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FAQs about Iwaki Pumps for Circulation 

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Iwaki md-30rxt question 10/25/10
I just purchased a used Iwaki MD 30 RXT (says on the pump itself), but it has 3/4 inch inlet and outlet. I called Iwaki and they said the pump is supposed to have 1" ports.
<It sounds like someone put the casing/impeller/whole front end from a MD-30R(T) on your MD-30RX(T). I'm not sure, but I think the front ends run somewhere around $100. You can find all the flow rates here: http://www.iwakiamerica.com/products/wmd.htm .>
How much would this reduce the flow rate of the pump?
<Check out the tables/graphs on that web site. I know it says 'America', but it lists all the MD specifications too. The RXT is high flow, low head. The RT is lower flow, higher head.>
The advertised flow rates are using the 1" inlet and outlet ID. Could someone have removed the outlets and replace them with the smaller sizes? Thanks. Barry
<Scott T.>

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