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FAQs about Sea Cucumber Identification 5

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I.D       12/6/14
Hey guys just wondering if u could I.D this critter I found very slowly crawling around my reef tank. Not sure if it is good or bad for the tank?
Thx Cameron
<Looks to be a small Holothuroid; a sea cucumber; much more likely good than bad. Bob Fenner>

Mystery Hitchhiker      6/22/14
friend found this in a frag of corals he got in florida.
is it harmful? i think it may just be a small sea cucumber, but another person was saying it is a Zoa eating Nudibranch,
<Nah... I do think you're right... this is a Cuke. But I don't find it in my Holothuroid ref.s here at home>
but i don't think its a Nudi, its form doesn't fit what i have seen. just wondering if i could get some ID on it. thanks for the help in advance! :)
<And don't think it poses a predatory hazard. Thank you for sending this along. Am in turn going to share with others for a poss. ID. Bob Fenner>
John S
Re: Mystery Hitchhiker
Two in a week?! Lynn; is this a Cuke? I don't find it in any ref. B

Re: Mystery Hitchhiker      6/22/14
Thanks for the quick reply! i appreciate it :) when/if you find out a definite id, i would love to pass it along. thanks again! :)
<Will def. send it along if/when John. BobF>

fw: Mystery Hitchhiker
Two in a week?! Lynn; is this a Cuke? I don't find it in any ref. B
<Woohoo, I'll get right on it! -Lynn>
fw: Mystery Hitchhiker

<Yep, that's a Cuke - looks like the more stationary dendrochirote variety. I'll see what I can find out about it.> -L
Re: Mystery Hitchhiker: Cuke - 6/22/14

<Hello John, Lynn here today. Looks like you’ve got a nice little Cuke. The tube feet and feeding tentacles give it away. I wish I could offer a concrete ID, but I don’t have my research materials available to me at the moment. Regarding it being a danger to the Zoanthids, other that it competing for food/space, it looks like the threat may come more from the Zoanthids! In the photo, it appears that the polyp to the right of the Cuke is in the middle of ingesting one of the Cuke's feeding tentacles. No worries though, I imagine the Cuke will relocate if/when it feels too threatened. Sorry I couldn’t have given you a definitive ID! Take care, Lynn Z>
Re: Mystery Hitchhiker: Cuke - 6/22/14

Thanks Lynn! i appreciate your help and taking away some concerns :D
John S
Re: Mystery Hitchhiker: Cuke - 6/22/14

Thanks Lynn! I appreciate your help and taking away some concerns :D
<You’re very welcome, John! By the way, if you see evidence of the Cuke irritating the Zoanthids (polyps won’t open in the vicinity), you can always (gently) remove it and put it elsewhere (e.g., an out of the way area of the rock-work that still gets decent current). The Cuke may not settle there for good, but at least it’s away from those pretty Zoas!>
John Stephens
<Take care, Lynn Zurik>

Follow-up Re: Re: Mystery Hitchhiker: Cuke -      6/24/14
Lol the first thing he did was pluck it off his Zoas and put it on the sand bed. It kinda freaked him out lol.
Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated :)
<It was a pleasure, John!>
John Stephens
<Take care, Lynn Zurik>

Friend or Foe    12/27/13
Hi guys and seasons greetings
<And you Kel>
I have found the attached hitch-hiker critter in my marine tank (approx 5 years established)
<A beaut>
Can you please identify it and advise if its friendly/ coral/ invertebrate safe ? And how likely to populate my tank with offspring if I put it back in? For the time being its in my quarantine tank in isolation
<Is a Holothuroid of some sort... not harmful to most anything "macro"... >
Have flicked through Julian Sprung's reference guide to Invertebrates and the hitchhiker section of www etc but i really have no idea - sorry !
<See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seacukes.htm
and the linked files above. Bob "beche de mer" Fenner>

Re: Friend or Foe    12/28/13
<Big K!>
Of course it is !!!   Thanks so much. Their shape-shifting ability to squeeze/live in a hole in the rock threw me - but now have a better appreciation of their many talents. What an amazing hobby this is with so many surprises still popping up; and still so much to learn. Made all the better by generous souls like you and your team (half a world away) that help keep these critters safer in the hands of learners like me.
With many thanks
<A commensurate number of welcomes! BobF>

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