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FAQs on Marine Algae Identification 32

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Worm-like Growth ID 6/15/10
I was wondering if anyone could identify this strange growth in my tank. I had a couple of clowns that died a while back and they appeared to have these worm-like things growing out of them (may have been something else).
I would love to find out if this could be anything dangerous.
<Mmm, on magnification this looks like algae and detritus... You might look into better mechanical filtration, circulation, nutrient control... Bob Fenner>


What is this algae and will a Flame Angelfish eat it? 05/25/2010
Hi Crew,
I attach a photo of some red macro-algae that has been growing slowly in one of my tanks. Presumably, this algae came in with the Florida live rock I bought several years ago, even though I did not become aware of it until
about 18 months ago, when the rock got moved into a relatively dark corner of a relatively low light FOWLR tank. This algae is really pretty, and I am fond of it.
<Kind of just looks like some kind of blue/green algae to me... but maybe could be Fauchea sp. red algae? <<Is a Rhodophyte. RMF>> Unfortunately, I don't know that there are too many, if any, full-color photo illustrative guides to aquarium algae identification -- perhaps it's the narrow audience or minute consumer market for such a thing? It's too bad really... I mean, after all, who isn't, at some point in his/her life, haunted by a mysterious, unidentified, nearly amorphic autotrophic growth in their marine aquarium?>
So question 1 is can you identify this algae for me?
<Not really, no... but since it lacks an obvious underlying "structure" I'd wager that it's a blue-green algae of some sort.>
Question 2 is do you think that a Flame Angelfish will devour this algae if I introduce one to this tank?
<Hard to say... after all, if you put a plate of anchovies in front of a class of 6 year olds, chances are that at least one of them will venture a bite on a dare. But you're putting what we might assume (albeit perhaps for no good reason since the algae could have theoretically come from anywhere) Atlantic algae in front of one individual Indo-Pacific fish... so I guess you'll just have to wait and see!>
<De nada,
Sara M.>

Re: What is this algae and will a Flame Angelfish eat it? 5/26/2010
Thanks for your thoughts. If you are interested, I will email you the verdict on whether the Flame Angel eats it, in a few weeks.
Sure. Happy Reefkeeping.

Can you help please ? Alg. contr. reading... -- 05/21/10
Hey guy's.
<... and gals>
I have algae growing in my tank that I cant seem to identify.
<Could be most any Thallophyte group, even BGA...>
I have circled the algae I'm wondering about. The next question would be, how do I get ride
of it. Any help would be great thanks.
<... read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/maintenance/maintindex.htm
scroll down to the Algae tray... Bob Fenner>

Metallic And Shiny/Bubble Algae/Bubble Algae (Valonia) Control 5/13/10
Hi Guys,
<Hello Jason>
Have you guys seen these things/creatures? (Attachment). Now there are 5 of them in two different areas in my 55 gl.
<No creatures of the deep, but the unsightly Bubble Algae (Valonia), and can be difficult to control if allowed to get out of hand. Suggest you read here and related articles/FAQ's shown in the header. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BubbleAlgCont.htm >
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Re: Live rocks turning dark greenish-black now sand covered by a greenish mat 4/19/10
Greetings ! O great knowledgeable ones,
<Where? They owe me money!>
About a month ago, I had mailed you regarding my rocks turning blackish green on me. Well now its the sand ! There is this mat of green algae-like stuff growing on the sand and on the rocks. It is cobweb like in structure.
Picture attached. Is this BGA ?
<Yep><<Mmm, maybe more Diatoms/Bacillariophyceans. RMF>>
Grows only in flow deficient places.
<Often the case.>
Should I reduce the photo period ?
<Light is not often the limiting factor for it's growth, phosphates and nitrates are bigger issues here.>
I employ a 20 gal monthly water change. pls do advice.
<More water changes.>
Also I noticed that there is no mention of Calcinus elegans in your hermit crab database. Wondering if it helps in the eradication of BGA.
<Of limited use here. See here and related FAQs for more http://www.wetwebmedia.com/bluegralgae.htm >
Thanks Blesson

Unknown species.. Rhodophyte.. gorgeous 4/14/10
Hey guys,
<Hey Jason>
I have attached two pictures showing a hitchhiker macro algae (assuming but not sure).
<I think you are right!>
It is purple in color and I cannot find any information on what type it is.
<This is a Rhodophyte, but the species I am not sure.. there are thousands.
It came attached to Bali live rock from my LFS.
<It is a very beautiful algae>
Any help you can offer is always appreciated.
<Have a trawl through the many different I.D sites for these on the web and you might stumble on something>
<No problem>

White Algae 4/2/10
I would like to know what this growth of fungi, algae, or sea stuff is.
(see attached pics). It is at a hole in sheet pile where fresh water is interacting with saltwater in Florida waters.
<Interesting... you'll need to look at these strands under a microscope to be sure. And there are salient characteristics of all the probable groups you list... but my guess/bet at this view is a bleached mass of algae of
some sort. Bob Fenner>

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