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The Freshwater Eels of the family Anguillidae,  In Aquariums

Bob Fenner

Anguilla anguilla

Other Freshwater  to Marine True Eels (Order Anguilliformes, that turn up occasionally in the hobby).

Anguillids, family Anguillidae. One genus, fifteen species of mostly catadromous (living in freshwater as young to adults, moving to the sea to reproduce, perishing there) fishes. Shown: Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus 1758), the European Eel, at the London Aquarium. Anquilla rostrata,  occasionally offered for sale in the United States, is very similar.

Bibliography/Further Reading:


Fenner, Bob 1998. Eels, eels, eels. TFH 7/98

Helfman, Gene S. 1995. Spinning for their supper; American eels mate mysteriously, swim palindromically, and rotate at dizzying speeds. Natural History 5/95.


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