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FAQs about Freshwater Puffer Reproduction

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Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago       11/25/13
Hi, I am looking everywhere for some info, even on the puffer forum.  I have 2 t. abei puffers that I have successfully became Couple and mated!
<Well done!>
I've had lots of experience with community tanks and breeding,  some good, some bad! I want to know about the way the will parent....the development of the eggs,  the daddy is guarding them and the only other in the tank is the mama. He's not letting her near them, which I've read is normal.
<Yes. Among Pufferfish, it is standard for the male Puffer to guard the eggs until they hatch. They do not normal guard the fry once the fry are free-swimming though.>
However, is there a time when the parents are a threat to the eggs/fry?
<Yes; see above.>
Should I take the eggs out?
<Yes, if you want. Will do no harm if you want to do this. But you can also leave the male with them to sees what happens.>
Should I wait till they are more developed?
<Depends what you want to happen. I would leave the eggs with the father until the fry emerge, and then remove the fry for feeding/rearing in another tank.>
Right now they are clear with a white dot on them....or maybe its sand....but one piece on each?  I just know nothing about breeding them....apparently not many do!
<Quite so. Or at least, few pufferfish are kept successfully as pairs. So we haven't observed many species breeding. Carinotetraodon lorteti has been breed many times though, and some of the freshwater Tetraodon species on an infrequent basis (e.g., Tetraodon suvattii). Overall they seem similar to cichlids, but with only the male doing broodcare, and only as far as looking after the eggs and "wriggler" stage of the fry.>
Please help me so I can successfully have baby puffers! Thanks, Ravea K
<Hope this helps, Neale.>
re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago      11/25/13

Thank you so much.
<Most welcome.>
I removed them, now I feel bad cause the dad is looking for his babies but he was starting to eat the few left behind.
<Since this breeding event failed, he's recycling the energy as best he can... what animals do.>
Also he was very angry at the female and they both were attacking each other!
<Indeed, but with luck will pair off and spawning once more.>
Many are still clear with little dots but many are white, are those dead (the white ones)?
<More likely unfertilised eggs... white is the fungus, or at least the start of decay; remove. Healthy fish eggs tend to be mottled grey. Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago       11/27/13
Hi, it's me again! (Ravea) I've been watching, using an air stone and picking out white eggs from the separate tank.
<Real good.>
The parents are on good terms and I've redone the "cave" and put a smooth slate kind of under the sand so when they clean the area it will have a slate under it in the event id have to remove the nezte batch.  I've included pictures of the remaining eggs, My question now is what do you think. ..are they fertilised?
<Usually what happens is healthy, fertilised eggs start off clear than gradually become speckled. By contrast unfertilised eggs turn milky white then rot.>
Are they healthy looking?
<Certainly look okay.>
They are at certain angles clear, sometimes yellowish and slightly grey.
..I don't know what to look for and if I'm wasting my time trying to care for them. I've put them in a breeder....plastic box inside the parents tank so they would have best quality of water, heat and circulation.
So all I'm wondering is what do you think? Also if they are healthy eggs, how long before they hatch and what changes should I expect?
<Do read here:
Likely the details will be very similar. So ten days or so until the fry hatch, another couple days before the fry are actively feeding themselves.>
I'm really crossing my fingers for at least 1 live baby abei!
<Hoping for your good luck, too! Cheers, Neale.>

re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago      12/4/13
I've kept a few of the eggs in the breeder and although many turned white and I took those out I have 6 that remained clear... I thought I saw algae or something on them a few days ago but tonight I looked and they all have the same dots on them! Looks like eyes!
<Precisely what they are.>
And my mama and daddy puffer are at it again! The eggs were laid on the 22 or 24th of nov. when should they hatch?
<Off the top of my head, I think it's about 10 days or so. Do look at articles on breeding Tetraodon suvattii... it's likely to be very similar to Tetraodon abei.>
Thanks so much for helping me through this! I've included a pic of the parents.
<Very handsome fish; well done, and thanks for sharing! Neale.>

re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago      12/4/13
We have more today! I'm letting dad do his thing with these!  Now...what will I do with all of these puffers lol also what do I feed the babies when they hatch?
<As suggested a while back, have a read of this TFH article on Tetraodon suvattii.
I've not bred puffers so can't speak from personal experience, so reading a good quality report like that one will be really useful. In a nutshell, brine shrimp nauplii will do to start with, but you'll need a lot! The fry probably won't eat powdered foods because they hunt by eyesight, so get the brine shrimp going ASAP! It'll take a few days to hatch them. Use a large pipette (a turkey baster works well) for moving brine shrimp nauplii to the rearing tank. After the fry have grown a bit, you can try daphnia. Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago
Hi,  I wanted to update you!     1/3/14

<Please do!>
The remaining 3 abei babies are a month old, eating great (I've been hatching brine shrimp) they all look awesome/healthy and are very active!
<Fantastic result. A major fishkeeping achievement.>
Parents have laid eggs twice since this first batch but a few issues (like slate was too small, mom was huge! Eggs fell everywhere!) They are once again doing their romance thing but no mating colors so I'm ok with it. I'm getting the hang of it but I need them to slooooow down!
<A wise approach.>
Again thanks for everything!  I've included updated pix of everyone!
<Some terrific pictures; thanks for sharing with WWM! Cheers, Neale.>

re: Abei puffer laid eggs over 24hrs ago   1/31/14
Just wanted to show off my beautiful breeding pair along with the first babies!
<Wow! Am very jealous... the adults look beautiful.>
You have no idea how grateful I am that you helped me when I couldn't find any information or anyone else to help me care for my fish!
<Glad to help.>
This is truly amazing watching them! I've loved fish for a while but never had awesome ones like these guys!
<Pufferfish are definitely in a league of their own. It takes a while to convince inexperienced hobbyists that setting up one big tank for a Pufferfish isn't a waste of time and money... but once they get and keep these fish, they understand!>
The mama sticks her head out the water for me to pet her!
<Have heard of such behaviour before; yes, these fish are very good at "begging" so take care not to overfeed.>
Daddy...I don't trust him haha I wish there was some way to get my info about them out there so others can find out.
<You should definitely approach the editors of Amazonas, Tropical Fish Hobbyist or Practical Fishkeeping... pitch the idea of writing an article alongside supplying some photos. I'd be happy to read through anything, if you wanted.>
There is also more I'd like to know!
<ThePufferForum.com  is probably the place to be.>
Oh i have a question,  my couple have been mating colors for longer than usual, I've added cold water which seemed to help but still nothing. Can i do a water change or would that throw them off?
<Yes, a water change would be a stress factor that might put them off breeding, but only for a day or two... in the minds of most fish, changing water mimics rainfall, and that is in fact a spawning trigger in some cases.>
Again thanks for everything!
<Thanks for sending along these excellent pictures. Cheers, Neale.>

Spawning "Target" Pufferfish  4/2/07 Hello Friend <Hi Paul, Pufferpunk here> I am hoping you can help.  I have successfully raised many species of pufferfish but always kept my fish alone.  I recently purchased 2 target pufferfish about 3.5" long.   <The actual species referred to as the "Target" puffer, really hasn't been seen around for quite some time.  there are many of what we refer to as the "target group".  Check for ID here: http://www.thepufferforum.com/forum/ug.php/v/PufferPedia/?g2_GALLERYSID=20f33226b7c92397f4e8b8d0897e5f86  > After a couple of days of shaking their bodies on a particular plant leaf, I just noticed about 200 eggs on the leaf.  This is four days after seeing them shake on the leaf.  They are reddish brown.  One puffer guards the leaf at all times and will not let the Pleco or other puffer get close. <Congrats!  That's the daddy puff (or Puff Daddy ;) ) guarding the eggs.> I just want to know if these eggs have a chance of hatching and if so what I need to do now and after they hatch to ensure they survive.  I have found very little info on breeding puffers and none on breeding target/twin spot puffers.  Please if you have any advice for me to save these eggs it would be greatly appreciated. <I suggest contacting Rocker at this forum: www.thepufferforum.com.  He has had great success rearing fry from his freshwater T. suvattiis.  There is also a breeding forum you can post in there.  ~PP> Thank you so much, Paul

My Puffers laid Eggs, Tetraodon leiurus   4/3/07   Hello Friend <Shannon>     I am hoping you can help.  I have successfully raised many species of pufferfish but always kept my fish alone. <Often best, at times outright necessary... due to size/aggression>   I recently purchased 2 target pufferfish about 3.5" long.  After a couple of days of shaking their bodies on a particular plant leaf, I just noticed about 200 eggs on the leaf.  This is four days after seeing them shake on the leaf.  They are reddish brown. <?...> One puffer guards the leaf at all times and will not let the Pleco or other puffer get close.    <Interesting>   I just want to know if these eggs have a chance of hatching and if so what I need to do now and after they hatch to ensure they survive.  I have found very little info on breeding puffers and none on breeding target/twin spot puffers. <Mmm, me neither... Tetraodonts do lay demersal eggs, and defend their nests...> Please if you have any advice for me to save these eggs it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you so much.   Paul <I would watch over these eggs... see what develops... remove the young should they hatch, or the other potential fish predators... to other quarters... try raising various live foods... Bob Fenner>

Re: My Puffers laid Eggs   4/4/07 Thank you so much for the response.  They still haven't hatched. You mean I should remove the 2 puffs when they hatch? <I would... shortly thereafter... I don't think the parents will try to eat the young period... but... BobF>

Breeding Tetraodon suvattii 7/25/06 Hi, <Hi Karina, Pufferpunk here> I have a pair of Arrowhead puffers (Tetraodon suvattii). Are shrimp about 5-7cm (with shell) enough to keep their teeth in shape or do they need harder shells as well? <"People" shrimp are good but puffers need a varied diet.   See: http://www.thepufferforum.com/articles/puffer/food.html > The couple is spawning :-), <Congrats!> if the juvenile survive, what would be good for their teeth? I plan on hatching brine shrimp to start with but suggestion on what to give later is very welcome. <Ahhh... herein lies the problem of breeding puffers. Puffer fry are almost too small to see with the naked eye.  VERY difficult to feed!  I know of many that have gotten their puffers to spawn & hatch fry but they are almost impossible to feed.  The puffer fry are way smaller than newly hatched BBS.  One of the other problems is aggression.  The baby suvattii will kill each other, if not separated as soon as they have teeth.  This means 100s of small & then medium sized tanks, for rearing them.  Another problem folks are running into, is the parents eventually killing each other.  There is a fellow at www.thepufferforum,com, that has had some success at breeding these puffers but none of the fry successfully grew to adulthood.  If you are successful, I wouldn't worry too much about food for their teeth when young.  Here's an excellent article on puffer foods: http://www.thepufferforum.com/articles/puffer/food.html  ~PP> Regards Karina, Denmark I've got a dwarf puffer that I've had in a guppy tank for some time now.    7/13/06 <<Why in a guppy tank?  Guppies eat so quickly compared to DP's, and DP's are notoriously vicious for their size.>> Yesterday, I walked past the tank, and I noticed that the dwarf puffer had a fry coming out of its body.  I quickly did a bit of research, and I found that dwarf puffers lay eggs, not birth live.  Yet there are about 3 or 4 babies swimming around the tank, each with barely-there puffer spots. <<??? DP's certainly do lay eggs.  That's quite confusing indeed!>> My question:  How is this possible?  Could it be that it's not a dwarf puffer, but a different type? <<No.>> I've owned many dwarf puffers over the past few years, and they always look the same as the one I had.  Is it possible that maybe a guppy gave birth to fry, and this puffer ate a baby whole, and it didn't break down in the puffer's body and he passed it as it was when he ate it? <<I'm not sure.  I do know that live artemia have been expelled out of some fishes' digestive tracts, but I've never heard of this happening with DP's.  What exactly does the fry look like?>> I've never seen anything like this, nor have I heard of anything like this happening, but none of my guppies have even looked pregnant, much less given birth before. Help! <<I wish I had more information for you.  Are you certain the fry was coming from its body? Study it closely and make a definitive ID; DP, guppy, or neither. Lisa>>

Link regarding Dwarf puffer fry   7/6/06 Dear Mr. Fenner,      <Susan>   Hello!      I came across some French content on puffer fry which I translated into english via Google.  The article is VERY informative and the photos of the eggs and fry are very nice.  So I thought I'd share them with you perhaps you can add them to your WetWebMedia puffer pages.  Recently my puffer laid eggs.  Your pages have been very useful to me always.       http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Faquariums-bonsai.ifrance.com%2Ftetraodons.htm&langpair=fr%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools      Thank You,      Susan <Thank you for this. Will post/share in turn. Bob Fenner>

Dwarf Puffers WWMC, <Hi, Pufferpunk here> Hello I have two questions... How Do you sex dwarf puffer? they both (2) just turned a yellow tint. Are there any sicknesses or disease that make them change color? (like Yellow) <Here's a link to a great website about dwarf puffers.  It is translated from Japanese. http://www.rr.iij4u.or.jp/~kohda/en/en-dwarfpuffer.htm After reading it, you have any more questions, just write me back.--Pufferpunk>

Puffer Fry 2/1/04 <Hi, Pufferpunk here> Hi, my black spotted freshwater puffers egg hatched and I collected the babies in a nursery. Now I've had a bad out break of lice in the tank. Can I treat the tank for lice or do I have to remove thaw babies first? Thank you for your time.  <Are you talking about dwarf puffers ( Tetraodon travancoricus)? Those are pretty much the only easy puffer to breed in captivity. What do the "lice" look like? Here's a great site on your puffers: http://www.dwarfpuffers.com I definitely would not put any meds in the tank with the fry. ~PP> Tim 

Puffer Breeding ?? Hello, Thanks for your Website and your fast replies to my questions. I've learned a heck of a lot. I have an adult arrowhead puffer and I want to breed him (or her) in the future. How would I go about doing that? First of all you can't sex puffers so would I have to keep buying them until they breed? They aren't cheap. Also, what size tank would you recommend? And is there anything specific I should know about the babies, or better yet, is there a good website that can tell me all this so you don't have to? Thanks a lot! Eric <Hey Eric, check out this site http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/thread.jsp?forum=91&thread=8676&msRange=15 this is a conversation with a person who has actually spawned this species.  Good Luck! Heather>

Dwarf Puffer Bullies 2/14/04 <Hi, Pufferpunk here.  I must start out by asking you to please use capital letters at the beginning of all your sentences.  These questions are posted on our website & I have to take the time to correct this, before we can send it.  This takes precious time away from my helping folks with their fish.  Also, it would be helpful if you added a subject title, so we can better sort out your questions to the best person to answer them.  Thank you!> I have 3 dwarf puffers that are in a 10 gallon tank with lots of plants to hide in and a little cave. The bigger on has picked out one of the other ones to pick on and will not let it swim around in the tank. It has to stay still or it will go after it. Do you think i should take the bigger one out and put him by himself or just let them work this out? <I am wondering if you might have 2 males in your tank that could be causing the problems?  Male dwarf puffers will fight.  The ratio in dwarf puffer tanks is best at 1 male to 3 females, or all females.  To ID the sexes, look on this site: http://www.rr.iij4u.or.jp/~kohda/en/en-dwarfpuffer.htm  If this does not look to be the problem, then maybe there is not enough decor in your tank.  All puffer tanks with more than 1 puffer need several broken lines of sight, to establish territories & cut down on aggression.  Even with good established territories, there is always a chance that you have a dwarf puffer that just doesn't play well with others.  In that case, try returning it for a different one.> Thanks <Good luck & enjoy your puffer friends! ~PP>

Sexing Green Spotted Puffers how can i tell the difference between a male and female spotted green puffer (about 3 inches long each) and if i do happen to have one of each, how can i get them to mate? thanks Dennis <Hello Dennis, from what I have heard the sexual differences are internal, and there is no way to tell from the outside.  there's a lot of information in articles and FAQ's on our WWM site on this topic... check out the following pages and links at the top: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwpufferfaqs.htm, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwpuffers.htm, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwpufffaqs2.htm, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tetraodontpuffers.htm Best Regards, Gage>

Egg-heavy puffer? (07/24/03) <Hi! Ananda here with the puffers this afternoon....> Hi I have two figure eight puffer fish.   <So do I. :) > I was wondering if you could tell me about them laying eggs.   <Very little is known about these species' reproductive cycles.> One of my puffers got really fat overnight and it looks like she is gonna burst.  Would this be eggs or what.   <I would suspect other things before eggs, which would be unlikely to develop overnight, I think. Did it perhaps overeat? Also, I've heard of at least one instance where a puffer had gas. Another possibility is that it's stressed and puffing up (unfortunately, I can't describe exactly how that looks on a figure eight, since I've never seen that species puff up). How long is the puffer?> Can you send me pictures of a Pufferfish that is gonna lay eggs.   <Alas, no...but a photo of your puffer would help.> And what do I do to keep my other fish from eating the eggs? <Probably remove either the other fish or the eggs from the tank. I'm not yet convinced that the puffer is egg-heavy...> Please help me and e-mail me back.  Thank you so much Brandon and Amanda <You're welcome. --Ananda>

Pregnant puffer? <Hi, Ananda here tonight...> Hi, We've had two green spotted puffers in our tank for about a year now and about a week ago we noticed that one is looking quite pregnant.   <Hmmm. How large is the puffer? As adults, they are at least 4" long.> If it is indeed pregnant how do we keep the other fish in the tank from eating the eggs that will be laid or the fry eaten?   Joan <Almost nothing is known about the breeding of these fish. I'm not certain that there are any records of them breeding in captivity. Please do get back to me with more details about the fish, tank, and water quality (every single thing you can measure) -- I fear the puffer may not be healthy, but if it is and you truly do have a pregnant puffer, the data will be valuable. --Ananda> Figure Eight Puffer Fry Hello again Mr. Fenner, I hope you are doing well. I am writing to seek some advice about one of my quarantine inhabitants. I want you to know I have done all of the research I could get my hands on, and have exhausted all of my theories. I am getting somewhat desperate here. <Let's jar your memory, give you a bit more to cogitate furiously with> On October 24th I received a call from my LFS about a nasty torn finned Figure Eight Puffer (Tetraodon biocellatus) they needed help with. I have little experience with fresh to brackish water fish, but was happy to see what was the matter. I went down there that day to see the puffer. The staff expressed to me that they felt the puffer was pregnant. How they came to that conclusion I do not know. :) I had no reason to doubt their concern, so I told them I would take her home and see what happens. She was about 2 1/2 -3" in length and beyond the norm for puffer chubbiness. It's fins were torn quite badly (I am convinced it was shipped and bagged with others of it's species)  <Common, and common result> but she ate well and adapted to my QT tank without incident. On November 2ed almost over night, her belly darkened and had 2 distinct lumps. One below it's mouth and 1/4" below that, a much larger darker swell. I did all of the research (asked on WWF and Ananda was quite helpful) <As I've seen> I could, and honestly became convinced it could not be a pregnancy. Bloat? Naww.. she swam around like she owned the tank and ate like a mad fiend. Five days ago I awoke to go start my morning tank chores to find one very FAT mama puffer and 5 little babies hiding behind a banana leaf plant. I put the puff fry in my nursery tank and proceeded to freak out at how large mama was. Calmed down some and guessed she ate the rest of the family. :) <...! Are you sure these are puffer babies? All tetraodontiform fishes are oviparous... not livebearers... Takes two to tango, with pelagic period...> I have tried everything under the sun to get these little fry to eat. I am down to 3 fry now. They are about 1/2 the size of an eraser on a # 2 pencil. So cute they will drive a person crazy. I have tried newly hatch brine, and Mysis, slurry of all sorts of ingredients, baby snails and SMALL pods from my refugium are all that seem to sustain them. Now they seem to have lost interest in that and are rather lifeless. I think another puff fry is going to be lost today because it is bottom dwelling and looking rather sad. I add a low dose of vitamin supplements to their water as well. Water quality for the fry and mama are all good. Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate 0, temp a balmy 80*, soft water flow. 2 of the three do look somewhat active, but how to stimulate their appetite is at this point unknown to me. Any suggestions are beyond welcome! <Live baby brine shrimp... which you can hatch out... but for now which you can have your LFS strain out (with a fine mesh, usually white in color, net under their larger net...) Now about mama. She is looking to have signs of bloat now. She will not eat, hardly moves. I thought I would give a Epsom salt treatment a try, but I have a nagging suspicion that it was birth her fry. any trauma related to it that is causing this reaction. Is it at all possible for infection to accrue, as I have seen with marine fish, after birth?  <Yes> I always hesitate to give any kind of chemical treatment without a firm belief in the cause of the illness. I am not sure about the presumptions I am making. She was fine the day of and the day after her birth. It sounds like an infection setting in to me. <Which hopefully can, will solve itself with time, good general care> Again, if you have some thoughts as to what might be at play here for both I am all ears. I hope I gave all of the information needed. I have the fry and mamma's plight well documented so if you need additional information I would be glad to supply it. Forgive me for the long post. Hope to hear back from you soon. I wish I could repay you for your time and effort. Happy Holidays Lenore <No worries re notions of remuneration. My "pay" is manifold in your, others involvement in life, concerns even just here, let alone the obvious good exercised else... Don't consider that there is much more to do than you have mentioned... if/when the young are a bit larger do try a glass dish on the bottom with some Tubifex/tubificid worms... Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: Figure Eight Puffer Fry Mr. Fenner, Okay, I thought I was freaking out before, now I think it can be called going crazy. Not puffer babies?? ::insert hysterical laugh:: What the heck could be going on that I could misinterpret this. I am 99.9% sure that the puffer in my QT is in fact a figure eight. The babies are small, but I swear to you on all that is holy that they look to be a miniature of the puffer. <Amazing... strange> Good grief, not live bearers. That's great. ;) Okay, now that I am thinking that my .1% might be a big factor here. Could you suggest a possible other fish (similar in appearance to the figure eight?) that I would mistake as a puffer? <More likely... that whatever young they are were transferred in the bag, introduced into the system in some other way... these do look like very small versions of the "parent" I trust> I will try the baby brine once again and cross my fingers that they will take to it. Thank you for your obviously much needed help. :) Lenore <A pleasure, yet mystery for sure. Bob Fenner>

Green/gold puffer Robert,  first off, a very informative sight. <Where? Oh, you mean site...> Next, a question which no one at the pet store could answer. I bought a freshwater green/gold puffer. All was well until she (I am assuming it is a she) got sluggish. A couple of days, she was hanging on, not doing too well. However, I noticed a small bubble egg-sack with eggs inside. It was laid on the slant of a rock. My questions are : does this sound like an egg-sack? <Maybe, but not of a puffer> also, does this breed lay pre-fertilized eggs?  <No, egg scatterers, no parental care... eggs float about in the epipelagic environment...> or does the male come  and fertilize after?  <They spawn (release their gametes/sex cells) into the environment after a bit of "courting-dance"> it seems that throughout the past days, the eggs are getting more white (or yolkie?) <Likely "fungussing"... if these are eggs (from somewhere), they are "going bad", decomposers consuming them> for now, I have removed the dead puffer and all other fish to see what happens. I have a real small tank (under 5) and want to see if they will hatch (or if they are even fertilized) Also, how long approximately does it take from lay to hatch? I appreciate your expertise, Glenn <Do you have any snails in this system? Other sorts of life? Bob Fenner

Re: green/gold puffer Robert thank you for the response. here is the thing...there were only two other animals in the tank. One a guppy which the sack is bigger than, and a snail smaller than half a pinky-nail....Leading me to believe that it was the puffers work. These are the only three to have ever inhabited the tank. Now, the sack is in there alone. Any ideas? <Hmm, think this may be that small snail, or perhaps others hiding in your substrate... Next most likely possibility, an insect (from outside the tank) using your system to reproduce... next category? Algae of different sorts that look "egg sack like"... Have you got an inexpensive microscope (up to fifty power?) or friends in a bio. lab with same? Perhaps a closer look would be revealing. Bob Fenner>

Re: green/gold puffer I've got a microscope...ill take a look. thanks for your help. <Ah, and likely a doctorate in invertebrate zoology! Make it known if I may be of assistance my friend. Bob Fenner>

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