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FAQs on Anguillid Fishes

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Was: What kind of Moray eel is this?, now, pet Anguillid from Borneo      6/16/17
Hello Bob!
<Hey Ben!>
Speaking of edible eels, I just want to share a small video clip of my pet eel. They guy who sold me this eel called it a "Sidat", a river eel. Natives of Borneo (Kalimantan) said that Sidats are edible and tasty.
<Ahh; either Anquilla boreensis or A. bicolor likely>
But I will never eat my pet eel! It is so cute, I love it, it's very intelligent, it could sense me coming to the aquarium to feed it, and it takes frozen worms off my hands.
(pardon the video quality, my cellphone's flashlight is rather weak) I like eels, they are very fascinating in their own way. People said eels are voracious predator, but this one, mine, is very gentle and never bothered any of its tankmates. Except for eating small shrimps every now and then, but that's my eel being an eel, ha ha ha.
Thank you Best Regards,
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Asian eel needed for a story, 23 Feb 2007 I am writing a story set in China where I initially have trapping of edible eels, congers if they are in that area. The part of China where this story is set is either Hong Kong or Canton (Guangzhou) at this point, and I need to confirm what eel species might be in that area to make sure that I am correct in this part of my writing. I appreciate any help you can give me in this area. <Try http://www.fishbase.org. There you can do a search for fishes of a specific country. You will also find if the fishes are commercially important. Also have a look at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwanguilliforms.htm to get an overview on eel-like fishes. The common swamp eel Monopterus albus is just one example of an eel eaten in China. Cheers, Marco.>

Wild American Eel 7/26/05 Hi , <Hello> I live in Staten Island, New York and I was in the water and had a net and   caught an eel. Its small about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. I've looked around on   google and I believe its an American Eel. I brought it home with a baby crab, I found it in the ocean. I would like to know if I'm planning to keep it or at least try should I put salt water or fresh water in it ? Also what do they eat.  I can't find this No Where online. I know your probably going to say put it back  but can u pleaseeee.... just help me I really want to keep it for I never had an  eel.   Thank You So Much ! Stephanie Amore, NY <Likely Anquilla rostrata... should be kept in freshwater... Please use your search tools with the common and scientific name of this fish to learn more. Bob Fenner>

Jellied eels anyone? Dear sirs: <Antonio> We know your activity by internet. We are an Spanish group interested in import glass eels (alive, fresh or frozen), for cooking, with the following specifications: Length: 8 cm each glass eels Diameter: 3.5 mm each Count: 2,000 -2,500 pieces per kilo (half gram each baby eel) Color:    before boiled : transparent      after boiled ( 5 seconds): white with the black back. Specie: Anguilla bengalis, Anguilla marmorata, Anguilla celebensis .... Maybe conger eel? If you can supply us, or do you know any people can supply us, please contact a: alacasa@wanadoo.es All the best, Antonio Lacasa <Have you seen F.W. Tesch's new (3d edition) of "The Eel", 2003? I would secure a copy of this work and contact the principals listed in the front (Contributors) with your questions. Available through the publisher (translated from the German into English), www.blackwellpublishing.com Regards, Roberto Fenner>

- Blue Freshwater Eels? - Hi, Do you know if there is any type of freshwater eel that is blue or fluorescent blue in color? <Not as far as I know.> <Cheers, J -- >

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