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FAQs about Corallimorph Identification 7

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Identification of possible pest; Pseudocorynactis poss.       2/16/16
Hello! I'm wondering if the crew can identify this which has just appeared in my tank.
<? Why the huge uncropped file? Read here:
Thanks for providing a wonderful resource to the community!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>


Re: Identification of possible pest      2/16/16
Thanks for your quick response and my apologies, I just took a photograph and sent it. I read the link and I gather it's either a mushroom or anemone? Would it be beneficial to remove; is it pest or welcome addition?
<? Search on WWM re the genus... All archived.... we have some 30k users a day
.... B>

Interesting Critter growing on a rock 9/22/12
Hello again from Houston!
<Hi Justin.>
  I recently moved a leather that was presumably blasting another coral with chemicals.  After doing so, I noticed a very small critter on the rock upon which the leather is anchored.  When open, the critter is slightly smaller than a dime.  When closed, about half the size of a pencil eraser. 
I've witnessed it open while the morning/evening lights are running, but it is closed while the powerful daytime lamps are active.  I've attached two pictures demonstrating the open and closed behavior.
<Nice pics, thank you.>
  The large outer tentacles on the critter are clear with bright white bulbous tips.  The inner (mouth?) area is primarily pink and white. 
Several smaller tentacles surround the mouth.  At the base of each of these tentacles, the color is fluorescent green.  Although very small, it is attractive. Any idea what this might be?
<A Corallimorph in the genus Pseudocorynactis. Most likely species caribbeorum. Carnivorous and nocturnal; feeding on small inverts/plankton.>
Thank you,
<Quite welcome>
Justin Ellis Houston, TX
<Jordan Baton Rouge, LA>

Anemone? Nope, Corallimorph:  Pseudocorynactis spp. – 6/6/12
<Hello there, Lynn here this evening.>
Was wondering if you know what these are.
<Yep, although it appears very anemone-like, it’s actually a Corallimorph (e.g. Ricordeas, mushroom corals, etc.) in the genus Pseudocorynactis, possibly P. caribbeorum, aka the “Orange Ball Corallimorph”.  We have quite a few references to these in our FAQ’s but you can start with the one titled “Good or Bad Hitchhiker? Usually Okay: Pseudocorynactis spp. -- 8/3/10” at the following link and refer to the links listed within:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/MushrIDF6.htm?h= >
They come out / open up at night. I only see them for a few minutes after the light comes on in the morning. 
<That’s fairly typical.  Interestingly enough, in the wild they’re nocturnal, but in home aquaria they can sometimes switch to a diurnal pattern.>
Looks like it has a solid but transparent cone-like base with tentacles that come off a ring. (Yes, I have a hair algae problem.)
<You have my sympathies.  The good news is that you’re at the right place! We have a lot of information regarding this topic, so if you need any help, do use our Google search engine for a list of links:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Googlesearch.htm  >
Thanks for all You do.
<You’re very welcome.  Take care, Lynn Z> 


Help identify this species    2/22/12
I have a picture of an item that needs to be identified.  I was told it was a "Warty Mushroom" but not sure.  Would you please help identify this?  Looking from the top it is iridescent green.
<As good a common name as any for this Corallimorpharian. Bob Fenner>
Thanks in advance.
Ty Hill

Anemone ID (Corallimorpharian) -- 05/30/11
I've had this unknown anemone in my tank for a few months now and I'm wondering what it is also is it a pest?
<<The pic is a bit dark but this looks like a Corallimorph to me, more specifically, a species of Ricordea. Some might consider it/them a pest (are very strong/aggressive, and can be invasive under the right conditions), though most folks seem to relish them as quite colorful additions. Do a web search on the genus name and see what you think>>
Thanks, Jase
<<Happy to share'¦ EricR>>

Coral ID Help 5/17/11
I'm trying to get an ID on this coral. This coral started growing out of my rock recently. I really like the orange and almost blue tint the coral.
It looks like a mushroom, but seems to have a harder skeleton than most mushrooms.
<Mmm, well the reddish material near the bottom appears to be a Rhodophyte (a Red Algae), the top area... a Corallimorph of some sort, and these don't have skeletons. If you could send along a better image... Bob Fenner>

Coral ID Help, repeat redux 5/19/11
I'm back with some better images for the coral ID. It seems like a mushroom, but at the same time is a little more rigid than most mushrooms I have seen.
<... the same as last time. The bluish Cnidarians in the back/rear appear to be Corallimorpharians,, the reddish ones in the foreground Rhodophytes. See WWM re both. BobF>

Id, and free image resizing software 5/9/11
Hello All,
As usual thank you guys for everything you do. Your expertise and willingness to assist others makes this hobby more enjoyable for both the hobbyist and the aqua life.
<Ah, good>
I just noticed these guys yesterday on a piece of live rock. Am not sure where I got this piece nor where it is originally from, it is very dense though. There seem to be about 4 of them and only in this one area, it is the least flow area of the tank and probably one of the darkest areas.
Also, what is the white, kind of fuzzy - almost like a tubular cotton ball but smaller, mass that is kind of centered amongst all of these creatures.
<Mmm, likely a sponge>
After much research on this site I believe what I have is Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum, but am not positive. These were very difficult to take a picture of, hopefully these are clear enough for you. The only reason I still doubt that identification is because of the reference to those critters being nocturnal, well I noticed these during the middle of the day (tank day) and I received no reaction when shining a light on them.
Thanks again for everything, all we readers would be lost without you.
<I do think your identification here is accurate>
Also, I would like to make a recommendation as you seem to have a problem with pictures being sent to you of too large sizes. In the "send us a question" link you may put in the steps of what to do list a link to, or direct download of; "Microsoft Power Toys Image Resizer". Or at least reference it. It is of course a free program and is very small. What it does is allows you to right click one or multiple (as many as you highlight) pictures and click on resize image, it then gives you 3 options, small medium large, or custom. The files I am sending you were resized to medium, quality holds just fine for a computer image, and as you can see converted them from 8MP image of like 3MB to 140kb. Just a thought.
<A good idea; though this add-on only operates with the XP version of Windows OS. Happily, there are quite a few other Apple et al. freeware programs and bundled bits capable of doing the same.>
Justin Morton
<Bob Fenner>

Re: Id 5/9/11
Yes of course, there are many other programs doing the same thing and some far better ones to be honest. It was only the ease of obtaining and using that particular one that I thought would be appealing.
<Ah yes>
Some of those that
have not fully immersed themselves in the computer world are still hesitant and cautious when navigating the web and I thought a Microsoft created product would appear less potentially harmful.
Also, just for the record when making the recommendation, the MPT Resizer actually works with anything from XP and forward.
<Oh? This was not my impression from here:
So that would also include vista and 7 which in the not too near future, if not already, I doubt anyone will not be using XP or greater. As far as Apple is concerned I believe it comes standard and frankly, although always there are exceptions, people using a Mac, for the most part, are tech savvy enough not to need the recommendation in the first place.
Have a wonderful evening and thank you again for taking your personal time to help me and everyone else.
Justin Morton
<Thank you. BobF>
Re: Id 5/10/11
Ah perhaps you are correct about the windows version. I currently am running windows 7, and use image Resizer so I just assumed I got that one. I use more technical based resizers when things really matter but for the most part, uploading pictures for instances like this one, I just use the powertoys Resizer.
<I use a few programs... MS Office Picture Mgr., Windows Picture and FAX Viewer... and a few Adobe vers.s of CS, PS... the last not so much for quick work...>
With that said however, after some further investigation, I realized that what I actually have is what is called Powertoys Image Resizer Clone. It is the same program, in a User Interface sense it is exactly the same, just a third party creation. Which would obviously negate my previous statement about the confidence a Microsoft product would instill. However it still works wonderfully and can be found here; http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/releases/view/30247
<Ahh, I thank you>
It has both a 32 and 64 bit option and works perfectly on Windows 7, also created to work on Vista as the two are basically the same OS with one having slightly less bugs. Let us be honest however, other than the extremely user friendly interface none of us would us most Microsoft OS' anyways. I digress, check that program out and see what you think. The absolute best part about it is the ease, you simply click on one picture, or highlight as many photos as you would like and then right click any of them, and choose resize image. Then you are able to pick whichever standard size you would like or create a custom size. The default is to create a copy of the original and place the newly made reduced pictures into the same folder, the pics have the same name with a "(small)", "(medium)", or "(large)" tag added to the title.
Hopefully this will bring some ease to your hectic response schedule. As I read you receive 30,000 unique hits per day (absolutely incredible, a wonderful testament to the invaluable information you bring to us all) I cannot imagine how many e-mails you and your team must respond to.
<Typically just a couple dozen per day. It was my earnest intention to generate the site in such a way that few folks would actually write in... We've never "advertised, promoted, marketed" WWM as a Q & A resource respectively>
I am in awe of how dedicated your volunteer teams are and cannot commend them, and you, enough.
<Perhaps you'll join us someday>
On another note, if you are ever feeling like you simply did not respond to enough strangers in one sitting I would love to hear about some of the places you have dove <dived, a personal pet peeve... Dove is having jumped off the boat> and aquatic life you have seen outside of the confines of a glass tank.
<Ahh! I encourage you et ux. to come/haul out w/ friends and myself... where we can/will dive and have opportunities to chat these remembrances over. Am off to Costa Rica/Guanacaste next week... there's a Cozumel trip planned for next October...>
My wife and I are avid divers and are in the process of planning a dive trip, possibly live aboard, to the Galapagos Islands this summer.
<Very nice. Have been there twice only... w/ Aggressor Fleet, which does haul all the way N. to Wolf and Darwin Islands... well worth the time, trouble>
We will be visiting some friends in Ecuador and since we are already there... you know how it is. As the Atlantic here in Florida has reached the obligatory (for my wife) 80* we are heading down to West Palm next weekend to drift the reefs and maybe take in a couple of wrecks. Always a good start to the season, nice easy dives to clean the rust off and get the buoyancy under control again. Anyways, thanks again Bob and keep up the good work.
Justin Morton
<Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

mushroom ID request 1/26/11
Hi Crew!
First, I love your website. I use it frequently, and have recommended it to others.
<Ah good>
I was given a piece of live rock with numerous mushrooms, which I would like to identify. A photo is attached, and a quarter was taped to the front glass for scale. The mushrooms are 3-4 inches across when fully expanded. The color is a brownish-red, very much like what the photo shows.
Their margin is fringed, and there are numerous dendritic "bumps" covering the surface. The bumps are many-branched with the branches pointing in all directions. I'm thinking these are either Actinodiscus(Discosoma) or Rhodactis, but I don't know if the bumps are "hairy" enough for this to be considered a Rhodactis.
I remember once seeing a photo in a book which looked a lot like these, and I can remember the species name was something like "ferro-" (I remember this because of the faint rusty/iron coloration), but I don't remember the genus that was given.
Any thought/help with the identification would be appreciated!
<I make these out to be some sort of Actinodiscus sp.
Bob Fenner>

Re: mushroom ID request 1/27/11
Thanks, Bob! I appreciate your help!
<Happy to be of assistance. BobF>

Club-tipped anemone or majano? 1/2/11
I initially thought these were Majanos, but I think they look more like club-tipped anemones. They're not green, except for the middle row of tips under actinics. The rest are colorless with white tips. The diameter is about a half inch. I'd be interested in your opinion.
<Mmm, this might be the beginning of a Euphylliid... or even a Corallimorpharian (see the Net re Pseudocorynactis... pix). Can't tell from this image in other words if indeed this is an anemone! Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Club-tipped anemone or majano? 1/3/11
Based on similar pics on the Internet, I'd agree that it's a Pseudocorynactis (white ball).
Thanks for helping to confirm.
<Certainly welcome Dan! BobF>

Coral Identification 12/29/10
<Hello Brian>
I have searched on Google as well as asked several forums for an ID on the attached coral. But, everyone that has look has been stumped. The coral does not seem to have a skeleton but, is similar to a hairy or frilly mushroom.
<This is Rhodactis. Search on Google re: under 'images'>
I have noticed that this coral has several mouths though, as opposed to the mushrooms which only have one.
<Is splitting/ reproducing by fission>
Any help would be greatly
Thank you,
<No Prob.s>


UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Hey lads,
<And lassies>
Good day to you and lots of greetings from Cyprus!!!
<Ah, have visited your island... back in 96... with the Hash House Harriers>
Been on the web for a while now searching for this mushroom growing day by day (was just a tiny piece and I didn't know what it was until it started rounding itself) but haven't found anything. Any ideas what kind it is?
Many thanks in advance!
<An Actinodiscus/Discosoma of some sort. Read here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Hey Bob thanks for your prompt reply buddy! If you come over some time again I'll buy you some beer ;o)
<Antonis! Thank you!>
I cannot find it on the net anywhere even with the description you gave me
<Your specimen (thus far) is badly "bleached out"... and will change in structure and form and color with improvement in health, growth. BobF>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Ohhh I see, well let's see what turns out to be then .
Water parameters are:
salinity: 1.025
ammonia: 0
Phosphate <.003
Nitrates: 0
<Yikes... need more HPO4 and definitely more NO3... These animals are partially chemoautotrophic>
Nitrites: 0
kH: 11.2
temp: 25 degrees Celsius
And it's under a 150 w halide that's why it grown so well in just one month! It was a 1.5cm piece and now it became like that and still growing:)
<Ah good. BobF>
Alternate ID? for "UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10"
I saw this message from the dailies, "UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10" and would like to offer the guess of a small Sinularia dura instead of an Actinodiscus/Discosoma. The oblong white spots could be sclerites seen through the tissue, with the prominences around the outer margin and on the surface being polyps. Obviously a less blurry picture would help.
<Interesting. Thank you for chiming in Brandon! Will accrue your guess w/ mine. BobF>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/29/10
Bob matey, just found this on the net! Could it be one of these thingies?
Looks a LOT like mine I think!
<Mmm, this link is coming up for me... are you thinking something like this:
Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/29/10
How about now, can you see the attachment?
<Ah yes... the soft coral Sinularia dura. B>
Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom
It's almost exactly the same(colour, light coloured irregular stripes, polyps). Might be?
<Could be. B>

New mushroom ID please 8/12/10
Hi Crew!
It has taken me a while to actually get out the camera to get a pic worth resending in to try to ID this new mushroom but here it is. I find it very pretty in my tank. Purples & reds with a fringe of orange around the edge.
Another customer returned the same type of mushroom to the store stating that it was ugly and just brown. Guess it likes my tank!
Thanks again for all you do to help us out!
<Most likely an Actinodiscus sp.. Please read here:
and the linked files above for background. Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

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