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Indonesia Underwater: Misc. Fishes of All Sorts

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Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com

Plotosid cat N. Sulawesi

Marine Catfishes, Families Plotosidae and Ariidae: Four and twenty one Indonesian species respectively

Shy to but one species, marine catfishes are seldom seen except fleetingly, generally during the night, and individually... with one exception. The group feeding, touring Plotosus lineatus.

Euristhmus lepturus (Gunther 1864), the Long-tailed Catfish. Indo-West Pacific. Northern Australia, New Guinea. To eighteen inches in length. This one in the Singapore Aquarium's exhibit of Dangerous/Venomous Fishes.

Plotosus lineatus (Thunberg 1787), the Striped Eel Catfish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Micronesia. Only tropical reef catfish species. To a foot in length. Dangerously venomous. A batch of schooling juveniles and a single adult.

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