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FAQs about Deep Sand Beds 10

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DSB for Nano tanks    7/1/29
Dear Team
<Hey Srinivas>
Am sorry to crowd you with the same old stupid question..
<There are no stupid questions>
However, pot a lot of reads on various sites, the confusion seems to have
increased many-folds
I previously had a 240 Gallon FOWLR
I had a sump and a DSB and it worked fine for more than 5 years until I was
posted at a different location (Job Rotation).
Owing to space issues, I now made a nano cube. A diehard fan of the sump
system, I build a 20 galllon ( net volume) sump.
Since the old tank was dismantled, I used the rocks and the sand in the
sump for a DSB.
The DSB chamber is 6 inches x 12 inches with 6 inches of fine sand. The
nano has been running for 9 months with only percula clowns.
Am planning to convert it to a mini reef and obviously needed modification
( lights and filtration)
The sump needs to be modified and am adding a new chamber to accommodate a
better skimmer.
Just wanted to check whether I can continue with the DSB or is it
hazardous for a nano system.
<I am a fan of using sumps with DSB, so I advise you to use it in the nano,
no hazard at all, it would be more beneficial using it than not.>
Warm Regards,
<Cheers. Wil.>
Re: DSB for Nano tanks    7/2/19

Thanks for the assurance Wil
<You're welcome Srinivas>
Please suggest if I should increase the flow over the DSB through a small/mini powerhead
<Yes, but it must be very snall or you will disturb the sand bed, a single air stone will do the job IF the surface on the DSB looks stagnant, otherwise I’d leave it with the flow created by the main pump.>
Currently it is a drain system with 1" bulkhead flowing
<Enough pipe diameter for a 20 gal.>
Warm Regards,
Srinivas Manian
<Greetings. Wil.>

Deep sand bed lighting      11/6/17
Hi all,
I Apologize if this was already covered in FAQ, but is there a need to light a deep sand bed in a sump? If not a need, then is there a benefit?
<Uh, really nice to have one down there just to be able to see; but unless you have a refugium w/ photosynthetic life, no functional reason>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

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