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FAQs about Collecting Your Own Decor for Marine Systems

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marine environment protection in Thailand      12/14/15
Hello! would you suggest me, is it allowed in Thailand to take away the dead coral skeletons, and bring them out of the country? I can't find any clear answer for this issue.
Best regards,
<I don't know, but would look about on the Net for who the authority is who can tell you... Something like the national Fish and Game; Wildlife agencies. Maybe some of them listed here:
Bob Fenner>

Belmar Beach?? DIY coll.  4/4/2011
<Hello Mandy>
We went to Bel Mar beach today, my hubby found some green kelp and we brought some home with a little sand and a sea cleaned clam shell. It's amazing how different the green color is of things that grow under natural sunlight, compared to the Caulerpa in my tank, which is a dark green...
However, the blenny wasn't interested in it. If I was being sentimental, I'd say he is homesick,....and dying of it.
<Really not a good idea bringing life home from the beach and placing into your tank. You may be
bringing home problems. James (Salty Dog)>
Re Belmar Beach??/DIY Coll. 4/4/2011- 4/5/2011

<Hello Mandy>
It's ok, I have problems already. After all, if I could make a real ocean tank, those creatures would be there any way. Maybe one of the reasons things die in our tanks, is because it's not a complete environment.
Lot's of things are missing......any way, thank you for your help identifying him.
<You're welcome.>
Oh, Bel Mar is in NJ. It's gorgeous this time of year, no tourists yet, just sea gulls and kelp.
Take care,
<Ditto. James (Salty Dog)>

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