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Nudibranchs, The Naked-Gill Sea Slugs, pt. 11, Dorids

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By Bob Fenner  

Nembrotha megalocera Red Sea endemic. To 7.5 cm. A swimmer when disturbed. Red Sea pic.

Nembrotha milleri Gosliner and Behrens 1997. Miller's Tambja. See Bill Rudman's SeaSlugForum... this is listed as Nembrotha sp. 14 there. Mauritius 2016. Di pic.

Nembrotha rutilans N. Indonesia, Australia. To 5 cm. Some genetic exchange going on here. Sulawesi pix by Di.F. http://www.seaslugforum.net/search.cfm?searchstring=nembrotha+rutilans

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Nembrotha yonowae Goethel & Debelius 1992. Similar to N. kubaryana; black body with green circled orange spots. To 10 cm. I.O./Maldives to Indo. S. Leyte, P.I. 2013

Genus Phidiana:
Phidiana lynceus, Lynx Nudibranch. Cerata, tentacles and rhinophores are brown, tipped white. Trop. W. Atl. To an inch in length. This one a few mm. Cozumel 2016

Genus Plocamopherus:

Plocamopherus ceylonicus (Kelaart 1858). Bali 2014

Genus Roboastra:

Roboastra arika Burn 1967. Purple bodied with yellow/orange lines. Feed on bryozoans. Fiji photo.

Roboastra tigris. Sea Tiger. Tropical Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez. To 30 cm. Body green to yellowish, with five longitudinal dark stripes outlined in green. Rhinophores and gills blue-black, the latter with yellow internally, oral region blue. Feeds on other Nudibranchs.

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