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Genus Chromis Damsels, Part 2

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By Bob Fenner

Chromis fieldi Chocolate Dip or Two-tone Chromis. Similar to the now-endemic C. dimidiata which has a straight demarcation twixt the light/dark demarcation, whereas C. fieldi's is curved. To 7 cm. Mauritius 2016.

Chromis flavapicis Randall 2001. Eastern Central Pacific; Marquesas. To ten inches in length. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia pic. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm? ID=58948&genusname=Chromis&speciesname=flavapicis

Chromis flavaxilla Randall 1994. Western Indian Ocean; Red Sea, Persian Gulf. To 7.2 cm. in length. Sinai, Red Sea, 2019.

Chromis fumea Tanaka 1917, the Smokey Chromis. Indo-West Pacific; Northeastern Australia to Eastern part of Indian Ocean. Here in N. Sulawesi. To four inches in length. http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/species Summary.php?ID=10842&genusname= Chromis&speciesname=fumea

Chromis hanui Randall & Sverdluff 1973, the Chocolate-Dip Chromis. Abrupt white on caudal, dorsal and anal regions. Hawaiian island endemic, 6-165 feet. To 3.5 inches in length. Kona pix. 

Chromis insolata (Cuvier 1830), the Olive Chromis. An incidental Damsel shipped out of the tropical western Atlantic from time to time. To about five inches maximum length. A juvenile in Cozumel and adult one in the Bahamas.

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Chromis iomelas Jordan & Seale 1906, the Half and Half Chromis. West to Mid-Pacific. To 8 cm. Here in Fiji. 

Chromis lepidolepis Brown or Scaly Chromis. Overall bluish brown bodied; with distinctive white and black tips on the dorsal fin spines. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to East Africa. Mauritius 2016.

Chromis leucura Gilbert 1905, theWhitetailed Chromis. To two inches. Forked caudal w/ longer trailing elements. Usually deeper water, 100' plus. Indo-Central Pacific. This one off of Kona, HI 2019.

Chromis limbaughi Greenfield & Woods 1980, Limbaugh's Chromis. Found only in the Sea of Cortez, twixt Mexico's Baja and Pacific mainland. To four inches in length. This one in the Birch Aquarium in San Diego.

Chromis margaritifer Fowler 1926, the Bicolor Chromis. Indo-Pacific. To three and a half inches in length. This one odd of Pulau Redang, Malaysia.

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Chromis maritianis Tanaka 1917, the Japanese Chromis. Western Pacific, around mid to southern Japan. To 11 cm. in length. Photo of an adult by Hiroyuki Tanaka. 

Chromis multilineata (Guichenot 1853), the Yellow-Edge Chromis. Tropical west Atlantic. To about four inches maximum length. This is another unintentional catch Damsel offered infrequently. One in St. Lucia, another off Bonaire where the species is a common reef inhabitant.

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Chromis nigura Blacktail Chromis. To 6 cm. Indian Ocean. Common; found just above reef feeding on zooplankton. Mauritius 2016.  

Chromis nitida (Whitley 1928), the Barrier Reef Chromis. Western Pacific; Australia. To two and a half inches. Very abundant within its range. Heron Is., Australia.

Chromis okamurai Yamakawa & Randall 1989, the Okinawan Chromis. East China Sea; Okinawa. To 9.4 cm. Hiroyuki Tanaka pic. 

Chromis opercularis Double-bar Chromis, for the distinctive twin bars on their heads. At 16 cm. one of the largest Chromis. I.O. Here's a juvenile in Mauritius 2016.

Chromis ovalis (Steindachner 1900), the Oval Chromis. Hawaiian Island endemic. Lives in groups as adults. Zoo-plankton feeder. Adult greenish with dark fin edges. Sub-adults yellow-bodied with blue streak over eye. Juveniles (shown, photographed off of Honaunau on the Big Island) brilliant blue with yellow dorsal surface, and a more somber adult elsewhere off of Kona.  
Chromis pembae Smith 1960, the Pemba Chromis. Western Indian Ocean; Red Sea, East Africa to Tanzania. To 13 cm. overall. Red Sea image.  Lives over steep drop offs.

Chromis punctipinnis (Cooper 1863), the Blacksmith Chromis. A cool water member of the genus, found from central California in the U.S. to central Baja California, Mexico in the eastern Pacific. To ten inches in length. This eight inch one in the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach.

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