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FAQs on Glass Aquarium Repair, Chips/Cracks 8

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Chip in Inside Front Pane of 135 Gallon Aquarium     8/30/12
Hello WWM Crew:
I've been reading through your pages on Chip/Cracks, but the answers seem to be situation specific.
<They are>
 So, I figured it would be best for me to explain my situation. I purchased a used tank (72 x 24 x 18 high; 1/2" glass) to transfer my current reef tank into something shallower. While filling it with water for the first time, I noticed a chip in the inner front pane that wasn't visible while the tank was dry. The chip is on the inside of the front glass, just above the bottom silicone bead, 15 inches from the end of the tank. It is about the size of a quarter and fairly shallow, ~1mm deep at the most.
<Mmm, shouldn't be problematic>

I have attached a photo
<Nothing attached... may have been stripped by our filter due to format, size>
that hopefully better shows what I am attempting to describe. Will this chip affect the structural integrity and cause potential failure?
<Not likely; from the description>
 And, if so, is there something I can do to help the situation?
<Naught I would do>
 I was planning on running the tank bare-bottom, if that changes anything.
<Does not>
Thank you in advance,
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: Chip in Inside Front Pane of 135 Gallon Aquarium   8/30/12

Thank you very much, again, for your response. I re-attached a photo, for reference sake.
<Thank you. Again, I don't think this chip will be a problem structurally.

Shipped <Chipped> aquarium     8/25/12
I just got a used 112 gallons aquarium. 60x24x18.
And after removing the trim
<Mmm, I would leave the trim in place... does functional jobs... strength, hiding water level... protection from cuts >

 (black thing all around the aquarium to cover the edge of the glass)
I noticed the glass was chipped on the top right side And completely missing a quarter inch of glass.
<I see this in your images>
There is no crack at all just chipped glass.
Do you thing it could crack or break in the future?
<Not likely, no>
Also sorry for any mistake i could if make I'm not English.
<No worries... again, I'd Silicone/Silastic a frame back on here. Bob Fenner>
 Fwd: Shipped aquarium

Hi i forgot to mention that the glass was 5/8 thick.
<Same response>
Thank you in advance.
<Welcome. BobF>

Re: Chipped aquarium     8/26/12
Wow thank you for the fast answer
And thank you for your advice.
<Glad to assist you Dave. BobF>

aquarium repair     8/23/12
I moved my 55g aquarium from Baltimore to Georgia, when the tank was unloaded a large crack had been discovered on one of the rear panels....
<? One of the rear panels... there should only be one piece making up the back>

I know that this is a rather difficult situation so what I want to do is place a panel of glass inside the aquarium at least 10" away from the cracked glass, reducing the inner volume of the tank, making a goldfish habitat on the one side of the glass and a terrarium on the other side of the glass...the aquarium will be placed outside on my patio. My questions are as follows: given that the crack does not extend to the bottom of the tank, in fact it is the upper portion of the glass that cracked, will I
need to replace the seal anyway since the other side of the glass will contain proper drainage, planting soil mixture and plants. If I do have to remove any sealant can it be only the sealant on the rear side of the tank where the crack is? Please advise me on how to proceed with this. I will be using aquarium sealant sold at the local pet shop..pet smart to be exact that way I know I have correct and safe sealant.
<Can't figure what you're asking here... A panel can/could be inserted in the tank... leaving the damaged side to NOT be an aquarium... the rest of the current seams left as they are. Bob Fenner>
Re: aquarium repair - 8/23/12

The rear panel to the left as you stand in front of the tank is cracked.
<... there is no such...
Do you mean the left side? In a rectangular or square tank there is only the front, back and two sides>
> Thank you for answering my question so swiftly, so if I insert a panel I only have to remove all of the sealant?
<No... Please search WWM re repairing glass tanks, cracks. B>

Strange Crack in Corner of 280 gallon reef tank    8/22/12
I have a 280 gallon reef tank that I recently setup and while doing a water change last night I noticed that in the left front corner all the way at the bottom there was a strange fracture.
<I see this... looks like an impact... but could be stress derived, the one corner bearing too much weight>
 It is not a normal crack, so please take a look at the pictures.  Should I continue to use the tank or am I taking a large risk if I continue to use it?
<I would continue using this tank if it were mine>

 The tank has 3/4" glass on the bottom and on the inside has a 1/2" thick 3" wide strip going around the entire perimeter (pretty strong build). 
Where the crack is the tank should have lot of strength, however I am most worried about the crack propagating out and having a disaster.  Could that happen with this type of fracture?
<Not very likely>
  Please give me some advise on my tank.
Thanks, Jason
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Strange Crack in Corner of 280 gallon reef tank     8/23/12
Bob, thanks for the quick response!  Is there anything I should do to the crack like glue or silicone?
<Mmm, no... will do nothing to improve the area structurally... could actually make it worse>
 With you comments I will probably use this tank for a little while, but I am the type that can't sleep at night if something is on my mind so eventually I will replace it.
<I understand>
 Just checked the tank to see how level it is and it is right on, and I have 1/2" high density foam under it to prevent these things from happening.
<Mmm, interesting. And nothing banged into the tank near the corner?>
  Thanks for your help.
<Welcome. BobF>

chip in 120 gallon aquarium      8/14/12
Last Saturday I purchased a 120 gallon aquarium which was in great shape despite being manufactured in 1992. Everything was perfect with it including the seal, only minor bubbling and no bubbles at all below the halfway mark. During the move of the tank I chipped a two inch long by 1/16 inch diameter sliver off of the corner an inch above the bottom frame.
There is no spidering or any other cracks. I shined the metal halides through the pane just to be sure. Just below that another piece 1/8 inch by 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch also chipped off cleanly. Again no spidering or other cracks. Needless to say there is still 3/8 inch between the silicone seal and the area that was chipped so the seal was not affected or breached. The
tank has been holding water since Saturday morning and still no signs of cracks of any kind. I would have taken pictures but I do not have a camera.
Having researched the site it seems that it could well be a superficial chip. Still I wanted to err on the side of caution and consult the experts.
Thank you for your help.
<You're likely fine here. My SOP to mention filling in the chipped areas w/ Silastic, to prevent cuts on hands. Bob Fenner>

fish tank help, chipped glass     8/9/12
was not sure how to post on the forum would you tell me is this tank ok to use ??or am I looking at a problem is there a fix I can to with this? not sure if I did this or I bought it like this this is a used 67 gallon tank Help I'm stressing about this ! the pics I have enclosed show the problem.
hope they help and thank you for your advice the chip is like 1/2 long right next to the seam. and goes almost 1/2 the thickness of the 5/8 glass only on the front panel the side and the seal on side panel appear intact is why I am concerned? on the front of the tank it appears to have penetrated the factory seal . but I think some one resealed it. any advice you could give would be helpful have had it up over a week now no leaks thank you again Robert
<I think you are fine here, but I would fill in the scooped out chipped glass area to ensure no one gets a bad cut... can be smoothed in w Silicone sealant and a plastic applicator. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: fish tank help     8/11/12
  can I use this on the chip or will it expand and break the glass  just to keep from having silicon all over     thank you again                     
<For the outside of the tank, any "100% Silicone/Silastic will do. Please see WWM re. BobF>

chip on bottom pane of tank     7/24/12
<Hi there>
First of all I'd like to start with the obligatory (and heartfelt) thanks for everything you guys do on this site.
Thanks to all of your FAQs and articles I've been able to find answers to a lot of my fishy problems, and stop myself from bringing completely inappropriate livestock home.
<Ah good>
This one is a tank hardware question.
A few months ago I bought a beautiful new starphire tank. It's 4x2x2, Eurobraced, has an external overflow running about half the length of the back, and now also has a chip out of the bottom pane of glass. All of the glass is 12mm thick. I assume the bottom is tempered or hardened in some way- the chip is smooth to the touch and has no sharp edges. I think it's what you'd call a conchoidal fracture- there's a scallop-shaped bit missing at the edge of the bottom pane. It's about the size of a thumbnail and around 3 mm deep at the deepest point. The chip is on the outside and at the edge of the bottom pane where it meets the back wall and touches the silicone. The tank is built with the walls surrounding the base rather than resting on it.
Is there anything I can do safely without replacing the whole tank or taking out the base?
<Mmm, make sure whatever this tank is set on is strong, level and planar... and not worry. From the size, shape of the chip, it sounds like this will not be a problem>
 Because of the way it is built I am wondering if it would be possible to add a new bottom to the tank and leave the chipped pane in place.
<You could; but I don't think I would.>
 The walls (and the chipped original base) would then be sitting on the new bottom pane. Does this make sense, and in your opinion is it likely to work?
<Only nominally stronger... as in minimally>
If there is still a real risk of catastrophic failure I will get a new tank built, but it seems like a waste of what is a lovely piece of work otherwise.
Thanks again
<Welcome, Bob Fenner>

Chipped Corner  on 75gal Tank    6/10/12
Dear WetWeb Friends,
        I really need some help. I purchase a 75gal tank from a private individual. After having it a week, I noticed a chip out of the bottom corner of the tank.
        Now I tried to research the internet, and went to a number of        different aquarium forums, but all I get is conflicting answers.
       It seems 50% say it will be
        OK, yet the other 50% tell me I'm taking a big chance.
<Both are fair assessments>
        My plan was to fill the chipped area with aquarium safe silicon,        then glue two pieces of a 1" right angle molding   on each side, the full        height of the 75 gal.
<I think this is a good plan>
        Enclosed are the 3 best pictures I was able to take. I hope you        can help me. I'm really caught in the middle here.
        Thank you for your time,
<We've many such queries John. Please peruse them here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/GlasCracks7.htm
and the linked files in the series above. Bob Fenner> 

Tank chips    5/15/12
Hi crew,
Thanks for last night's reply - I've got a separate issue for you now if that's O.K. (hence the new thread for your filing purposes).
I just picked up a used 3ft X 1.5ft X 1.5ft tank for 10 dollars today (see photo 01), and I'm not sure whether its safe to use or not. It is 6mm (1/4inch) glass all around, with what I believe is Euro-bracing at the top.
Is this glass a bit on the thin side??
<Is about "par" for the course... 8mm would be better of course; but six will work>
Now, there's some fine scratching/chipping along some of the bottom edges, but based on research through the FAQs I believe these to be superficial and think I just need to line these parts with silicone to prevent cuts of hands/children touching the tank (I have two boys, one 6 and one 3 years old).
<I do agree with filling in these chipped areas w/ Silastic>
There are however two chips that have me concerned. The first chip can be seen in photos 02 and 03. I have annotated the photos, but the chip is about 1 cm at its widest point. It runs from the outside of the bottom of the base up to where the back panel meets the base, though I don't believe it completely splits the seal between the two (maybe halfway at its widest point?), if that makes sense. What do you think? Dangerous or not, and what should be done?
<I'd add Silastic (Aquarium grade) to these areas as well... and hope, test the tank outside, the garage, on the intended stand>
The second chip is on the bottom, rear, right-hand corner as you look at the tank. See photos 04 - 07. Here, the square corner has more or less been chipped off, but I don't think the seal between the bottom, rear and right-side panels has been actually compromised. Again, what do think and what action should be taken?
<The same>
Thanks team, sorry about the photo overkill (I made them small!) and much appreciation and gratitude as always.
P.S. Random question - will Melanotaenia praecox struggle if kept at 29 deg C (84 deg F), KH 2-3 and pH 7.2 long-term?
<Is on the too high end temp. wise... I'd keep at 82 F max. Bob Fenner>


Re: Tank chips 5/16/12
Thanks a lot Bob,
<Welcome Duncan>
This is good news, though I'm a little concerned about your "...and hope" comment!! Definitely will test outside once silicone work has been done, and just to re-confirm, you don't see any need/benefit in siliconing large extra pieces of glass to help shore up the chips (and has been recommended to others writing into WWM with chipped/cracked tanks)?
<Mmm, not much... with these types of chips>
 In any case, am I right in saying the damage here is not the kind likely to cause catastrophic failure?
<Correct... more likely anomalous leaking>
I read your article on tank stands, and it got me thinking - is my 3ft X 1.5ft X 1.5ft tank requiring a dedicated aquarium stand, or could I get by safely with a solid, planar-surfaced piece of furniture such as a
low-profile bench/AV stand/table.
<IF it is very strong... the entire set up will mass about 500 pounds...>
 I realise the tank will be the best part of 220 kg once it's all set up - I just don't like the look of the metal stands and i can't really afford the cost of a wooden cabinet.
Thanks Bob/crew - top stuff,
<Welcome! BobF>

180 gallon crack, rdg., thought     5/6/12
so i just bought a 180 gallon off craigslist to upgrade my fish. i was so excited until i got home and found a crack/ chip (whatever you want to call it). i have attached a picture.  the crack doesn't go to the silicone and the glass is very thick, all of the glass is still intact and i couldn't pull the glass out. its at the bottom left of the tank. can i silicone some glass or is this too far gone?
<If you intend to fill this tank to the top I would do the "silicone some glass">
 if i silicone the glass do i get 2 sheets that run to the top of the tank about 3in wide?
do i need to sand it down or anything?
even if i could just set it up for a year or so without it blowing up that would give me time to find another one. with this crack is it likely to fail or just start leaking at first?
<Most likely to fail catastrophically rather than leak>
how much would it cost to get another sheet of glass for the back?
<... likely uneconomical>
 what do you think? this will be a freshwater tank so not as much weight as if it were saltwater. if its not fixable and a disaster waiting to happen, what do you think i could sell this
for as a reptile tank?
<Look on Craig's List... Read on WWM re such repairs. Bob Fenner>
Re: re: 180 gallon crack

<Fix your grammar and re-send>
does it seem ok to use? I've seen worse on the site and it was suggested to silicone glass to it and that itd be fine.
Re: re: 180 gallon crack
Does it seem ok to use?
<I wouldn't>
I've seen worse on WWB that suggested just to put 2 sheets of glass down, and it should be fine. I plan to test it in the garage for a couple of days to make sure.
<Keep reading. B>

Scratch one suspected crack  4/27/12
Hello Crew,
<Hiya - Darrel here>
First off, Thank you all, for all that you do.
<All that we do … we do for you. Well, and for the free food!>
I'm in the process of setting up a brand new glass 75 Gallon FW, after several days of leak testing (plumbing, bulkheads, spray bar, etc.)
<You'd be surprised how uncommon that is, Justin. The number of people who just hook it all up and fill it with water and start cycling is astounding. You can usually tell who they are from the 1 inch of water on their living room floor. You are wise to test first>
I was satisfied that all issues had been addressed, but discovered (what I thought at the time to be) a crack on the bottom of the tank while vacuuming some debris prior to adding sand.
<Now THAT is enough to make you want to drown yourself in your own tank.>
After some reading, I decided to patch it with a piece of tempered glass and monitor for expansion.
<Hmmm. There are SO MANY variables in that problem that I'd hesitate to suggest that solution.>
After draining the tank, I checked the bottom, it didn't appear that there had been a leak associated with this suspected crack, and indeed, the glass was perfectly smooth on the bottom. I took a closer look at it from the inside, and have determined that it is most definitely a scratch.
I did some further reading and it seems for the most part that this should be okay, but I wanted to get an expert opinion.
<Um, yeah, well ... about that … you got ME instead>
I wasn't able to get the 'ends' of the scratch with any detail picture, but the scratch starts in the front left corner of the aquarium about 1/4" from the silicone and proceeds diagonally towards the back for about ten inches. As for the 'depth' of the scratch, it is not deep at all, and while I'm no expert, I would be pretty confident in saying that it could be polished out if one had the time, inclination, tools, etc.
<If that is an accurate evaluation, then yes, you're safe>
Based on the 'loopy' appearance of the scratch towards the middle, I suspect something was placed inside the tank while it was transported from the vendor to the LFS. I'm somewhat relieved that the tank isn't cracked, but still concerned, and as I will have to pay for the tempered glass I ordered regardless of whether I still need it or not, I was curious what your thoughts were on this scratch.
<Yeah - I hate when that happens - but it's surely not the glass guy's fault>
Should I leave it be
And hang on to the glass for a rainy day, or go ahead and put the 'patch' in place now? <No>
I'm concerned that patching this tank if it's not necessary could cause some unforeseeable problem down the road...
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it..."
<Again - you are wise>
So I just want to know if it's considered 'broke'. Here's the link for the image: http://i.imgur.com/VvMxB.jpg
<That doesn't look broken - but that is a HUGE scratch not to have noticed prior to installation.>
Also, for clarification, when I refer to patching the glass, specifically what I mean is the method I've read described on WWM and other websites where a piece of glass larger than the affected area of the crack/scratch/chip is siliconed over it.
<Right. In general, putting a piece of glass over another with the proper amount of silicone is a valid repair technique. Let's say that for the most part, it's just about the only technique available to the average person anyway. The problem is that there are so many stresses possible on tank glass, especially a bottom piece, that there is no "one size" answer for everyone. For example, let's say it was a real crack. Did it crack due to an unusual stress during shipment that it will NEVER see once on a stand? Then it's safe to patch. HOWEVER -- if it cracked due to flexing on the stand, then it's likely to crack further and placing a patch over it won’t help that. Speaking strictly from an engineering perspective, when you have a stress fracture in glass or tempered metal you should drill a hole in each end of the crack, so that the crack opens out into a larger hole. That tends to relive the stress on the material by spreading it around the circumference of that hole. That said, if someone is trying to drill a hole into the end of a crack in a piece of tempered glass -- I'd suggest that they just smash the glass with a sledge hammer first - and get the stress, aggravation and yelling and screaming out of the way.>
<Lastly … in a case of a real crack in a tank like yours, where it isn't a unique or custom-made arrangement, I'd consider trying to sell the tank on Craigslist or EBay as a terrarium and using that money, plus the cost of the patch glass, plus some out of pocket and just buy a replacement tank>
<BUT THEN … You’re not cracked, are you???? You're just scratched and that's a much better position!>
Thanks much,
<Yer welcome!>

crack in bottom of bowfront glass tank, & crazed acrylic one      4/5/12
I've been reading your posts for a really long time but thanks to your specific answers never needed to ask anything until now. I have been reading tonight about cracks in tanks, but this tank was given to me free and it looks brand new. The people I got it from never used it and possibly the people who gave it to them might have, but again it looks new, my guess is it cracked when they tried to move it downstairs. It appears to be about 46 gallons and the crack is in about the right third front bottom piece and about 2" long starting with what appears to be a chip and then branching out thinly. I've read where you say to solvent a piece but not clear on whether to put the piece over the bottom piece or under it.
Also, I've heard to use aquarium sealant first on the crack and then whatever you recommend to adhere the extra piece. Would you recommend just sealing it to the joints or sealing it to the actual piece all over and the joints?
<Over all is best in one go... NOT sealing the cracked area separately>
And what specifically should I use if I need to seal the crack first and then adhere the other piece.
<Glass or acrylic... aquarium-safe Silastic. Posted on WWM>
 Sorry I'm sure you've covered this somewhere but with 2 little ones at my heels I don't have days to read it all.
<Maybe get some help w/ this project>
 Thanks again!
Oh, also, I got a 55 g acrylic off craigslist of course and after filling it noticed that where it bows on the front bottom half there are lots and lots of what look like stretch marks that go in the shape of the bow like a rainbow shape,
<Crazing... see WWM re>
I had fish in it for 2 days but freaked that it would break. I attached a pic, but not sure if it's worth saving.
<Not an uncommon occurrence... w/ cheap/er acrylic, improper support... Bob Fenner>

Re: crack in bottom of Bowfront glass tank    4/5/12
Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for getting back to me. I would love to save the tank so I will see what I can do. Thanks again for your help.
<Can be done in most all cases. Do review what is archived on WWM re. Cheers, BobF>
Re: crack in bottom of Bowfront glass tank    4/5/12

Ok, I will research it thoroughly before doing. I'm pretty good with fixing and making things, furniture and stuff so hopefully this will be easy enough.
Thanks again.
<Indeed it is... and fun! B>
Re: crack in bottom of Bowfront glass tank    4/6/12

I just went to get sealant and the only brand they carry is Marineland do you think that's good to use?
<Ah yes... many cases of "the real thing" being packaged, privately labeled... BobF>
Re: crack in bottom of bowfront glass tank    4/7/12

Well that's ok, the best thing happened anyway, I went to pick it up from my neighbors and as we were moving it we were talking about he scratch and I reached down and touched and was scraping it to see how bad it was and it was black/grey sealant that had dripped in such a fashion as to mimic a crack perfectly!
<Ahh, have seen such>
We were all shocked! I hadn't been able to touch it before as it was in their basement and I could only reach to look, and believe me it was a perfect replica. But at least now I have your advice on how to do it if I should need to again. Thanks so much.
<Welcome. B>

crack in new aquarium - could use your assistance!    3/26/12
Hi Bob and WWM crew,
Your site is an excellent source that I peruse often.  I haven't yet needed your assistance but today is different, unfortunately. 
<I see>
My new 120G starphire (front and sides) rimless aquarium was delivered yesterday - a big day, I've saved for a long time for this tank.  I couldn't believe my misfortune when one of carrying crew (friend) dropped his end of the aquarium on tile - only about a six inch drop, but that was enough. 
<Ah yes>
Doing a damage assessment afterwards revealed a fairly sizeable crack about 4" long on the bottom pane, visible from the side, bottom, and back of aquarium. 
I've included side, bottom and back views.  I cannot feel the crack on the outside to the touch (it appears to be internal), and the silicone on the inside appears intact (at least 0.5" thick, if not more - while the builder didn't make much effort for aesthetics, he didn't cheap out on silicone either - it's everywhere, in thick globs in some spots).
It should be noted that this is the same corner in which the overflow box is located. 
What are my options?
1) use as is (doesn't seem likely)
2) repair of some sort to strengthen the edge
3) have builder replace bottom pane (would rival the cost of buying another tank, I'm guessing, but not sure)
4) new tank (another long bout of saving, so sad)
<The 2) choice: I'd cut away the inside seal/Silastic and place a piece of glass (can be just float, 1/4" or thicker) of about two inch width... in the inside bottom... six inches long or so... Silicone this in, over the cracked area>
Appreciate (greatly) this online resource and any assistance you can provide.
<And a light screeded bit of Silastic over the crack as well. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Help with chipped tank corner...   3/20/12
Hello Bob and crew. While moving my brand new starphire 195 (72 x 26 x 24 Eurobraced) aquarium, a "friend" that was helping with the move rested the back left corner of the tank on my tile floor.
 Needless to say, a sliver of glass about 1/16" in thickness and approximately 1 1/2" inches long was broken off of the bottom of the back panel, leading in toward the bottom panel. The bottom panel and side panel are unscathed however the 3/4"  inch thick bottom pane is slightly exposed from the side by the 1/16" thickness of the chip.
<I see>
In the first picture (I hope you can see) the view is from the left side of the stand looking through the back panel. The fabricator silicones a piece of 1/8" poplar to the bottom of all aquariums. I've cut this away to expose a section of the bottom, side and back panels. As previously stated, there is no damage to the side or bottom panels and the "multi-faceted" chip appears to look cracked, but is not...simply a double break in the chip.
The second picture is the same area hanging over the stand and viewed from underneath. The crazing on the bottom panel is my attempt to peel away the black silicone that was bonded to the poplar. There is no damage to the glass bottom.
Being that this tank will hold a large sum of water, I trust you understand my concern. Even though the glass chip is only 1/16" in thickness, I'm assuming every bit of bonding surface counts where the 1/2" side, rear and front panels are siliconed to the 3/4" bottom.  Being the "got to know now" person that I am, I filled the tank with 3" of water and there are no leaks. I'm not sure that the same will rings true when filled to capacity unless I get somebody else's advice. I just wanted to know if there was any type of damage to the sealant that I hadn't seen.
There are no visible cracks after using a magnifying glass and flashlight to inspect through the panel, as well as no change in direction, or frays from where the chip started and ended. If I run my finder <finger> over this area it will not cut me. It's a clean break...if that means anything.
The thought of having to replace a tank that I've saved for so long makes me sick. I pray there's hope. I love what you guys do for our hobby, and hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,
<You're very likely fine here... IF it were mine, I might still fill in the gap from the chip w/ Silicone... not for function, but to prevent cuts to hands... though you state you don't think this will be an issue. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Help with chipped tank corner...   3/20/12
Thank you. Very much appreciated.
<Welcome. BobF> 

salvage chipped aquariums?   3/20/12
Hi gang,
I've had a look at your repairing chipped/cracked aquarium threads and I would have thought that I can salvage 2 of 4 chipped aquariums seeing as they are chips on the bottom corner and don't go into the silicone and have no cracks present. But before I found your threads on repairing chips/cracks I posted this question on a forum with pictures and some one on it said they are not repairable but looking the threads on here i think 2 might be. I would really appreciate an expert opinion.
I bought 4 of these tanks around 2 years ago (won't get my money back now)
from a pet store that were made for their shop and they were the ones that were left over.  I was setting up a frag tank project which got put on hold for a while but now I'm that I'm back onto the project I've only just noticed how poorly made they are. the glass edges haven't been sanded down which at the time I didn't think was important as they didn't need to look nice but because I've moved them a few times I've realized they chip <and cut hands, forearms> very easily, I guess it's because of the edges not being sanded down.
<Easy to do... w/ emery cloth, a fine grinding wheel/slowly>
I didn't even bang them or anything just moved them with the help of a friend and then noticed they were chipped afterwards.  2 of the 4 tanks are chipped in one of their bottom corners and 1 is chipped slightly higher up pretty badly and then the only one that isn't chipped has been very poorly silicon ed up to the point i would have to redo the whole tank which just isn't worth the time and effort in my opinion.
<Can at least be partly filled, perhaps made into vivariums>
Tanks measure 180cm L x 40cm H 40cm W. 8mm thick glass braces at the top and  braces on the base pain of glass too (think it's slightly thicker glass)
I'll send you pics of the 2 I think I can't fix  (pics 1 and 2) as well as the ones I believe can be fix.(rest of pics)
<No pix attached; please re-send>
So the 2 tanks I think I can salvage are the ones that have the chips in the bottom corner.
On some of the pictures it may seem that there is a crack leading from the chip but its just where the silicone has been smeared on the outside of the aquarium.
I was thinking i could silicone some pieces of glass on the outside at the bottom of the side where the chips are to reinforce that area?
also notice that the braces on the bottom of the base pain are above the chips which I would have thought makes It not so bad.
None of the cracks go all the way through to the silicone.
pics 3 to 6 are of one tank
pics 7 to 10 are of the other
also you can see the base pain brace best in pic 8
<Again, no images here. Do send as attachments or links>
So whats your opinion? Can I salvage the 2 chipped bottom tanks and how should I repair them.
thanks for your time, Rob.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: salvage chipped aquariums?   3/20/12

Hi Bob, thanks for the reply.
I'll send you the pictures in 2 parts and see if it works this time, if you scroll down to the bottom of the email are they not there?
here's pics 1 to 6
thanks, rob
Have to delete all as you've more than half-filled our webmail capacity.
Re-size and re-send... a few hundred Kbytes per. B
Re: salvage chipped aquariums?   3/20/12

sorry about that, took a while but managed to sought them out.
1 to 10
<Mmm, well 3-4-5 and 7-10 are bad breaks... but I would try just siliconing strips (just a couple inch wide, about the same strength/size glass) in the outside corners along all exposed/compromised seams... NOT under the tank, but along the vertical and side areas where the seams are currently siliconed together and the glass is cracked. BobF>


Re: salvage chipped aquariums?   3/20/12
thanks bob at least i know now that not all is lost. also forgot to mention that one would be used as a sump and one will be split in two by putting in an overflow box in the middle so there won't be as much pressure on these chipped areas.
thanks bob
<Welcome Rob. B>

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