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FAQs on Labeotropheus

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Labeotropheus trewavasae Acting Bad, and fdg. f's    3/10/14
My cichlid has been hiding for the past couple of days. He rarely comes out any more. I've looked in on him a few times and he's laying on his side in his cave. I do a 25% water change a week. His water temp stays at 78. PH stays around 7.8, nitrite is 0, ammonia is 0, and nitrate is 10. He looks completely fine. He doesn't have cloudy eyes, his scales aren't bloated, he
doesn't have Ich, and his stomach isn't sunk in. I can't think of what else could be wrong with him. I haven't even seen him come out to eat and he always comes up and gets excited for food. What could possibly be wrong with him? What should I do?
< This Lake Malawi cichlid requires a strict diet of vegetable matter. Animal protein causes internal problems. You did not mention the food you were feeding. Check the label for protein sources. Treat in a hospital tank with a Nitrofuranace type antibiotic.-Chuck>
Re: Labeotropheus trewavasae acting bad   3/10/14
Labeotropheus Acting Bad II

I've been feeding him the cichlid flakes you buy at the store. I can't find any antibiotic treatments with Nitrofuran in it. Is there a name of something you could give me?
< Cichlid flakes are made for all kinds of cichlids including carnivores cichlids. Your cichlid needs a diet with vegetable matter in it, like Spirulina. Look for Furan II. Look online if your local store doesn't have it.-Chuck>

Help Identifying a Cichlid
ID Lake Malawi Cichlid      2/27/14

I've recently purchased a cichlid and would like to know if you can tell me what it is. I've done research and think it is a Labeotropheus fuelleborni but am not sure. Thank you.
< Your fish is definitely a Labeotropheus. There are only two species that have that extended nose. L. fuelleborni are big a have a fuller body. The L. trewavasae are thinner and more streamline. Usually the females have the pinkish body color as shown in your photos. Chuck> 

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