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FAQs about Kent Marine (EX) Skimmers

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skimmer splashing   5/18/11
Hello all,
<Hello Tom.>
I have been reading all over Google and your site and have found many questions about splashing but none about my skimmer and how to resolve.
I have a <Kent> nautilus TE skimmer and the return into the sump is noisy and has been splashing all over the inside of my stand. I tried adjust the sponge but that only creates less outtake and is causes the dry "gunk" (chamber) to get water filled. Is there something I can do to decrease or perhaps add on an adjustment to bring this outtake closer to the water to reduce noise/splashing?
<Sure there is! First you could simply add PVC piping to the out take of the skimmer to plumb the return water back into the sump rather than letting it simply fall. Also, many like to add a gate valve to this. It allows you to keep the pipe as low as it can go and then control flow with the gate valve. Either way be sure to allow air into the line right where you will connect the aftermarket piping. Otherwise you can create a siphon inside the line that will make your skimmer fluctuate in water level.
There are many detailed instructions and pictures in the online forums.
Just Google ASM skimmer mod. A few years back this particular modification was all the rage with the ASM skimmers, even whole websites dedicated to it!>
Thanks for your help.
BTW I love this site. You guys have probably saved me on more than several occasions!
<Thank you, happy to hear! Scott V.>

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