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FAQs about Orphek Skimmers 

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Orphek Protein Skimmer      9/26/13
Hi Bob,
Thought you might want to share this intro video to our new protein skimmer.
<Ah, nicely done. B>
Re: Orphek Protein Skimmer      9/26/13

Thank you.  The man that made the video has a 600 gallon reef tank and we let him use our skimmer for three weeks on his system and he reported after three weeks there was no increase of NO3 or PO4.  The skimmer was not designed for tanks that large.  We all put our heads together in the design and this is what we came up with.  I'm hoping it will be a winner.  Pricing is up in the air right now but we are thinking about 600.00.  James
<For systems of size; not unreasonable. BobF>

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