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FAQs about Commercial Tanks By Manufacturer/Brand: JBJ

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JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?      2/9/14
Hello crew. JBJ has come out with a new(ish) 25 gallon LED Nano Cube with Cree emitters. What I can't seem to learn is whether this tank would work with light demanding SPS corals and clams.
Would someone there know the answer to this question?
<Likely all of us do... Are you familiar w/ WWM? Using the indices, search tool (on every page)? Bob Fenner>
Thanks, Steve
re: JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?

I had already searched via the search tool before I sent in my question.
The problem is that I got many false hits, as this product is fairly new.
I did find information elsewhere (finally) about PAR. I do not think PAR is satisfactory for SPS. Maybe James G. could weigh in.
<Will Bcc him here... A more substantive (useful) reply would have been to search re PAR, PUR and secure a test device.
Many clubs and quite a few LFSs have such for loan. This is really the only reliable way to determine suitability; other than bioassays with actual livestock. BobF>
Re: JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?

Hi Bob,
I will be happy to take care of this tomorrow, late morning.  Thanks.
<Thanks James. B>
Re: Fw: JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?      2/10/14

Hello Steve,
Bob has asked me to chime in my two cents in regards to your query. PAR can be a deceiving measurement of light for our needs as far as growing corals. Corals only use light in the range of 400-550 and 620-700 nanometers. If we take a 400 watt metal halide and measure PAR, it may well exceed 400. But the metal halide lamp will produce light in the spectrum corals do not require so how much of that PAR is available in the above spectrum. Well designed lamps will try and get as much light as possible in the above spectrum. This is why many people believe that a PAR of 200-300 measured on LEDs is not good enough but if the spectrum is fine tuned to the ranges stated above, then that would be equivalent to say a PAR of 400-600 on a metal halide lamp because the PAR reading is generated by measuring the light only in the spectrum corals require.
Having said that, it is very important to look at a spectrograph of the light produced by a given lamp or LED fixture to ensure the light being emitted is very close to the above stated range.
James (Salty Dog)
Re: Fw: JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?      2/11/14

Thank you very much, James. I am a skeptical of a manufacturer who does not
provide a spectrograph. I will inquire further from the manufacturer.
Re: Fw: JBJ "Next Generation" 24 ga LED Nano Cube ok for SPS?      2/11/14
You're welcome Steve.  James (Salty Dog)

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