arise. Thanks, Jeremy Premium Aquatics, Inc. www.premiumaquatics.com 317-895-9005 317-895-9395 fax

Re Chiller Selection 3/6/09 Hi James : <Hello Mark> Thanks for the info on the Tradewinds chiller. <You're welcome, will forward to Jeremy @ Premium Aquatics.> I contacted the company and this is what I found. Tradewind chillers are considerably noisier than Asian chillers because they use a much larger fan. This information was offered by the owner, Hal Collier. Noise is not much of an issue for me because the chiller will be placed in the garage. Also, instead of the typical titanium heat exchanger, epoxy coated stainless steel is used. This is of some concern to me. Do any of you have some long term experience with this line of chillers? <Members of the crew may respond here if so. <<I will... Titanium for the exchanger part of such chillers is vastly superior. Over many years, makes, models of use, our fabrication, maintenance company had best success with Titanium. RMF>> If a good grade of stainless is used, this should be of no concern. Stainless is graded by it's wear and corrosion resistance properties, and there are many grade types, 401 and 410 are good grades with high corrosion resistance. You may want to ask Hal Collier what grade stainless he uses on the heat exchanger. I'd post this on one of the forums, get input from actual users of the Tradewinds Chiller.> Thanks, <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> Mark.

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