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FAQs about Faviid Coral Pathogenic Disease  

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Possible Parasite on Favia Frag... acting sans reading... 3/11/10
<Hello Ben>
Thank you firstly for all the brilliant sound advice I glean regularly from your excellent site, almost always if I have a problem, somebody else has had the same and asked for help.
Almost always.
I have a Favia frag I recently purchased, however it at first seemed to be doing fine attached to a rock down on my live sand bed.
<Most Faviids don't "live" on the sand>
But, I noticed recently a spot of dyeing
<And dying?>
flesh with bare stonework showing through, this is getting gradually larger over the past 2/3 days and has now spread to 2 spots. I have noticed that as well as it's normal feeder tentacles, the Favia has much longer darker tentacles coning from underneath the rim, where the Favia stops and the old skeleton/rock starts. Is this normal, or is it likely that some kind of parasite has burrowed in and is sending out tentacles to feed, as well as feeding off my Favia possibly?
<Can't tell from here; but whatever it/this is it not likely parasitic>
Do you think the two are linked?
<Might be>
I have tried to kinda clean out round the rim of the Favia with tweezers
<I would not do this>
(but to be honest I don't know if I'm doing more harm) and I have used epoxy resin to seal all the bare rockwork so only the actual Favia is now showing,
<Nor this>
again, is this correct or is it likely the 'thing' will now either feed solely from my Favia, or burrow through it?
<... what thing?>
I have moved it to a different base and I will keep an eye on it to see if this creeping disappearing flesh continues, any advice you have would be most welcome.
<Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/faviidae.htm
the linked FAQs file for the family, above... You haven't given any data re water quality, other tankmates, the system, foods/feeding... Nor a photo illustrating what you're getting at. Time for you to read>
Finally, again, great work on the site, I think most of my corals/fish have benefited from your experience at some point.
<Please use it. Bob Fenner>

HELP !! Candy Cane Coral and Parasites <Not> 4/29/05 I've recently ran into a problem with a Candy Cane Coral Frag.  It has been in my tank for a few weeks now and one of the polyps was damaged when I got it.  The rest looked healthy and after a few days in my tank began developing good color and inflated polyps.  The damaged polyp even seemed to be coming back. However, about a week ago I noticed white "things" (I'll refer to them as parasites from here on) all over the damaged polyp. I kept my eye on them   and they would come and go but always overwhelming the polyp. <from the image these are clearly not parasites but instead are mesenterial filaments from the coral being stressed> So last night I decided to do a freshwater dip for 30 seconds, making sure to match pH and Temp. The parasites seemed to shrivel up and I thought I got them. However within minutes they came back in full force.   <because of the stress of the dip> As I watched them seemingly come out of nowhere I noticed them begin to show up on the healthy polyps too. I watched this happen very slowly, too slowly to see these things moving. As far as I could tell they came from between the polyp and the skeleton and in some cases looked as if they were pushing through the tissue in the middle of the polyp. I documented the take over at the following site (thumbnails are clickable to a larger version) The first pic in the series is before the freshwater dip. http://users.arczip.com/manfrotto/images/Photohost/candy%20cane.html And this link will take you to the photograph I took of it this morning http://users.arczip.com/manfrotto/images/Photohost/candy_morning.jpg I've asked around and can't figure out what these are and I don't know what to do next.  I appreciate you opinions and comments very much on this. Sincerely Michael <do a keyword search on our website and beyond for "mesenterial filaments". Continued good water quality and feeding/water flow will recover this coral in time. Have patience my friend. Anthony>    
HELP !! Candy Cane and Parasites II 8/31/04
Thanks Anthony for getting back with me.  I'm glad to hear that these aren't parasites, I thought I was in for a plague.   I actually considered  that these may be a part of the coral but I always assumed, more or less,  that any defensive posture was expelled from the mouth not from the sides of the coral < a common/understandable assumption> and that they (the mesenterial filaments) would sway in the water instead of clinging to the polyp.  I've not messed with the coral since that first FW dip and it has begun to come back again, although I did lose the one already damaged polyp.  Not too worried about it though since I know I can work on growing this frag without concern.  Thank you  again for your help.  By the way, feel free to use any of those pics as  helpful reference if you'd like. Michael <thanks kindly, my friend. Anthony>

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