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FAQs on  Chemical (et al.) Communications

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Can Fish Talk? Gentlemen: <that's not really fair... I don't actually work for a living> I am writing this at the behest of my wife. Of course, I, not she, will be subject to your wonderful humor and good-natured ribbing. But, what the heck! <I just love the subject line... you made my night:)> We have had our hippo tang for almost 3 years in our 125G FOw/oLR. He is doing great and is my wife's favorite. When I go to vacuum the gravel during my maintenance, and get the vacuum near him, he appears to "talk". <of course... he's saying, "stop making all of that noise and get the hell out of my house."> At first I thought that this was caused by the movement of his tail fin by either hitting some decorations or making waves in the water. But upon closer review, the fish appears to be uttering some vocal sounds. <yep... lots of guttural utterances.. and did you notice him flicking his little fin under his chin repeatedly...heehee.> Please enlighten me so I can explain to my better half. <actually a good question. Indeed... the undersea is full of vocalizations. Many fishes make a wide variety of sounds with various methods (air bladders, grinding "teeth"/pharynges. etc). And such sounds are made for all of the reasons you might imaging, but often out of stress/aggression at a territorial invader (you bubba)> Thanks, Mitch <no tank you... and PS, your Blue Tang called me last night and said that he too was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Preseason starts in a month :) Best regards, Anthony Calfo>

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