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Hey there Neale!   Helcogramma gymnauchen (Weber 1909), the Yellow-Lip Triplefin.     

Living Sea Will Tattoo Your Fish!   2/6/07 Hi Crew,

I know a lot of folks look forward to visiting the LFS, Living Sea, when they come to IMAC.  I have witnessed some really immoral things going on there, with total disregard for a fish's welfare (selling dozens of bettas, knowingly for fighting, for one...) but this takes the cake!  For $150 they will get a nice, big, white fish, custom tattooed for you!   How wonderful!  Furious, Jeni/Pufferpunk

Tank size, salty Plecos, FW book recommendation Wow, that was really fast! Thank you so much for the reply, I will get the kit tomorrow hopefully from PetSmart, I live in Texarkana, Texas which is a small town in east Texas, you may have seen the movie the Town that Dreaded Sundown which was a true story that happened here in the sixties, it was a low budget movie about a serial killer, that movie pretty much shows how small this town is but it's getting much bigger. PetSmart just opened in January and there are only two other pet stores that carry fish supplies here that are pretty small and do not carry hardly any fish supplies so thank god we got the PetSmart! Thank you for the info on the Plecos and the violet goby. What size tank should I purchase to house them in? <At least a thirty gallon> Can the Plecos be housed with the goby and can the Plecos handle brackish water? <Can tolerate some salt, but most species are best kept in salt-free circumstances (most tap/source waters do have some salt content... combinations of metals and non-metals...> Sorry for more questions! Also, could you recommend a good book for me that would contain like all the information like meds and maintenance on these fish? <I wish... maybe see Amazon.com, read their reviews re what others consider most complete and up-to-date... In the meanwhile I and Sabrina here are cranking out such a title> Thank you so much, I know your time and info are very valuable to me and many others! <Glad to share. Bob Fenner> 

Plastic Canvas for fishy art Ronni: Thanks for your prompt reply! <You're welcome!> I just want to be sure that I get the proper material. I am trying to envision plastic canvas...for what purpose is this used so I can try and explain to store personnel if I don't readily see it on the shelves. Mitch <It's used in crafts to do cross stitch or embroidery with yarn. Do searches on eBay or the web for Plastic Canvas and you should find a bunch of listings so you can see a picture before going out to buy some. It's very inexpensive, an 8x10 sheet should only cost about 40 cents. It's usually found near the other cross stitch and embroidery stuff in stores. Ronni>

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