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FAQs About African Dwarf Frogs, Identification

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Young albino frog... ID, hlth.  9/10/09
Hi I recently added some small albino frogs with my large frog .
<When you say "small frogs" and "large frogs" do you mean different species? I mention this for two reasons. The big species is (usually) Xenopus laevis, a subtropical species. The smaller species are Hymenochirus spp., and these need tropical conditions. So right from the get-go you have different temperature requirements: around 18-20 C for the Xenopus, and around 25 C for the Hymenochirus. Keep one too warm, or the other too cold, and you're going to cause problems. Secondly, Xenopus is an opportunistic predator, and it can, and will, eat Hymenochirus given half a chance. Do see here:
One of the small frogs has what looks like a air bubble come up on his leg.
<If it's still there some hours later, I'd be very concerned. Likely physical damage and some type of bacterial infection; treat with a suitable antibiotic. If there's a specialist pet reptile shop in your neighbourhood, then ask for help choosing a medication there. Otherwise, consult your vet.>
He looks and acts fine. Is this something bad?
<Potentially yes, very.>
Thank you Bonnie
<Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Young albino frog 9/11/09
Thank you for the info. Sorry I didn't say the frogs are the same species.
I will check with the pet store for medicine. The web site is great I printed it for farther information. Bonnie
<Glad to have helped. Good luck, Neale.>

Thank you with pictures...  10/14/08 Hello crew, <Hello,> Dr. Monks and Mr. Fenner have been instrumental in the survival of my Xenopus tadpoles. So first, I wanted to say thank you SO MUCH. And, now that 5 have completed morphing I thought they might like to see a picture or two. They're attached. Thanks again, for all the help and advice. <Ah, very cute! Thanks for sharing! Suspect these are the dwarf frogs Hymenochirus, not the much larger Xenopus though. Xenopus have fingers without webbing on the front limbs, whereas Hymenochirus have webbing on both their hands and feet. Perhaps different with newly metamorphosed individuals?> Laura <Good luck, Neale.>

Re: Thank you with pictures...  10/14/08 I'll have to look at those pictures again. There's no webbing in the front fingers, that I can see when looking at them in person. Regardless, thanks again. Laura <As I say, I'm no great expert on the family Pipidae! But my understanding is that only Hymenochirus have webbed fingers and toes, whereas Xenopus have webbed toes only. Have fun with the magnifying glass looking at their froggy feet! Cheers, Neale.>

Dwarf African Frogs What is the difference between HYMENOCHIRUS BOETTGERI AND CURTIPES? <Well... from what I have learned from some google searches, not much.  Apparently they look similar and are often confused. http://www.pipidae.net/david/Page2.htm#genus > Also why would new jersey list the former as an exotic species and require a permit? <Ya got me there, I might ask the folks who told you would need a permit, or whoever is in charge of supplying the permits. -Gage> thanks for any help you can supply.

Confused, poor grammar/spelling, and frogs how do I know the difference between an African clawed frog and dwarf frog? <Size, shape... that your other livestock are missing! Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/amphibfaqs.htm> also when they are small like an inch, do they grow bigger? <What? The Xenopus definitely do> if so how big? I'm looking on info on a dwarf, I had a clawed, I had to get another tank for it. <I'll bet... Learn to capitalize proper nouns, use spaces, write in sentences, please. Bob Fenner>

African Dwarf Frog, Invert??? I have a flame dwarf Gourami in a 20 gallon tank with an African dwarf frog. My flame dwarf Gourami has come down with some major abdominal bloating and I was told to use the APPLUS anti-bacterial solution to relieve the bloating.  However on the bottle of the anti-bacterial solution it says warning, do not use with inverts. I've looked all over the web trying to find out whether my frog is an invert or not, but have received no info. PLEASE can you tell me: is my African dwarf frog an invert??? <Oh... frogs are amphibians... are vertebrates, not invertebrates (along with reptiles, birds, mammals... and fishes!). Bob Fenner>


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