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FAQs about Marine Life, Habitats of Hawai'i & Visiting There!

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Chaetodon lunula, the Raccoon Butterflyfish


Re: marine crabs,,, Visiting Kona, KBC         1/24/16
Thank you so very much. If you ever come back to Hawaii please let me know I would love to treat you to lunch or dinner at the very least a beer.
<Ahh! I can see us at the KBC now!>
Again thank you so much for your help.
Michelle Nason
<I will try to add you as a FB friend as well. Bob Fenner>
Re: marine crabs        1/24/16

KBC it is then! I look forward to it.
<Ahh, so many great times at Matson's place after diving... two IPAs and heaven>
Thank you for trying to add me on face book really I am not a stalker just a huge fan. Thank you again and have a great day.
<And you Mich. BobF>

Anthony Calfo        8/4/15
I am trying to connect with Anthony Calfo to discuss a potential project in Hawai'i. Can you provide me with contact information for him?
Lanny Sinkin
<Will try bcc'ing him here. Otherwise, do try the link here (on his site):
Bob Fenner>
Inquiry        8/4/15

I sent an email earlier today requesting assistance in contacting Anthony Calfo. I then learned that this website is Bob Fenner's. I had Mr. Fenner on my list to contact as well.
I am just beginning a process of bringing two governments together in Hawai'i to initiate a coral regeneration program. We have a wide range of coral challenges that include rapid die off of at least two well established coral reefs off of Kauai', bleaching of coral, and coral destroyed by pollution.
<Seen this>
I am attaching a copy of the draft proposal we are working on for presentation to the governments.
<Nothing attached. Maybe you mean the statements below>
I am looking for people who are active in the field who might serve as consultants to get this project initiated at a site on the Island of Hawai'i. The Book of Coral Propagation excerpt on the web is fascinating and informative, so I thought I would be begin my search with you and Mr. Calfo. Would you be such a consultant? Can you recommend others?
<Depends on the specialty expertise you're looking for/needed.... have you spoken w/ Ken Nedimyer?>
I am also working on a budget for the first three years of the project. Perhaps after reading the proposal, you could assist us in estimating the financial cost of starting up and operating for three years.
<Mmm; yes; likely so. Send along what doc.s you have and spread sheets for income/expense; and I'll go over. Bob Fenner>
Mahalo (thank you) for considering these requests.
Lanny Sinkin
The Coral Regeneration Project
The proposal is for a joint Kingdom/County of Hawai’i project, open to other public and private entities to become participants.
The purpose of this project is to address the loss of coral reefs in the Hawaiian Island. The components of the project would be:
-- A coral census to determine the status of coral reefs around the populated islands first. The census will document the types of coral present, the condition of the various types of coral, and any degeneration taking place in specific areas.
-- An analysis of potential causes of coral degeneration, with a particular emphasis on which causes are preventable locally (pollution from the land), which are generic (global warming), and what are likely changes in such causes in the future (sea level changes).
-- Establishment of a laboratory facility to study which coral are most likely to adapt or are already adapting to the planetary causes of coral loss. The facility will also study the relationship between the different coral and the other ocean life, e.g. food preferences of fish and structural construction of habitat.
-- The facility will include propagation facilities to begin growing the most resilient coral.
-- The project will include open water seeding of propagated coral with an ongoing monitoring to determine growth rate, health, adaptability, etc.
The Kingdom of Hawai’i will provide initial funding of this project, including funding to bring coral regeneration experts to the Island of Hawai’i to discuss the project and funding to expand existing facilities as needed to accommodate the project.
The County of Hawai’i will provide space within the existing facilities at Richardson Beach Park in Hilo for office/laboratory and access to Richardson Beach Bay for propagation facilities.
The Kingdom and the County will jointly assist in facilitating the project through hiring of staff and sharing the information developed in the project throughout all the islands and the rest of the world.

Moving to Maui       4/4/15
Hi Crew,
I am planning to move to Maui at the end of the summer. I would like to up an aquarium when I get there.
A house is not a home without an aquarium. I have heard there are many restrictions on regarding shipping fish, corals
<Umm; no corals allowed period.... for fear of them getting into local environments>
or live rock
<This too>

from the mainland. I have been told it is illegal to take any coral or live rock from the ocean.
I have also been told fish can be caught for the aquarium industry if a permit is purchased.
<This is so. The trade is not restricted by the number of licenses/licensees (a mistake IMO); but you may find it less "expensive" to simply buy from a collector>
I have not been able to any information an individual capturing fish for a personal aquarium. Can you clarify what the rules and regulations are regarding the above questions?
<I'd check, read what the DLNR has posted... >
If not, do you know where I can get clarification?
<Their website: http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dar/licenses-permits /
I have be an aquarist for many years with a love for breeding seahorses and culturing corals.
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Richard Goldstein
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

c/o Bob Fenner, Kona visit!   1/16/12
I was told that you are out in Hawaii quite a bit by a friend in the DFWMAS.
<Ahh, I used to be... w/ the economic times, have defaulted on my properties there, sold one... and not visited the last few years>
 He told me to check and see if you were going to be on the island while we are there so I am reaching out to see if you are going to be around from Feb 3rd thru the 8th. We will be there from the 1st thru the 9th but we get in about 8 on the 1st and leave around 3 on the 9th.
<On which islands? What would you like to see, experience?>
It is a surprise birthday for my wife and she still has no idea as she thinks we are going dancing for her birthday which is the second. Boy is she going to be surprised when I tell her that we are going to Kona for the 9 days.
<Ah, the Big Island. My fave.>
So I am reaching out to you to see if I can spend a few hours with you and see what you can show me and my wife about the island and the marine life around there or if you are not there what there is to not miss out on while we are there. Thank you so much for reading this and will be there soon.
Thank you,
Lance Luther
<My best and first advice: Buy/order (as in on Amazon) "The Big Island Discovered"... "the blue book" as we call it locally. This is the very best guide to what can be found on Kona. Are you both divers, snorkelers, hikers? Have botanical leanings? Where do you intend to stay... Kailua, Hilo... elsewhere? Bob Fenner>
Re: c/o Bob Fenner  1/16/12

Thanks for the quick reply Bob, Sorry for the hard times as we have all felt them and I am looking for work right now after a layoff in Oct.
<No fun>
We are staying at the Kona Royal Resort
<Ahh! A very nice hotel... right on the beach and main drag in Kailua>
 and I took diving back in '99 in Porto Rico but have not been back since. She has never and I did find a shop that does the two dive Discovery Dive so I am planning on taking her out to do that. I think she will just love it as it is so calming and beautiful under the sea.
<Good... do get in some snorkeling at the easier areas of coastline... again, all detailed in the blue book>
She likes the beach and my tank but she has not really ventured out from the city as much as I have in my past travels have allowed me to being Active Duty for 12 years. We love the outdoors and have a jeep so we will visit as much of the island as we can.
<Yes... do plan a day trip down to Kilauea (volcano park), another to The City of Refuge, perhaps a cruise to Captain Cooks... Up to Waikoloa Village, Parker Ranch, Waimea Canyon...>
I will order the book today and is there any cannot miss eating or seeing such as the observatory or volcanos, hidden waterfalls or is all that in the book?
<It all really is>
Thank you,
Lance Luther
<Glad to help. BobF>

Hawaii biotype   4/18/11
Hi all I hoped you could tell me weather my fish list is compatible or not.
My tank is 110gal and will have around 45kl live rock and be lit with 6x 56watt t5s. In order of added first 1x ornate wrasse 1x male flame wrasse 1x chevron tang 1x flame angel 1x potters leopard wrasse.
<A nice mix... these should all get along. I'd have a good part of the habitat as something akin to Porites compressa, maybe half the bottom, and some sand/loose rubble>
Also am I right in thinking there are no lps corals a such in/around Hawaii as I couldn't see any on the Hawaii faqs thanks
<These are rare. Bob Fenner>
Re: Hawaii biotype   4/18/11

Thanks for the reply. I like the sound of a Porites dominated tank. I've got a choice of Fiji live rock or Heliopora witch would you recommend or I could have a mix of the two thanks
<I like the "Acropora" looking rock from Fiji... and a live or not so Pocilloporid as the fill-in for the P. compressa should do nicely. BobF>
Re: Hawaii biotype... Centropyge stkg./sel.    4/19/11

Hi after doing research into flame angels it seems not many are collected from Hawaii.
<This is so nowayears... Much more often from further into the west Pacific>
As I want a biotype as real to life as I can make it. Would a potters angel fit in instead of the flame if I take the potters wrasse of the list and replace with something similar [any ideas ?] thanks
<... Harder to keep and NOT w/ the Macropharyngodon Batesian mimic. Please learn to/use the search tool, indices on WWM... My pieces on these two species:
and http://wetwebmedia.com/pottersangel.htm
"and the linked files above". B>

Kauai Snorkeling Locations   12/31/10
Greetings Bob!
<Hey Joe, where you goin' w/ that snorkel in your hand....?>
I hope that all is going well for you!
<Thank you my friend>
Again, thank you so much for all of the guidance, wisdom, publications, passion, time, etc. that you've given to the hobby. Truly extra-ordinary for any one individual to accomplish!
<Mmm, not so much. Just dedication, devotion, applied>
I haven't seen much posted on WWM regarding this topic on thought that I would ask you.
In July of 2011, I'm going to be getting married in Kauai (currently enjoying the limited days of bachelorhood!) and am, among other things, trying to find the best snorkel locations around the island. I've purchased several travel books about the islands and have talked to many folks who have visited there but no one seems to be able to tell if there are any reefs that are accessible directly from the shores.
<There are: the North shore... Anini Beach, Ke'e Beach Park... Do please see here:
I've snorkeled in the FL keys several times and have always had to charter a boat to reach the reefs. I was hoping that there might be some spots that would be accessible from the beaches. All the people I've talked to go on and on about the fish but seem to be clueless as to what an actual reef is.
Unfortunately, SCUBA is not in our budget or schedule (definitely in the future) but we are planning a SNUBA excursion in addition to daily snorkeling.
<No worries>
Most people have warned that the east shore is the windiest and possibly the poorest snorkel location. I've also be warned to stay away from the West shore (not exactly sure why), leaving the South and North.
Again, thanks so much for professing any advice! I'm sure you've been in the
neighborhood several times- in fact don't you still own property in Maui?
<On Kona, but just barely>
Thanks and have best wishes for a great 2011!
Joe Westwood

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