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FAQs about Humidity and its Control

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Humidity       3/29/14
I am installing a 320 gallon in wall reef tank at a hospital and am running into some issues. I asked for a 400 cfm vent to exhaust humid air from the area.
<Wow; quite a bit of air>
With LED's heat won't be a huge issue. They put in an 8" duct that went into the HVAC system. It moves 55 cfm.
<Oh; pequeno as they say here in Cozumel>
When I told them I needed more and recommended an inline fan, facilities management started flipping. They are hyper concerned about mold. I am trying to calculate how much evaporation will occur from this installation.
<Mmm; well; there are dehumidifiers... stand alone units that can do a good job of removing moisture from atmosphere>
The next option is to rent a man lift and hire a concrete cutting company to cut a hole in the side of the hospital, install louvers, place an inline fan and exhaust to the exterior of the building. I don't imagine you have any thoughts or insight as to my dilemma?
<Yeeikes! I'd look into the dehumidifier option for the room itself... and keep a relatively tight lid over the tank, inclusive of the lighting>
Best regards,
Joe Keeling
<And you. Bob Fenner>

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