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FAQs about the genus Dascyllus Damsels: Systems

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Large (min. 55 gal.s) and uncrowded...

3 stripe damsel... behavior, systems 8/14/05 I have a 29 gallon tank that has one clown fish, two 3-stripe damsels  and 6 red leg hermit crabs --- and a young child.  I noticed last  night that one of the damsels was acting weird:  not swimming very much and  the white stripes appeared light gray. <Might be just night-time coloration... but this size, shaped system is too small for these three damsels (yes, the clown is one also)> I took him out and put him in a  quarantine tank.  I also discovered that the heater had been turned up to  83 degrees so I think this is what caused his problem (I have fixed the temp  problem and moved the control out of the child's reach).  The damsel perked  up almost immediately when I put him in the quarantine tank with water at 77  degrees.  When looking at him closely, I see that his fins are a little  ragged around the edges and there is a tiny bit of red right on the edge of his  tail fin. <Good observations... indications of stress, fighting perhaps>   He is to be swimming and eating okay.  My guess is that is  stress related from the temperature, but is it okay to put him back in the  tank? Lisa <You will see... but, as stated, this system is too small psychologically... You can read re on WWM... Bob Fenner>

Dascyllus How many Dascyllus would you put in a 30 gallon? <Depending on species none to one to possibly two... but this would likely be all you could place there fish-wise. Please see here re the genus: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dascyllu.htm Is it okay to quarantine that n in a 10 gallon tank? <Just one. Bob Fenner> Thanks guys Pablo
Re: Dascyllus
Thanks guys!!!!! More specifically Dascyllus trimaculatus or Dascyllus melanurus. <One, or two at most respectively. Bob Fenner>

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