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Morays; even large, piscivorous species; are often stung by venomous tankmates; bitten by large puffers, picked on by large angels, triggers, wrasses


Eel with white coating on tail--what disease? 7/28/11
I have an eel (moray I guess).
See picture. I reduced the size so it may be hard to see the eel clearly, but his tail is still there, it's just coated in white slime? and he also has white dots higher up. The eel is still breathing
<... what other livestock is in with this fish?>

It's about 2 feet long and has been doing well for about a year. It is fed Formula 1 and 2 cubes and silversides, typically eating several cubes/fish every five days or so. It's always looked well fed.
Suddenly, in the past 24 hours or less, a strange white slime has started to cover the lower third of the eel. It is very sluggish sitting out in the open on the sand.
The same thing happened to another eel that was in the tank 6 months ago or so. That eel was dead within a day or so.
None of the other fish seem to be experiencing any problems. Water change was just done two days ago. Water parameters look good, my nitrates are generally a little high at 30-40 but this is FOWLR tank, 400 gallons so not overstocks even with 5 other big fish in it.
Has anyone heard of a disease that manifests itself with this white coating.
There are little spots also visible higher up the eel.
Any advice or does it look hopeless and I should get him out before the other fish starting picking at him. The other fish are red snapper, grouper, lion fish, blue tang, raccoon butterfly, Porkfish-all medium to large fish.
<I suspect the bass/grouper has picked on this fish... The Muraenid is likely doomed from the damage.
Bob Fenner>

Japanese Dragon Eel and clown trigger. 9/14/10
<Hello Kellvin.>
My fish store is bringing in a Japanese Dragon Eel for me. 25-30cm.
Currently I have a show Clown Triggerfish 25cm and a Banded eel and some grouper. Can the dragon eel be kept together?
<Nothing I would recommend.>
Lastly, can dragon eel tolerate Seachem Cupramine?
<Although it might not die instantly, no moray eel should be brought into contact with copper containing products of any sort.>
Thank you with God Bless. Kellvin.
<Cheers, Marco.>

Swollen Snowflake Eel -- 12/04/2007 Hi WWMedia Crew! <Hello Andrew and Laura> We're huge fans! You've help us a great deal, as we've learned enough to set up our very first tank. Aside from some predictably difficult moments, we feel it's been a success. <Glad to hear.> We've read every FAQ on the site--(using the Google tool as necessary)--not even those just regarding our problem, but several others, which have helped us a great deal. (Also huge fans of the CM and Bob and Anthony's Reef Inverts.) Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find a topic that corresponds to our situation. (Though it's probably there somewhere.) Recently, we acquired a young snowflake eel. He seemed healthy and inquisitive. He had a lot of personality. We named him Gumboot. Anyway, we quarantined him for 4 weeks <Very good> , and he seemed fine--quite happy even, eating frozen foods, like krill, shrimp and scallops. We introduced him into our main tank, along with a sole tankmate--a young lionfish who also seemed happy and healthy. (The lionfish remains so to this day.) A few days ago, the eel disappeared into the rock. Old story, I know, but in this case he reappeared, acting curiously. Although he had been ravenous, he now retreated from food. <Not eating can be a sign of stress, disease, injury, not being hungry.> Soon after, we noticed a peculiar swelling or growth just above his midsection. Since then, he will not eat. He continues to hang out in his favourite spots, his breathing seems OK, but the swollen area has not moved or changed, and he hasn't eaten since Thanksgiving. <Swollen areas or bumps on eels can have many reasons: - Parasites below the skin (marble like appearance), - Internal bacterial infection (many shapes; usually growing; has to be treated in a hospital tank with antibiotics), - Various types of tumors (some will go away by themselves, some can only be treated by a vet), - Constipation (swelling at the belly, use Epsom salt; don't feed much krill, but more mussel and crab meat), - Carrying eggs (eel may increase its diameter more than three times, but yours is probably too young). - In your case I would not exclude the eel was stung by the Lionfish, swelling is one of the symptoms. However, the swelling should become smaller with time unless a piece of the fin ray of the Lionfish got stuck in there and caused an inflammation. In that case you should see a tiny entrance wound.> He is only about 8" long, if that matters. (Sorry we can't provide pix, but he won't show enough of himself to be relevant.) <I hope the list above helps you to get an idea of the possible reason and treatment of the swelling.> Water parameters: SG-1.023, pH-8.2, temp-77F, Am 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates <10. The tank is 90G FOWLR, w/ a 20 g sump, 100 lb. live rock, and a TurboFlotor protein skimmer. <Sounds all okay.> Should we remove the eel to quarantine and medicate--and if so, medicate with what? <Only if you know what he has, you will know how to treat.> Or should we just hang out and hope for the best? <Try to get a better diagnosis with the list above.> (Is he, say, just constipated?) <Well possible. Is the swelling mostly at the belly?> Sorry for the somewhat obvious question, but although he hasn't been with us for too long, we're very fond of him. <I'm sure you are and I do hope Gumboot will get well again. Further recommended readings are http://www.wetwebmedia.com/moraydisfaqs.htm ; http://www.wetwebmedia.com/moraydisfaq2.htm  ; http://www.wetwebmedia.com/snoflkeeldisfaqs.htmhttp://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramdisfaqs.htmhttp://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwmoraydisfaqs.htm > Thanks immensely... Andrew & Laura in Chicago <Hope that helps, Marco.>

Re: Swollen Snowflake Eel -- 12/05/2007 Hi Marco! <Hello Andrew and Laura.> We can't thank you enough for taking the time to answer our question. We hope you won't mind if we attach a brief rider: <No problem at all.> As if things weren't bad enough, we experienced a 5 hour power outage here in Chicago, during winter. Fortunately the display tank only lost about 2.5 degrees in that time. <No problem here for your FOWLR.> Afterwards. Gumboot came out. His swelling was even more pronounced, and he seems quite apathetic. He lay dead center, in the front of the tank. His respiration was normal, <Gills are not affected.> but he was limp and not inclined to hide. <This looks really bad.> We've removed him to a 10 gallon QT, so we might better see what is happening with him. <Understandable choice seeing the pictures. Offer him some cave to feel more comfortable and keep the water quality pristine.> He remains sluggish. We've attached some pictures here <I see one, had no idea the swelling was that large.> , in hopes that you might be able to help us more. Do you have any sense of what might be going on here? We're ready to dose with antibiotics or iodide supplements, but we're not sure which way (if either) to go. <Look for a wound from a lionfish sting and check if the lionfish has intact stinger ends. What we see here is probably an accumulation of fluids. If there is no wound I'd suspect an internal bacterial infection hard to diagnose exactly/treat accordingly without a veterinarian. You can try an antibiotic for gram negative bacteria like Maracyn Two, but, although some eels swollen like your moray survive, many die. It is impossible to know without tests which antibiotics actually work, due to the apparent use of loads of antibiotics at many collectors and wholesalers.> Thanks again. We know you're busy, and we appreciate your help more than we can say. Andrew & Laura in Chicago. <Sorry I have no better news. Keep us updated, I still hope Gumball survives. Marco in Heidelberg.>

Urgent help re. moray 4/12/06 Please help! 'Morris' the moray seems to be on his last legs, as he very lethargic and just seems to be panting his last breaths. From reading your information it sounds as though he may have been poisoned by our rather 'stressy' lion fish. <Perhaps> Is there anything we can do to save him or is it kinder to put him out of his misery? <I would wait till "the bitter end" here. Morays are remarkably resilient. May well "pull through"> The other fish seem okay, perhaps he was the only one close enough to be poisoned? <Not likely. Either poked, or all will be similarly mal-affected. Something else may be at fault here. I would at least execute at 25% water change and add activated carbon to your filter flow path> Please help ASAP, it's breaking my heart, he is longest member of the family! Thanks so much, Heidi <Do this NOW! Bob Fenner>

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