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FAQs about Eheim Pumps for Circulation 

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Impeller for EHEIM Skimmer Pump 1260       8/12/16
Hi Guys
Could anyone help me to locate an impeller for an EHEIM skimmer pump type 1260.
It is mounted on a Deltec Skimmer and has needles on the impeller (presumably to aerate the water)
Thank You
Peter Vichos
<Mmm; if your local fish store/s can/t order it for you, I'd contact Eheim directly. I see your email addy ends in .za
so I take it you're in South Africa. I'd next try ordering from Deltec in the UK: http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/contact-us
See their contact and Worldwide Partners link at top?
Or other dealer there: https://www.eheim.com/en_GB/home
Otherwise, Germany itself.
Bob Fenner, who lives in CA and would order from Marine Depot or Live Aquaria in the US>

Re Deltec MCE600/Now Chiller Selection/Now Pumps 7/17/12
Dear James,
Great Link.
<Glad you found it useful.>
May I ask if there's a limit in reducing flow of Eheim Universal Pumps?
<Other than a complete shut off, no.>
Thank you.
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Best Wishes,

Max intake head on Eheim 1262    6/29/12
Team, after several exchanges with you on various topics, I now have a 180G with a 1.5 in overflow feeding a 30g sump ready on a Malawi cichlid tank.
I purchased an Eheim 1262 for using as the return and am a bit worried about placing it in the sump and having it "push" water just in case it runs dry if there was ever a leak/blockage.  Can I instead place it inside the main tank and make it "pull" water
<No, can't. These are centrifugal pumps (as most all are made for our aquarium purposes)... Only "push">
 from the sump (30 in vertical head plus two bends) and have an additional hole in the intake pipe just below water surface both to avoid water siphoning back (in case of power cut) and also to keep the pump pushing some amount of water even if the sump were to dry up?  I understand this would drop the effective flow rate a bit and am ok with that.  Given these pumps can be used externally, I am assuming they are built to take at least a little bit of head on the intake side or would I be ruining the pump doing this?
<It won't work period really... there's too much space about the impeller in the volute...>
Thanks so much as always!
<Am hoping none of ex physics students read this; call me to task for such crappy explanations. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Max intake head on Eheim 1262    6/30/12

Thanks Bob,
I got to try it out yesterday and found the intake pipe shuddering heavily trying to overcome the large suction head but not succeeding!
<Ah yes>
Information is something I can Google but for knowledge, I have to turn to your expertise:-)
<Am still holding out for a modicum of wisdom... Cheers, BobF>

Re: Shimming a wooden stand, and 1" through-puts, pump choice/size...      3/14/12
Bob, thanks very much for the quick response and yes the stand is a cabinet style and yes Marineland dual overflow aquariums are still 1" overflows.
Thanks for the link about the 1" overflow problems.  Im planning on using a Mag 9.5 as my return that I had lying around.  Do you think its too much for the 1" drains?
<at 950 gph, by far>
 The return is plumbed through a 1" SCWD using 1" pvc braided tubing and hose barbs and then into a section of pvc using a 1" sweep 90 elbow.
 In all there is approx 4 ft of vertical piping and tubing, along with 3ft of horizontal tubing, 4 hose barbs, a sweep 90, and the SCWD that the return has to travel through.
<I still wouldn't trust it, this... maybe both 1" lines dedicated to returns... I'd redrill or fit w/ a decent overflow box... See Glass-holes.com re. And 1.5 inch is what I'd choose>
Of course these numbers are actually x2 but since the SCWD only lets water travel to one side of the tank at a time, the second side shouldn't affect actual head loss (at least I didn't think so). I plan on most of my flow coming from 4 JBJ 1600 gph powerheads
on a Wavemaker so if the Mag 9.5 is to<o> much, I have no problem getting a smaller pump because Im not concerned with a lot of flow in the sump, really just enough to feed the skimmer and the refugium(which is fed by a split off from 1 of the returns with a union valve).  If you feel the Mag too much any other pump suggestions would be much appreciated.
<See WWM re... am a huge fan of Eheim's line>
thank you very much for your help.  I just wanted the opinion of an expert (that's an ego stroke....lol) to make sure my shimming was both safe and effective.  I figured......the more shims the merrier.
<I do agree. Cheers, BobF>
re: Shimming a wooden stand, overflow number, size      3/14/12

Thanks again Bob, I think I failed to point out the Marineland tank does have two 1" returns and two 1" overflows. (If that makes a difference regarding the Mag 9.5)
<Actually, not really. Any can accommodate "about" 300 gph, discounting siphoning... but I do NOT trust that any one, even two could become easily occluded. Am a huge fan of over-sizing overflows for volume, noise reasons.
Cheers, B>
re: Shimming a wooden stand; pump/Eheim choice for sump      3/14/12

Looks like Im Eheim shopping.  Any advice on a particular model or gph rating when considering head loss.
Your choice... I'd run "just some" water through the sump... B>
Re: Pump, circ. for sumps f'

Bob, after looking over Eheim pump models, Im leaning towards the 1260 model which is rated at 640 gph.  I was wondering if this is still too much flow for the dual 1" overflow lines.
<Mmm, too much for one of them, should the other be/get blocked... See our prev. email>
  My concerns with going much lower are being able to feed both my fuge and my reef octopus skimmer.
<Oh! The skimmer has its own pump I hope/trust... and a few turnovers of water to it, and the sump is fine per hour>
  The skimmer has the bubble blaster hy 2000s pump rated at 550 gph.  Question, do I need to have a flow in the sump that is at least 550gph?
<... Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/sumppumpcircf3.htm
and the linked files above>
 I was thinking with less flow than the skimmer is rated for, the skimmers pump would pump the skimmer section of the sump dry.
<... and the FAQs on skimmers in sumps>
 Please tell me Im wrong with that line of thought.  Thanks again, you have been most helpful.
<Rather than wait for a response, do please learn to/use the search tool (on every page) and indices. B>

Re Set-up Question ... Eheim pump pre-filters... maint.   3/1/12
Thanks James.
<You're welcome Les.>
One follow-up question.  I have two large Eheim 1262 return pumps in my sump.  These pumps have sponge pre filters incorporated in their design to stop debris from entering into the pump.  I assume these sponge pre filters can be "nitrate factories".  Should I remove the sponge pre filters, or is this not a big deal.  I do clean them, but only every three months.
<Will all depend on whether or not the water entering the pump chamber has been filtered.  If no filter pads are used and you cannot clean the sponges at least every two weeks, then I'd remove them from the pumps.>
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

A question on pump options. 12/30/09
Hello WWM crew!
I am trying to reduce tank/ drain noise as much as possible and have succeeded using two options. The first is to use an Eheim 1250 for my return.
<Good pumps>
The second is to use an Eheim 1260 dialed down using a ball valve to roughly the same level the 1250 puts out (a little less than 3/4 closed).
I own both pumps already so there will be no additional cost to me.
<For purchase... but operation... Better to... Oh!>
I do know that when experimenting with my Kill-A-Watt (my new Christmas toy), the dialed down 1260 draws almost the same wattage as the 1250.
With that being said, which is actually the better option in terms of pump longevity and heat? I am unsure if the 1250 would work harder to keep up with the head loss/ pressure, creating more heat than the dialed down 1260 makes. I understand dialing down pumps is the norm, but most likely not as much I have done with my 1260.
<Better to have "just enough" pump/ing and not dial down anything. I'd be running either just the 1260 or looking for another pump>
Thanks for all of your help.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner> 

Re: Pump Recommendation 6/19/09
Scott: as per your recommendation I ordered the 2 1262 Eheims.....now if you please- do you have an opinion on the new Tunze recirculation silence pumps??
<I have never personally used these, but am a fan of anything this particular company puts out.>
Also can you recommend a single pump that will deliver 1200 gph to the tank not too loud and no flow accelerator will be used....just up and over the side of the tank from about 52" below in the sump?????
<Ocean Runner 6500 or Reeflo Snapper will do the trick.>
Thanks in advance...
<Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Pump Recommendation 6/25/09
FYI : the Eheims were an excellent suggestion...I am extremely pleased....
thanks....will the use of the eductors shorten the pump life in any way ?
<They are great pumps. Most pumps will actually last longer with this type of restriction on them. Scott V.>

Water pump sel.  4/10/09
Best brand water pump for silence. I have a quiet one3000 that is quiet but I want something a bit stronger. When I hooked my uv up to my system the flow from tank to sump went way down. So I bought a quiet one4000 and it is loud and vibrates and actually has very little flow difference. Just wondering pump suggestion? Is eheim good and quiet?
<They are, and very true to the flow rating...you cannot go wrong with a 1262 for what you are looking for here.>
PS your book is a very good read. Pages are getting worn out already from all the reading.
<Ah, Bob will be happy to hear this!>
Happy Easter!
<You too.>
Sent from Penny Pendergraft
<Scott V.>

Re: Water pump 4/10/09
Thank you for your fast response.
I will go with the eheim then. I sure hope it's quiet. For the price it should be. Haha.
<Never a 100% guarantee, but these pumps have never let me or anyone I have talked to about them down!>
Sent from Penny Pendergraft
Ellcar Ventures Ltd.
<Scott V.>

Eheim pumps 12/28/08
<Hello Joe. Minh at your service.>
Do you know much about the eheim compact 5000 pump?
<Although the Eheim Compact series of pumps have not been available in the North American market for long, Eheim is very well-known for producing excellent pumps in the Universal Hobby pump series.>
Looking to buy it if it is quiet and can it be used to circulate water into a sump at 5 ft head. not much info online about this pump. Big Als Canada now carries it. It sounds like a quiet pump. Can i use it for this application??
<Based on the specs of this pump, it should deal with the 5 ft of head just fine. A quick search on a UK-based aquarium forum, Ultimate Reef, shows an interesting review comparing the Eheim Universal Hobby pump with the Eheim Compact pump: http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=252194.
You can review the thread for others' first hand experience with this pump.
Good luck, Minh Huynh.>

Return Pumps 11/29/08
I am in the process of upgrading my tank to a 180-gallon acrylic. So far I have done everything you guys recommend
in your faq and from your response to my previous email. As a refresher my 72x24x24 acrylic (live in CA) has two overflows for redundancy with 1.5" drains and 3/4" returns pipes. What size return pump do you recommend for this setup? I was thinking somewhere in the range of 1700gph but one of my LFS said I would be fine with just an Eheim 1262 with 900gph.
What do you say, closer to 1700gph or 900gph? Thank you very much.
<The Eheim is a very nice pump; quiet and dependable. The flow is plenty through your sump and will be just about 1/2 of what two 1.5" bulkheads can handle (with a bit of head pressure on the pump), putting you right at the 100% redundancy. Welcome, Scott V.>

Eheim or Aqua Medic Pump?  12/20/06
<Hi Matthew, JustinN with you today>
I have a Turboflotor 1000 Multi protein skimmer.  The Ocean Runner 2500 pump that is included with the skimmer is not operating correctly.  Despite cleaning it per the manufacturer suggestions, the pump remains noisy and is not moving water like it should.  Thus, I believe that I need a new pump.  
<Is this skimmer still under factory warranty? A noisy, ineffective pump is likely a defect.>
Due to several glowing reviews from the WWW Media crew, I am considering purchasing a Eheim 1260 Pump.  It has 634 gph max with a 12.1' head.  Since the Ocean Runner 2500 has a 650 gph max with a 8.4', I thought that the Eheim 1260 would be an adequate replacement in terms of gph.  Is this correct?
<I would think they would be very close, yes>
Another concern is that the Turboflotor skimmer uses a needle wheel.  
How does this work if I purchase another brand of pump?
<Contact the manufacturer for information on this.>
Will the Eheim 1260 be an good replacement for the Ocean Runner 2500 for use with the Turboflotor 1000 Multi?  Is there anything special I need to do to make it compatible?
<Again, you should contact the manufacturer in reference to these questions. They will know their hardware better than anyone, and will be able to tell you compatibilities with other pumps.>
Thanks for your help.
<No problems, Matthew. Happy holidays! -JustinN>

Pump For 72 Gal Bow Front? - 03/27/06
Hello Crew.
<<Howdy Steve>>
I just purchased an All-Glass 72 gal bow front that will be used for a FOWLR set up.
The tank came with the predrilled MegaFlow Overflow.
<<Mmm...is hardly “mega”>>
The overflow has a 1-inch drain, ¾-inch return, and max flow rate of 600 gph.
<<More like half that actually.  You “might” get the drain to flow close to the 600gph rating, but not without much fiddling/tuning/modification of the plumbing to handle the associated surge and noise issues>>
I am shopping for a return pump to be used in the sump of my wet/dry, and I am currently looking at these brands:
1) Eheim Hobby Pump 1260 @634 gph or Eheim 1262 @898 gph
2) Mag Drive 7 @700 gph or Mag 9.5 @950 gph
3) Quiet One 3000 @780 gph
Which pump would you recommend in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and quietness?
<<The Eheim...hands down the best of the three.  And do plumb with a gate-valve between the pump and the return to moderate flow as necessary>>
Are there other brands that I should consider?
<<You could, but not necessary in my opinion>>
Any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for such a great site.  Keep up the good work.
<<Thank you for your participation.  Regards, EricR>>

Re: Pump for Chiller  12/20/2005
Hi James <Hello Wallace>
Thanks for the advice!! <You're welcome>
I am looking at the Eheim pumps, and they range from about 300l/h (79US g/hour) to about 2280l/h (602 US G/hr) .. would you suggest that I get a pump around the 300 / 600Liters/hour or higher towards the 1200/2280 liter / hr ? <I would go with the 600 gph.  You can always throttle it down with a gate valve.  I'm thinking your chiller is efficient enough to process that amount of water per hour.  James (Salty Dog)>
Thanks again!

Pump Head & Extra Returns  9/13/05
Hi Guys, <Hello Brad>
How much head do you add when a second return is used? Presently we are looking at about 44" from the bottom of the sump to the top of the return. Berlin style filtration (no substrate) with L/R rubble in the 10 gal sump and 20 or so lbs in the display.
<If you add another return line to the powerhead/pump your gph will drop close to half since we are now pumping water up two lines instead of one.>
Also, is it possible to run two return pumps or do you think too much heat will be generated? I really would like to use 2 pumps in the event one goes down for reasons of safety and maintenance.
<Are they pumps or powerheads?  In a 20 gallon tank, powerheads should get you enough flow rate.  The Eheim's work good in this application and generate very little heat.  James (Salty Dog)>
20 gal, Dual .75 drains, " .50 returns, 10 gal sump
Re: Pump Head & Extra Returns  9/13/05
Thanks for your prompt reply James! <You're welcome>
<If you add another return line to the powerhead/pump your gph will drop close to half since we are now pumping water up two lines instead of one.>
This is what I needed to know and it makes perfect sense.
<Are they pumps or powerheads?  In a 20 gallon tank, powerheads should get you enough flow rate.  The Eheim's work good in this application and generate very little heat.  James (Salty Dog)>
Powerheads. I haven't purchased them yet as the second return left a question in my mind. I probably used the word pump incorrectly. "Pumps" being external and powerheads would refer to submersible pumps if I get the gist of what you are saying. Just so we are on the same page (my fault if we are not seeing how I'm the one asking the question) this tank has four bulkheads across the back. Two 3/4 (drain) and two 1/2 (return I'll give the Eheim's a hard look.
<Keep in mind the Eheims are not cheap, but they last forever.  I've had one in constant use for over 15 years and they do run cool and produce a good amount of pressure.  If you are on a budget, I'd consider the Hagen's or Aquarium System's powerheads.  James (Salty Dog)>
Many thanks for the information and your valued advice. Brad

Tunze Stream/Eheim/Seio - 04/26/05
< Hello! >
I am looking into buying pumps for circulation.
< Always a good thing, 10x - 20x tank volume as a starting point please. >
I am thing of buying either a Tunze or Eheim but I need to know which one is better between the two in the sense of reliability and life span of the pump?
< You won't go wrong with either.  Both are very well made, reliable, and quiet...though they are applied in different manners. >
Does any one know how good the Seio pumps are? (reliability and life span)
< Mixed reviews on the Seios.  In comparison to the Tunze/Eheim, be assured you get what you pay for. >
Thanks Mohamed.
< You're welcome, Eric R. >

Pump for Chiller
Hi Guys <Hello Wallace>
Just had a question regarding chillers in for the aquarium (Its summer over here).  I have a 5ft long tank, (approx 3ft deep, 2ft wide). Its basically a salt water reef and fish tank with live rock. During summer, I'm hitting max of 93F(34-35 degrees Celsius) , but usually hovering around 86F(30 degrees Celsius).  I have a chiller (Resun CL450) but my question is, what type of pump
should I use with this sort of chiller (as it didn't come with one)?  Unfortunately I don't have the box that came with the chiller when I
first bought it, but I don't remember a recommendation written on the box nonetheless.  I'm sure that the water pump shouldn't be too fast or it won't chill the water enough or as efficient. And I'm sure the water pump shouldn't be too slow as it wont be chilling its maximum potential amount of water. Would you be able to help out here ? Is there a rough guide as to what how big the pump should be (how many liters/gallons per hour) the pump should be for this sort of tank?
<Wallace, I can tell you that the chiller you have is designed to handle up to a 380 gallon tank.  If I were in your position I'd probably use a large Eheim pump, or another brand with an equal pressure rating. I don't believe a regular power head will do the trick. One way to make sure you are not pumping the water too fast through the chiller is to use a digital thermometer and place the probe near the outlet to monitor the temperature of the chilled water.  In a tank your size (225), I'd like to see around 2300gph of total circulation.>
Thanks! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

- Circulation & Pump Selection -
Jason, Thanks for answering my questions so fast. <My pleasure.> Just one or two more and I can get this show on the road. My over flow is 1,200 gph, I would like to turn over my tank volume 10 times. Its a 135 gallon tank. That comes out to 1,350 gallon. <Missing the mark by 150 GPH isn't going to be noticeable, but you can make up for it with powerheads in the tank.> I have about 5' of head. Would two Eheim 1060 -602 gallon pumps be enough pumping power, or should I go for a little more pump. <I'm not familiar enough with those pumps to say definitively... please use the manufacturer's rating for the pump output at five head feet and do the math... that where the answer will come from.> If so does Eheim make a bigger pump? <I think they do, yes.> I cant find any listed. One more question, Do you think my 30 gallon sump is big enough?. <Should be, but larger would not hurt.> Thank you so much Jason. Charlie newbie
<Cheers, J -- >

- Pump Selection -
Hi WWM Crew,
I have a question regarding a return pump for my new 135 gallon tank.  I am planning on having it drilled and adding 2 built in overflow boxes to the tank with 4 holes.  I have been reading your website every single night researching the pump and various other equipment.  I know the Eheim's come with a high recommendation from you all but I'm not sure if it has enough flow for my system.
<I don't think they currently import any of their larger models.>
The Eheim 1262 states about 850gph at 2 feet of head.  I am comparing this to the Little Giant (which comes highly recommended from my LFS) 4MDQX-SC which states 1200gph at 2 feet.  I know Eheim has great other products and a superb reputation I'm just not sure if it strong enough.  I appreciate any advice you can offer me here.
<You're probably looking at a the Little Giant or Iwaki pumps - there just aren't that many options in the Eheim line for you for circulation on a tank of this size.> Thank you for your help.
<Cheers, J -- >

Eheim vs. Mag returns
I would love to go Iwaki but I can't afford the $354 price tag.  What's your opinion of Eheim v. Mag?  Thanks again.
<For submersible returns, I like Mags. Eheims makes great products, but trying to figure pressure/head ratings is difficult compared to Mags. I use several Mags.  Craig>

Pump Questions
I am attempting to setup my new 72 gal bow front aquarium and I purchased a submersible Catalina pump (CA-2200) that states on the box that it pumps 800 gal/hr at 6' head. Well, I tested the flow rate multiple times by simply filling a bucket using a straight shot up with a 4 foot 3/4" hose and the actual flow rate was 425 gal/hr. I then did a real test by placing the pump in my sump and the flow rate up to my aquarium was approx 325 gal/hr (approx 4 foot head and 1 90 degree turn). Could I have a faulty pump?
<Possible, but do check what is the required diameter line for their flow rate. All flow charts need to show the gph, head pressure, and pipe diameter. You can pump a lot more water through a 1" line than through a 3/4" line.>
The pump is rather small (5.5" x2.8" x3.8"), is it even possible for a pump this size to pump this much water?
I have a feeling that the flow rate is a scam, would you agree?
<Do not know for certain, but not unheard of for an aquarium product not to live up to the manufacturer's claims.>
Anyway, I wanted to purchase a quality, very quiet pump this time and I know you recommend the Eheim 1060. The Eheim web site states the flow rate at 602 U.S. gal./h but gives no flow rate curve. I believe I rigged my overflow so it can handle approx 500-600 gal/hr. I want a return pump that can handle this flow. With this in mind wouldn't the Eheim be underpowered?
<It will not put out the water flow you wish.>
What would the actual flow rate for this pump be approx with a 4 foot head and a 90 degree turn?
<Ballpark 300 gph>
If the Eheim 1060 pump is not powerful enough can you please recommend another quiet, submersible pump that can handle this flow?
<Try two 1060's. I prefer to use tow sump return pumps. That way if one breaks (very unlikely with the Eheim) you have a second one that will keep things going until you get the replacement. If you don't like that idea, take a look at the Supreme Mag-Drive line. They will run submersible and are inexpensive and reliable.>
I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, Jeff
<You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Quieter Aquarium
Hi all,
<Anthony Calfo here again>
Thanks for your suggestions on the water flow noise. We will try them and hope for the best. These next questions continue the quest for a quieter aquarium. The first question is regarding the pump for my Turboflotor T1000. I’ve read on this site that the Eheim 1060 (although I also read that you recommend the 1048 and 1250 models??) is recommended instead of the Rio2100.
1. Is the Eheim the quietest pump out there for this job? Do you have other recommendations for quieter pumps that you think are good?
<really a subjective opinion and one that I doubt amounts to much. Most of these pump models are extremely similar in running noise. It is simply the nature of the beast in mag drives versus direct shafts (although there is a bit more variation in the direct drives). >
As well, we are intending to line the cabinet that contains the sump and pumps with “mass loaded vinyl” to deaden the sound transmission through the cabinet.
2. Is this better than soundboard? Are there better materials?
<wow, it seems as though you are very sensitive to the matter and I can appreciate that, although I've never deliberately examined or considered products and materials specifically for this purpose. Perhaps you can share the wisdom of your experience with us after you finish your project>
I also was going to T off from the main pump to the fluidized bed—instead of using the Rio400 that came with the system (it was very loud:))
3. If I wanted to stop the main pump for about 10 minutes each day for feeding, would this cause a problem for the fluidized bed?
<definitely not a good habit although each event may not amount to much. A better habit may be to have a delay wired to a solenoid so that the pumps would kick back on automatically (the failure by manual return is inevitable). You can even have a timed solenoid switch the path of the flow into a loop with the sump for ten minutes before switching back to the upstream path to the display to prevent O2 deprivation of the fluidized bed>
Thanks again in advance for your advice, Eileen
<best regards, Anthony>

Pump modifications, connection, customer service
Bob, I have a T1000 skimmer and the noise from the Rio 2100 is too much. I've done everything I know to do to decrease the noise level and nothing helps substantially. If I must, I am willing to upgrade the 2100. After thoroughly searching your site, it seems that you feel an Eheim 1060 would be enough power (100 gallon with messy, carnivorous fish and some corals). Here are my questions:
1) Is upgrading the best choice versus modifications to the current pump. . . if you know of any modifications to try?
<You can/could try switching out the impeller... there are some "stock" paddle wheel and needle types available from TAAM/Rio and others>
2) Will the upgrade substantially decrease the noise level?
<If the noise is principally due to the pump, yes>
3) Will the Eheim need any modifications or can I just connect and it use it just like the Rio?
<The latter>
4) If yes, what will I need to do so I can use the Eheim?
<Connect it...>
FYI. . . I contacted the maker of the T1000 about these issues and they were no help at all. In fact, I asked them several questions and they gave a one line response stating that currently they are working on a skimmer to use with a different line of pumps.
<What? Was this directed to Aqua Medic in Germany?>
IMO the original skimmer instructions (almost nonexistent) should have given me a clue about customer service. . .
<Do please contact the parent company>
Thanks for your help. Health and prosperity to you!!
David D.
<And you and yours my friend. Bob Fenner>

Hi Bob,
I just ordered your book, looking forward to reading it.  Question, I'm looking for pumps, one to run water back up from the sump
(my overflow box works best quiet) when the flow is towards 600gph), and one for circulation. I was thinking that I could mount a pump somewhere in the back and pump it to eject water in different directions. I have powerheads, but do not like the look. I know you seem to prefer Eheims and the 1060 seems to be the closest at 560gph but this will be reduced since I have a 4' head height. Dolphin has a DP800 which at 4' will produce 600gph(70W). Any advice or comments about the idea for circulation.
Roland the newbie canuk
<What's it all aboot, eh? Well, Eheim does make/have larger pumps, and the Dolphin line is also very nice, you hoser. I would go with either one. Bob Fenner, now stuck in the "Strange Brew" mode for the day>

Hi Bob,
I just ordered your book, looking forward to reading it.  Question, I'm looking for pumps, one to run water back up from the sump
(my overflow box works best quiet) when the flow is towards 600gph), and one for circulation. I was thinking that I could mount a pump somewhere in the back and pump it to eject water in different directions. I have powerheads, but do not like the look. I know you seem to prefer Eheims and the 1060 seems to be the closest at 560gph but this will be reduced since I have a 4' head height. Dolphin has a DP800 which at 4' will produce 600gph(70W). Any advice or comments about the idea for circulation.
Roland the newbie canuk
<What's it all aboot, eh? Well, Eheim does make/have larger pumps, and the Dolphin line is also very nice, you hoser. I would go with either one. Bob Fenner, now stuck in the "Strange Brew" mode for the day>

Pump question
Hi Mr. Fenner,
I've written to you a few times in the past week about the building, and plumbing concerns of a refugium.  I have a couple of new short questions. Which is better for lower heat transfer, submersible, or external pumps, or do they both give off about the same amount of heat? 
<In almost all cases external pumps are better>
I've been looking at the webpages of Eheim, Rio, and Mag pumps, which do you consider the best, and model ( I know
you kind of lean towards the Eheims) for my situation.
<The Eheims>
My tank is 100 gallons. This pump is to be used to push water through a refugium, and second sump used just to increase total water volume. This setup will be sitting in the basement, and pushing up about 14 feet
<Fourteen feet? Then none of the above. Look to a direct drive (not a magnetic) of size, power curve to fit your situation... maybe a fractional horsepower Jacuzzi...>
to the main tank on the floor above, and one of it's functions is to help with the water circulation. Is it also true that better water circulation helps reduce unwanted algae?
Thanks once again for all your wisdom
Greg N.
Montreal, Canada
<Bob Fenner, who has no wisdom, only scant knowledge>

Can't find anyplace to purchase a Eheim pump
Recently I had a problem with my Rio 2500 that I had been using as my main system pump. I gathered from my reading of your daily question and answer that you are quite fond of Eheim water pumps. I respect your opinion greatly and would like to replace my burned out pump with an Eheim however I can't find one. 
<Hmm, they're sold by a few etailers... please take a look on our links page for their URLs: http://wetwebmedia.com/links.htm>
I went to your sponsors web page at customaquatic.com and they do not mention Eheim.
<They've just started to carry the line... do contact them>
I found another web page premiumaquatics.com but they are out of stock. I went to Eheims web page and located 2 local fish store that are authorized dealers 1 doesn't have any in stock the other I refuse to buy anything from due to poor attitudes of sales clerks / owners on top off outrageous prices.
<Good for you... Am a big fan of good consumerism>
I currently have my 75 gallon tank running (not exactly ...more like limping) off of a mag3. Not surprisingly I have been getting a huge algae bloom. I need to locate an appropriate pump any help you can give me would be appreciated greatly. If I am unable to find Eheim would you suggest a second best pump.
<Perhaps another Supreme Mag... of larger size>
Tank consists of a 75 gallon perfecto aquarium, 192 watts of 10K power compacts@12hrs per day , @130 lbs. of Fiji live rock, SeaLife systems pro 200 w/built in protein skimmer (biomedia removed) not drilled. I kind of think that I need a submersible pump @ 600 to 900gallon per hour that will not heat up my water excessively or create a lot of noise. In addition to the main system pump I have 2 MaxiJet 900's and 1 Hagen 802 run on an aquarium systems natural wave timer (I have an extra Hagen 802 available) Also my protein skimmer runs off of another Rio 2500.I have a tsunami At1 to top off evaporated water around 5 gallons a week. One other thing that I was considering was to get rid of all my power heads and just get a really strong system pump so that I could keep an anemone for my 2 Percs.
<Oh, then perhaps an external pump... a Dolphin, Iwaki...>
Fish include 2 Percs, 2 yellow watchman gobies, 1 Banggai cardinal, 1 Kole tang and a Coris gaimard wrasse (changing from juvenal phase currently). Also 1 scarlet lady cleaner shrimp, 1 fire cleaner shrimp, 1 borrowing starfish. Corals include Briareum, elegance, pearl bubble, Hammer, mushrooms, seamat, green star polyps and Xeniid. I hope to 1 day get a powder blue tang but I think that I will need a much larger aquarium first.
<You are wise to wait here my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: Question on Water Pumps
Thank you so much for you quick reply. Not the answer I wanted, but better to know now... The Eheim was my first choice (I had read you opinion), however, I have had difficulty finding any in stock at the few places I found who carry them. 
<A sponsor, custom aquatic (.com) now carries these>
I was also considering a little more flow than what Eheim offers. Would a Velocity T3 or an Iwaki be a good substitute? Again,
thank you for your help and guidance.
<Hmm, a few factors to consider here... what sort of pressure and what amount of volume are you using this pump for? If you don't need that much of the former, and moderate (the Eheims come in three sizes in the West), I would go with the Eheim still... much less electrical consumption, much less heat (especially compared with the Iwaki)... and better service factor...>
Hoping I won't have to bother you too much more,
Hank Sauer
<Never a bother my friend. Thank you for helping me be more clear, complete. Bob Fenner>
Re: Question on Water Pumps
That had to be the fastest reply ever... I feel like I should be paying you for the wonderful service you provide.
<You are my friend. With your intelligent, caring input>
I already own one of your books, I think I need to buy more if you have them out! I am a believer in supporting those who support me.
<A worthy attitude>
I will use this pump as a return from my sump into a 90 gal tank, a little under five feet of head. The tank is FOWLR, I was aiming to increase turnover to around 7 times per hour... Is this overkill?
<Hmm, no>
As always, I appreciate your time, knowledge, and willingness to share both.  I feel like we should all be calling you Yoda LOL!
<I am shaped somewhat like this fanciful character... and today feel about as old! Bob Fenner>
Hank Sauer

Re: Question on Water Pumps
If you don't mind, one last question down this line, and I'll let you enjoy your Sunday. I don't believe the turnover on the Eheim would be enough for my needs, based on our prior discussion, and with your comment on the heat of the Iwaki, I'm leaning towards the Velocity T3. Would this be a good choice for me? 
<Yes, more actual flow>
I calculate 12 gallons per minute at 5ft to be 700+ gallon per hour.... our about 8 turns per hour on my 90 gal tank...
<About this, yes>
After this one I'll "use the force" for the rest of the day!
As ever, Thank you for your help and friendship, both are highly valued.
Hank Sauer
<And yours, Bob Fenner>

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