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FAQs on Coris gaimard Wrasses: Identification

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mystery fish off Hawaii   12/30/17
Dear crew,
I photographed this fish near the Captain Cook monument off the Big Island of Hawaii. I can't come close to an id. My first thought was Lavender Tang, but no pictures I can find show it with a yellow tail or white fins.
Then, maybe, Yellowtailed Coris, but that seems to be all wrong.
Doug Sprugel
<This is a male/terminal phase Coris gaimard... named by and for the French sailors.... Quoy & Gaimard... females and juveniles are more common... but this isn't a rare fish in Hawaiian waters. Bob Fenner>

Re: mystery fish off Hawaii   12/30/17
Thanks. I've seen smaller ("female") yellowtail Coris many times but didn't recognize this as the mature version without the blue spots, bright colors on the body, and face markings (probably hidden in this picture).
<Ahh; here:

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